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Yui has the tightest puss.
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Actually I think you'll find that Jun does.
>K-On was 7 years ago
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I want to impregnate Yui

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Quick! Claim your hentaifu!
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By putting fu at the end of everything you just prove how pointless it is.
How about ecchifu?
Or Robin Williamsfu?
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CR seems to be having problems with this again. You should be able to get the gist of it anyway.
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Where the fuck did she get a donut as big as her head. Wouldn't it be a lot more practical to just buy a couple small ones?
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she probably made it.
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Would you?
>more practical
A big one is way more practical if you can get it. Easier to carry around, and probably more bang for the buck too.

Guys! The new episode of naruto is starting in about 5mins! Kakashi's face is going to be revealed!
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After what happened to bleach today, this wouldn't surprise me all that much.
Kakashi's handsome as fuck, senpai
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Thank you anon, desu

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More specifically, does pirating anime cause significant losses to the anime industry?
I just read this article
and was thinking about it. The person who wrote it came up with a rough estimate of big money loss to the anime industry due to illegal anime streaming. She based her estimate on the number of views on some streaming site, but the first thing that come to my mind is that the number of viewers who would pay for anime if illegal free anime weren't available would be considerable smaller.
Also, I've heard that what really moves the anime industry are bluray sales, so streaming and downloading anime don't have a huge impact. Besides, japanese people have free access to anime on tv, so is it really wrong if they decide to record and upload anime? I mean, why there are televisons able to record programs if people aren't allowed to record what they watch?

So, what do you think, /a/? Are we parasites fucking up anime?
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id fuck her industry if you nah mean homie
I hope they shutdown all stream site.
Well, kind of but the specific article you reference uses some super fucked up numbers.

Go buy some BDs or figures if it makes you feel so bad, that's practically how the industry gets funded nowadays.

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Fantasy Kaleidoscope episode 7 subs are out.

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>It's a Cirno episode
whoa what they finally made an official touhou anime?

and theres touhou in english on ps4, finally zun has embraced the shilling
It isn't official.

Naruto and Bleach are irredeemably bad overall, but their respective peaks haven't been matched by any of the new stuff in serialization. Isn't jump screwed once One Piece ends at this point?
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The Holy Trinity will never be reborn.
There is no next best thing, we reache dthe end of the golden era.
Was Jump screwed after DB ended? No, Kenshin and Slam Dunk were around to mass popularity with HxH after and then One Piece and Naruto came about

One Piece has a good ten years left in it. That's plenty of time for something new to come along
>Chronicles of young Shanks

>comes in a wagon pierced in witch cult weapons
>looks beaten the fuck up
>no one in the household recognized the witch cult weapons when they came to pick up subaru

Explain this plot hole
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shit writing
>implying people knows about what weapons the cultists use
>implying the cultists always use the same signature weapons considering how eager they are to cover their tracks
>implying Subaru getting roughed up isn't usual shit by now with what already happened during the city and mansion arcs
>implying people give a shit about Subaru
>implying you're not a shitposter who's tryharding as fuck
If you watched these last couple episodes you'd know they all use the same weapon and all the villagers and everyone else were attacked with them dumb fuck.

Ram should have definitely recognized retard .

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Okay faggots we've been arguing over these two since the beginning of the anime. Lets settle this dispute once and for all.

Who is the best girl? Ram or Emilia?

Pic related is a best
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The one with the bigger tits

Who has the bigger tits?
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The answer is pretty obvious.

The worst girl.

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ITT: Anime that deviates from the source material and ends up being much better, I'll start.

Fullmetal Alchemist (2003)
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fate/stay night (2006)
>FMA 03
Better openings, maybe
Everything else? Nope
Thinking about rewatching brotherhood, episode 1 aside, can I watch the first 24 or so episodes of 2003 and then hop into episode 13 of brotherhood or would that be a mess? I don't like how rushed the first season of brotherhood was.

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Middle of the night AKA dead on arrival Poptepipic thread for the newly finished Chapter 21.

Putting the mediafire link in the OP this time.
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You know I saw a Poptepipic thread in archives a while ago that had like 300 replies.
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Not really implying anything with that. Just you know, you guys could invite me to the cool kids thread sometimes.
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What are the worst you've seen?

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Which would you pick?
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More up to date version:
Pick Your Loli

Loli Slut
Pro: Loves fucking, will try any kinky shit you want
Neutral: Wants to fuck every time you are with her. Does not matter where you are or what you are doing.
Con: May not remain faithful, will try to get you to let other guys join in.

Loli housewife
Pro: Will cook, clean and other household tasks.
Neutral: Likes gentle, vanilla love making only.
Con: Loves shopping and doesn't work.

Pure Loli
Pro: Loves spending time with you
Neutral: Loves Headpats, cuddles and hand holding.
Con: Will not do anything lewd.

Sadist Loli
Pro: Into lolidom
Neu: Dislikes being treated like a child.
Con: Reacts poorly to criticism.

Tomboy loli
Pro: Lots of stamina
Neutral: Will expect you to keep up with her, spend time exercising.
Con: Very competitive

Office loli
Pro: Has a high paying job and good career prospects.
Neutral: Expects you to manage the household rather than have your own career.
Con: Is ALWAYS thinking about work.

Futa loli
Pro: Always up for sex.
Neutral: She has a bigger dick than you.
Con: She expects you to clean up after sex.

Yandere loli
Pros: Will do absolutely anything for you.
Neutral: Prone to psychotic episodes
Cons: You cannot pay any attention at all to any other loli.

Ojousama loli
Pros: She's loaded
Neutral: you're expected to comport yourself with the dignity due her family's station
Con: completely self centered

Deadpan loli
Pro: Is always obedient
Neutral: Never shows emotion, always speaks in monotone.
Con: Will never show you affection.

Tsundere loli
Pro: Great makeup sex
Neutral: Will Openly berate you when she disagrees.
Con: Has random mood swings.

Shy loli
Pro: Loves you more than anything
Neutral: Will dislike spending time with other people
Con: Has trouble expressing herself.
Sadist Loli is literally the best, no cons.

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Is 0079 the pinnacle of mecha /a/?
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Zeta is better.
I'm not sure if its the pinnacle of mecha, but it is one of my favorites. Its a good show thats for sure.
Wing is better.

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