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New Seitokai no Ichizon LN coming September with previously unreleased content.

Obviously it won't be translated but I'll do my best to relay summaries if I can get my hands on it.

What are your thoughts on this? What stuff would you like to see? I'd like a proper timeskip to see the harem end come to actual fruition.
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What about Shin seitokai?

At least the manga managed to made me mad with the girls. Still Sugisaki a best.
That was already finished, the scans are just catching up. Trust me I didn't really like the premise at first either, but the new girls are 100% as great and likable once you get to know them. Give it a chance.
>Kaichou with the high school uniform

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Why is he so fucking angry?
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>still using Band of The Hawk's scan.
Kill yourself, OP.
I don't know, he kind of lost his fucking arm here, oh and his wife is getting raped in front of him too but hey, it happens.
He's Berserk

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ITT: Fuck you, I liked it.
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Is girls being embarrassed about their small chest the pinnacle of japanese humor?
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>there was never a single scene where Ritsu was jealous of Mio's size

Was this trope not around much yet in 2009/2010?
No, "accidentally" grabbing a girl's boob or "accidentally" walking in on a girl changing are.
I'm watching azumanga daioh and it's in it

What is the purpose of a life size anime figure?
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So that everyone can know when you look up the skirt.
So that you can imagine yourself becoming one with it.
To have it as your inheritance and be talked about in your entire family for generations

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Just finished Oreimo... Seriously fuck that show. I wish someone would have warned me of that shit ending.
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what ending were you expecting
this stuff always plays completely straight dude
I remember seeing the cringefest finale at the world-wide premier at Otakon. At first I thought the incest stuff was satirical and the show was more focused on fixing a real sibling relationship, but the finale went all out on that shit. Should've seen all the red flags from the out of place as fuck groping in the second episode.
Why is there so much anime that does this. It fucking breaks my heart when the retard Mc turned down those girls for his FUCKING SISTER. AND STILL DIDN'T GET WITH HER IN THE END.

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Log Horizon.png
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the new dub is out in two days (26th) for eps 14-25, where will i be able to find a bluray rip the first day?
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The only worthwhile part of the dub was Nyanta, and the excitement for even that has died down
Barely a single part of it was worth watching, and you're concerned worth the dub?
The dub isn't finished? Didn't it start like two years ago? What the hell are dubbing companies doing? What a joke.

Can you think of a single protagonist with a mustache?
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school rumble guy
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He betrayed the mustache.
Wasn't that jist temporary, though?

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anime when?
remove coreans
>That Kurogal

>male netorare
I don't know how to feel

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Is there an anime as good or better than Clannad?
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Pokemon Go
Pokemon: The Origin
not even the best kyoani anime

aka k-on

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This is Rem.
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What is she doing?
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This is also Rem.
cleaning the counter

>you will never be sexually abused by Alhazred
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>You will never accidentally make Makoto think you have a crush on her with vague questions when you really just want Chito
you will never ever be able to lick those vagina bones.

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Body Pillow Save.jpg
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Oh no! Some evil men are stealing your dakimakura! Protect it!
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Come at me faggots
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>Eighty-five, eighty-six, eighty-seven, eighty-nine ninety-one,

Why is this allowed?
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BONES was worried that you forgot how to count, anon.
Looks like their time was poorly invested.
Wait for the full version of the song.
One more day

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>No Stakes Man
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Does any battle manga have stakes? What's the last series you read where you actually thought the MC might lose?

Ash fucking up tournnaments doesn't count.

Saitama sounds great in the dub. But Genos sounds he needs to shed about ten pounds worth of snot out of his sinus', and even then, he's trying to do a bad samurai movie voice.

What the fuck happened with this casting?
It's a fucking comedy

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