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>[HorribleSubs] Fukigen na Mononokean - 04 [720p].mkv
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She gonna get the dick this fast? Noice.
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So how mong until they make an anime adaption of this, I'd love to see it as a 5 minute short for each chapter, it would work perfectly for it.
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> I'd love to see it as a 5 minute short for each chapter, it would work perfectly for it.
That would be nice.
That would be an excellent short
Same artist/mangaka as YKK?

That comfy art style is recognizable anywhere

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Ritsu thread. No Reigen allowed.
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>23h 8m
>Eighty-five, eighty-six, eighty-seven, eighty-nine, ninety-one

Why is this allowed
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This screams Kameda, hoping he is animation director and does some shots today

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Adult Machi will make her village super popular
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delet this
>cow tits
Into the trash it goes
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Holy shit how old is this cat?
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Mars cats can live for far longer than Earth cats.
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I-I wasn't ready for this...
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HEY JOE! I REMEMB...Oh wait that was something better
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This pussy died like a little bitch without achieving anything.

I love armpits
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Good taste.
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So I just marathon'd the first episode. So far I'm liking it but it seems a little complicated, will it explain the clusterfuck of everything that's happening the more I watch or should I just drop it now?
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It's a good series, despite its flaws it's one of my favourites, stick with it. Bit of Desu Ex Machina at the end but it's still good overall.
How did you marathon the first episode? We're you running while atching?
You can't marathon one episode you fucking idiot. Kill yourself.

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>most porn parodies are from Kancolle, granblue fantasy, 2hu, etc.

What is it about drawing chinese smut that makes you enjoy games literally made for autistic people? Is anime actually not popular at all in Japan? Have we been lied to?
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>It's another Kancolle doujin episode
>It's another Shimakaze episode
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I love this meme
Anime is only a small subculture in Japan. Most studios are located in Tokyo, where most of the 'weird' Japanese stuff comes from.


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>OP by ROUND TABLE feat Nino
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Phonic gain.png
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that episode was pretty dandy
> OST by Pearl Brothers

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In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of my revenge going just as planned. But because I am enlightened by my own cunningness.
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Wouldn't the story be better watching some kid with no money, influence or power rise up the to become a powerful mafia boss and then take revenge on the killers of his family and the entire mafia in his city?
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Hello Amerifriend. For all your 'from zero to hero' needs you have shounen manga and superhero films.

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1. Madoka
2. Mami
4. Homura
5. Sayaka
6. Kyoko

kyubey is 3
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1. Homura
2. Sayaka
3. Kyubey
the rest are shit
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The most underrated invader.

Clan is a very cute and lovely girl.
But still not as cute as Yurika!
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Also is it just me or does Koutaro treat Yurika and Clan pretty similarly, no holds bared unlike the others?
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Clan is very cute, but my heart and soul forever belongs to Theia and Alaia.
What even happened to her after? For Elfaria we know she still managed to remain a virgin 30 years latter SOMEHOW

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seiken dakimakura.jpg
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Which is your favorite kind of fantasy girl stereotype and why its kight girl?
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Now its perfect
Rape victim
>write a girl knight
>she can only jobs and get raped
What was even the point of giving her a sword.

>decent lookrng loli protagonist
>mysterious but beautiful atmosphere
>good songs
>not that popular

Literally comfy anime
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>retarded looking loli with a GIGANTIC head
What's it like to have shit taste?
That was a nice three episode OVA series.

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