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any muscle imbalance caused from the first season will finally be fixed
or made worse if you don't switch arms
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Oh boy. Time to work that right hand.
Yay more Nanyako.
cute ankle socks

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Are you as smart as Yui?
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Considering that is taking me forever to learn to play the guitar I say no.
those arent too bad, mid-high school level maths

although desu i probably couldnt do them now after so many years :/

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It really bothers me how he never wondered how he got into the fantasy world
And how a neet is so social anyway
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It's his isekai fantasy in the flesh!
Except he's a moron
plot convenience
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Jesus Christ
This anime is shit

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This studio is responsible for

>The Devil is a Part-timer
>Akame ga Kill!

Why doesn't it receive the same kind of hype on /a/ that SHAFT, Kyoani, and Trigger do?
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Because they are shit
The only well animated thing on their is Kata and that was monthly. Their weekly animations are B tier AT BEST and their original stories are so bad they make the normal plot of AGK look good.

Shit studio with 2 good series under their belt that you mentioned
Pro tip its Kata and Jormumgand
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>The Devil is a Part-timer
People watched this past the first episode?
Hipster opinion. Akame Ga Kill is the only one up there that is actually trash. The othe's are at worst above average series'.

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Come on! Surely this isn't the only harem where the childhood friend wins in the end right?
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Muv Luv
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Kanon my friend

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>I command you to obey my every command for the rest of your life

Why didn't he just use this as the go-to for everyone?
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Probably F/SN rules
which are?
Nevermind, just remembered that obey me scene so probably no rules

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I'll start
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Kyoanus forced drama garbage.
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Gurren Lagann, not so good.

Are harems ever actually good, /a/?
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No, they suck. When nobody loses, nobody wins.
Blue chick dies in the novels. Enjoy your thread.
Are harems only an excuse for people who say they want an "interesting" story with "believable" and "developing" characters while they look for dirty pictures of them?

Or is there actually some tinge of art to it that I'm not seeing?

>148 episodes
>uses the same opening theme the entire time but changing the animation a few times
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I think it was because of some ntv licensing issue

isn't that what shounen shit used to be like any way?
best op


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Hey I just finished the first episode of this show and it's not too special why do you guys like it so much I mean mami is cute she might be my favorite so far but there's got to be more than that to make a good show.
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>I mean mami is cute
> there's got to be more than that to make a good show

Well, I like where this is heading.

Here's an extra post for you, OP

Also, Homu did nothing wrong
Don't watch Rebellion.

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Maybe tomorrow.
Fuck new characters.
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I don't get it
I wanna cotton her candy.
I wanna put my candy in her cotton, if you catch my drift.

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Why is To Love-Ru so fascinating?
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Because it's super interesting.
Should I watch the anime or read the manga?
Because the girls are nice. There's someone to appease virtually anyone's taste.

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Is there any worse pain then being a fan of Berserk AND Hunter X Hunter?
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Having to listen to fans of both of those shit series.

Berserk is back to monthly releases. Never been happier.
bastard and beet the vandel buster(coming back but not really)

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Did you watch every episode of Endless Eight? Along with /a/ while it was airing?
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I was busy fapping to low res images on reddit.
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But after seeing just how similar two episodes were in the same day, I couldn't help but feel sorry for those anons who had to endure it week after week for two months.
You were the vanguard, everybody to come after you approached according to what you experienced and suffered. Your sacrifice was not in vain. You are the giants upon whose shoulders we rest.
yes and i enjoyed it

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