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>Looks Like a battle Shounen, but is actually a comedy
>MC joins the cleaning-after-school- club
>Learns how to fight with a bucket and a sponge
>They make an aliance with the Club Of Absolutely Manly Men That Do Manly Things In Their Manly free time (The name of the club is too long for the signal, so they write the rest of it in a tape)
>Boss is called aniki by everyone, has a pompadour, and is prety manly
>He fights with hidden hair combs in his fore arm and his legs
>Finshing attack is a parody of HNK, but instead of blowing heads, he gives pompadours to the males and good hairstyles to girls

full of wacky shit, it makes you think that something will happen but just stays a comedy
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girls with penises
>penises that are girls
Fixed. It'd be a typical SoL, but all the girls would be anthropomorphic penises.
>As an 12 year old, MC makes a deal with the devil to get the girl he liked.
>As years went on, in monkey's paw fashion, the relationship was really unhealthy for both of them, but they can't leave eachother
>As he grows up, realizes he hasn't been happy with his deal and starts to find a way to break the deal.
>He becomes a lawyer and sues the devil.

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Pick your animal
Tiger is the best one
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Piyo-tan, Usa-tan, and Shima-tan a best.
How greedy, leave some for the other anons too, there might be at least 12 who watched Etotama.

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What did you think happened to Beatrice when Puck went all Ice Age?

It's a shame Subaru never bothered to check up on her while wandering through the mansion during that one particular timeline.

Since we don't know if her library is unaffected or not by Puck's powers, wouldn't she have kicked Puck out before he could attempt to damage her library?
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I assumed that she was dead or she had something to do with the Ice thing.
She's probably safe in her own pocket dimension.
I bet it was like some The Day After Tomorrow shit where if the door is closed the cold can't get in as long as she burns shitty books to keep the room warm.

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Who's your favorite animator /a?

also itt
sakuga webm

post rare sakuga
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Yoh Yoshinari is my god.
Who is the guy with the glasses?
When was the last time Iso animated something?

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Gohan grows up to be a nerd not interested in fighting
what will Goten grow up to be like?
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Gay for Trunks
>what will Goten grow up to be like?
Goten will grow up to discover he is his own father.
Muh Dick

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asuka takes a nap.png
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>wake up
>it's still the summer season
I'm going back to sleep
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Asuka is shit and all krauts are subhuman
>you'll never wakeup to this
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Please stop.

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Would it suck without Eurobeat?
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It sucks with eurobeat
Do honmono nipponjin durifters listen to yurobit?
No, but any anime would be better with eurobeat.

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Who was in the wrong here?
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The lolicon priest.

Dragon beard was trying to end the curse once and for all.
The humans.
This 10 000 times.

Faggo buddhist betrayed his whole species

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ITT: Characters directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths of millions
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gendoo and shingles ikaruga
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Kawaii Kaiser.png
841KB, 960x738px

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Hello guys, let's analyze the image and debate what's the deep meaning of this. Does she want the D? She's dreaming with some guy?
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Yes. She's dreaming about me by the way.
Me on the far left.

Some people just cuddle things in their sleep reflexively. Since dreams are likely to put you in a younger state of mind, think of it as self-soothing, like when a young child hugs a security blanket.

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What's currently regarded as the best anime of the current season?
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Bump, I'm only watching "This Art Club Has a Problem!" right now(it's okay) and want to know what else is worth my time. Going to start on "Orange" in a bit.
I watched the first episode of ReLife, but it didn't really hold my interest.

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do you like araragi under the bridge, /a/?
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File: Arakawa.jpg (38KB, 522x285px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It had some god-tier endings.

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Which series do you start correcting first?
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I wonder what would happen if I punch Haruhi.
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Anna pokes beta.gif
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Punch beta-kun in the face a few times for not standing up to Anna and his self-righteousness being more dangerous than Anna's cocklust.
This Overrated shit

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why do the covers and spines of ching chong mangy look so much better than the Merica releases?
Just leave that shit alone what the fuck
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>dude white background with an irrelevant character because we already used all the relevant ones for the first six volumes LMAO
>oh wait we ran out of irrelevant characters now we gotta start reusing the relevant ones in different poses but god forbid we lose the white background

Every series
Shit. Forgot to write about my different height complaint.

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