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They synchronize for you.
Will you accept that?
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So which is who?
that's simple, there's only one alive
>Will you accept that?
You're gonna carry that mollusk.

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Shiba family. Best family.
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We have full spoilers from Japan anon.

Bleach 684: World Crumbling Orb End
pg 1
Yhwach is cut in two and the pieces are flung far away.
pg 2
Aizen on the floor in a bad condition speaks.
Aizen: Kurosaki Ichigo, hurry and take my hougyoku. Take it and use it while Yhwach is still down.
Aizen pulls off the hougyoku and tries to give it to Ichigo.
pg 3
Aizen: Right now you are the only one who can stop Yhwach.
Ichigo: Why do you want me to take it? Won't you die if you lose the hougyoku now!?
Ichigo looking at Aizen with a blank expression.
pg 4
Aizen: What's with those eyes, are you pitying me? How pointless. Hurry and take it, there is no time! Take it and break the chains of heaven that have bind us, Ichigo!
(天の鎖 ten no kusari, possible reference to Tensa 天鎖 part in Tensa Zangetsu 天鎖斬月)
pg 5
Yhwach appears on top of a building with a gigantic spear of light which he throws at Ichigo and Aizen.
pg 6 & 7
Ichigo swings Tensa Zangetsu at the spear and the blade is completely destroyed in a huge explosion.
pg 8
Yhwach is visibly upset and angry. He holds Ichigo by the neck and snarls at him. Yhwach's black cloak and uniform are tatters, his upper body has returned and is completely bare.
Ichigo thinking: Even that attack didn't kill him.. but..
His left eye is visible and his long black hair is whipping wildly in the wind. The right arm he's holding Ichigo with is charred.
Yhwach: It was a mistake to let you live! The single greatest mistake in a thousand years, but I am going to correct that now. For I have seen that this is how it ends! NOW DIE! ICHIGO!!
pg 9
In that moment Yhwach is hit with an arrow in his exposed eye. It was Ishida. He arrives with Inoue and Rukia.
Uryu: My power was poured into that arrow... You will no longer be able to see the future or heal that wound. This is.. payback for my mother.
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I love Orihime, I will admire her forever.
So how is this sword Grimmjow's?

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Naegi's hope is to put all the blame on Junko.
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What is a cool detective to do with a cute boy?
>"naegi... but I AM Junko!"
>removes the mask
>Chiaki in DR2: "Even though she wasn't human, she was a friend who saved our lives, we'll never forget her"
Why even have Chiaki in a prequel? Other than for pandering.

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>Cursed Edition
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Samples up for the OST, get em whilst they're hot
can someone tell me how funny valentine went from being a fat lard to ripped as fuck in less than a week?
I'm here for the begin of the thread? I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

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Which one do you like the most and why?

Who is the best MC, Bellri or Hayate? Who is the best heroine, Aida or Freyja? Best mecha, Delta's or G-Reco's? Which show has the best plot and characters?

Did Kawamori finally surpass Tomino?
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G-Reco is better.

Kawamori surpassed him with SDF.
That's such a big bait.
At least 100 responses incoming.
Why do this

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What do you do when your waifu dies?
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Yours too? ;_;
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Yes, just recently
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>Shit tier waifu dies saving the superior waifu.

Win Win.

So what did /a/ think of Kiznaiver?
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Its ok

Iam never watching anything by Okada again
MAL everyone.

Why's this retard allowed to have such a fat butt?
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tell me about rikka, why does she wear the eyepatch?
I dunno, estogen myb?
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Regardless, It's Miuna Monday.
I hope I don't screw up this time.
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Why didn't Okada just do a Miuna end? It would have been far more interesting, and Miuna deserved it.
>Miuna end
>implying we wouldn't get a thousand year old timeskip
>implying I wouldn't be fine with that

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Unsheathing or in his case, arming it isn't really much of a problem BUT, i cant figure how he puts it back.

Some fag said that guts sword has that ring sorta thing close to its handle, guts uses that and basically hooks the sword onto his armor, like his armor has a fucking coat hanger in the back.
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turns out he has holes in the back, maybe he puts it there
You can see the goddamn thing that allows him to hand his sword right in that fucking picture? Are you really that fucking retarded you screaming chimp?

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>Mfw just finished Heaven's Feel
>Mfw Fate becomes manime

I didn't except this.
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Best route. Worst girl.
Worst route. Worst girl.
i hope Ufo doesn't fucked up kirei's scenes

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Holy fuck my sides
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Author is fucked in the head.
Is it just me or this manga went complete fucking bonkers after the first 2 chapters?
I was so stumped as to what the fuck I was reading like half way through when marathoning this.
And just had to stop and take a brake when the crazy camera girl who kills everyone was introduced.
It lost any semblance of sense at that point.
I think this is so esoteric the author might be an alien.
What the actual fuck

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Another episode of NO HOMO
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GOTS more like.
I literally bought shoujo crossdressing manga and it wasn't a problem.

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What's wrong with this series? It's already 3rd exactly the same episode as last ones
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Seems like you've entered an endless recursion of time.
Seems like you've entered an endless recursion of time.
Seems like you've entered an endless recursion of time.

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>See this
>Wake up

wat do?
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cry myself back to sleep

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