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is Gintama... good?
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It's the best, but you need taste and experience to like it.
It's MAL's biggest darling, so probably not.

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>able to talk to girls
>able to socialize
>able to fight bullies

So the """NEET""" backstory was basically a red herring to drag in all you autists to watch this shit show, right?
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neet means he's a lazy fuck, not an autist
Pretty much.

But he is an autist, just not in a crippling way.
>found the 12 year old

NEET means Not in Education, Employment or Training.

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Name a better summoning.
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Protip: You can.
I want to summon this Lancer.

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With the new series confirmed

Can we have a thread for Inazuma-11

Shota allowed
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Will it get subbed?
It's not subbed until now?
I mean I wonder Ryuu-Rogue fansub is still around and subbing this when this is going to air.

The previous seasons wasn't simulcasted.

>Draw a boy
>Call it a girl

I need more of this in my life.
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Haruhi was a national treasure.
Reverse traps and tomboys are what keep me from ending it all
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Best Haruhi of all time

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What happened to this show?
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It ended
Who cares about shit shows?

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Gate thread baby. Newest chapter. Remember to thank Slovakguy.
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with or without the lips?

and not only this picture but in general
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Did they take off the lips from the guy, too?

And obviously WITH lips.
How about with a nose?
You know, without the haircut, it wouldn't be racist.

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>Dark elf are for...
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Nigger elves really are a disgusting thing to behold.
Turning into loving wives and raising children with.
I prefer my elves to be snooty and always looking down of the blight that is other races.

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This is your drummer tonight.
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I can't eat that, that's a school girl.
Oh. I misread drummer for dinner.
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Ritsu's butt is definitely eatable, Anon.

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How does it feel knowing that your waifu was created by creepy old Japanese men?
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But she wasn't.
Mine was created by a creepy old Japanese woman, so it's different.
Pretty good actually. A fellow man knows best what other men want in a waifu, and I won't have to put up with any feminist bullshit as a bonus

Given the announcement that Bleach is ending next week, is it in the running for worst manga series of all time?

It seems that the series was only properly written up to the end of the soul society arc. Everything after that has been totally disconnected and aimless. The espada, the fullbringers, ichigo's dad, the zero squad, the soul king, the quincies - literally nothing in this series has any continuity or sense except for the soul society/aizen arc.

What the fuck went wrong to cause such a massive trainwreck of a series? I think even the cynics on here assumed Kubo was building towards some kind of finale that tied things together, but it's literally impossible at this point to "fix" bleach.

After next week we will remember Bleach as a huge steaming pile of shit that had one decent arc over the course of a decade of publication.
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At least it has style.

I'd take Bleach over Fairy Tail any day.
>Given the announcement that Bleach is ending next week, is it in the running for worst manga series of all time?

It's not even the worst Shonen Jump longer runner. That's Katekyo Hitman Reborn.
So is it actually ending or was it canned?
A side character fighting a henchman ended up taking more chapters than the protagonist fighting the final boss.

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You go into work on your first day of a new job and you see this.
What is your reaction?
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"Oh thank christ, I probably won't have to do any real work around here." and then shitpost on /a/.
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You disgusting creep

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Why is Japan so fucking obsessed with school setting

They treat it like it's some sort of magical land, what the fuck
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Who do you think it's targeted at?
Because in jap society as soon as school ends your shitty corporate wage slave 'work all day every day' life begins. Also as a bonus the kids in school watching the show find it relatable.
Simply, that's what their core audience finds relatable. Either it's people who are still in school or people who are nostalgic for their school days.

And don't pretend like America doesn't love their high school stuff either.

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Did we have a thread for this already, or did I miss it?

Anyway, yandere kanojo thread. Shit got weird near the end, ending was a little bit of a whimper, but overall I really enjoyed the manga.
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It is not the end.
Only the beginning.
Dubs+ confirm.
Don't think so. Yandere Kanojo was just good, not excellent nor revolutionary in any sense.

Such a harmless manga will be forgotten soonmsadly, and with /a/'s shitposting ways, maybe that's for the better.
True, Reina and Tanaka's lives together has only just started

Pretty standard romcom, but I loved the characters and their interactions. But yeah, in the end, its just a well done SOL.

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