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Who wrote this shit?
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a fat guy
Is this the one with the loli mom?
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Just drop every character except for the trap and the loli mom.

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A giant failed idol will never show you her panties so that you'll like her
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>write a series about a guy dating a girl who has the power to grow giant
>follow it up with a series about a guy and his childhood friend who gains the power to grow giant

Talk about an author finding his niche. If only he wasn't also a fan of black holes...
How is Daikanojo?
He also wrote some oneshots on Young Magazine.

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Find a flaw.

protip: you can't
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Childish hairstyle.
Not riding my dick.

There, 2.
Wishes she had as full of a chest as Luvia
She's not her sister

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How come nobody's mentioned that planetarian has an anime out?

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We've had one or two slow threads each day there's been an episode.

But we have threads every week. You're in time for the last two episodes.
Haven't played the thing, is the anime so far a good adaptation?

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English, this isn't even a debate
I like both, but I think I side with the English one just a bit more.
I've never really bothered to listen to OPs in multiple languages. Is it common for the music to be as tonally different as it is here?
4kids sure know how to make a good opening.

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Episode preview:


Spoilers pastebin

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Posting best girl.
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So cute! I want to fuck her.


See this, what do?
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Stop looking at shitty fanart.
Recite the book of Mori Summer
Summon the Dark Flame Mastah and take over ze Worldo.

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Anyone know how much Redline cost? Must have been expensive but probably not as much as the average Ghibli film.
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Ask Madhouse. Making the film cost 7 years, btw.
About three fiddy
If you just put hours spent on actually working on the film it probably wouldn't be more than on something like Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away or Akira.

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Why are computers called "Navi"?

Why is the internet called "the Wired"?
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Let's all love Lain
>Why are computers called "Navi"?
To be more specific, in the Lain world Apple rule the PC world. This means the predominant web browser was Netscape Navigator. Hence, Navi. All the computers in the TV series are from unreleased Apple computer prototypes.

Lain basically changed the world and removed the old boss of Apple, installing Steve Jobs as the boss instead. Bill Gates became the boss of PCs.

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Help, Sento turned into a loli!
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If Hime doesn't win I'll riot.
Why downgrade?
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Have a seat

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>I want to ____ Nagato Yuki from the Suzumiya Haruhi animated series!
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be friends with
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It's been 5 years since the anime, do you still remember the threads?

Are you looking forward to the S;G 0 anime?
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Kurisu got the worst fanbase on /a/. They all need to rot in hell.
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>It's been 5 years
>Are you looking forward to the S;G 0 anime?
Of course.

The threads will be glorious.

What are /a/'s thoughts on Oreimo? I remember this anime becoming really popular back in 2011-2012 and then it had another season that came out in 2013 and I saw even more of it around the Internet in 2014 and last year so I decided to watch it this year. I'm starting episode 16 of season 2 right now and honestly I've liked it so far. But what about you guys?
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Probably one of the hardest anime that I've had to sit through.
Kirino is shit, nice pic related and kill yourself for making such a thread.
Kuroneko was/is best girl.

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>Kabakali ripoff
Looks Gundamy as fuck
Is she getting her own Gundam?

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A reminder that Chitoge won the Rakubowl
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BEST girl won.
Chitoge won and Kosakifags cried. Best week in a long time.
Lucky me, never watched/read this garbage.

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