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So, let's try this thing again.
Last chapter thread got some solid 30 something replies before dying so I guess I'm not the only one who's still reading this.

Last chapter recap - nothing much happened, Hiroshi was pretty cool and Ooba foreshadowed the end of the world by the explosion of the motherbase so that's fun.

Gonna dump the new chapter in a few.
>it's an invader chapter
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>ITT: describe normal everyday activities in Nasu speak
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A fissure appears on the outside. The rupture tears apart the fragile womb revealing its contents to the world.
The defective embryo, life that was never meant to be spills from its broken cage.
Nothing is left to save it before it is engulfed by the searing flames below.

The egg is now in the frying pan.
My mouth is of thirst. Dry and sticky. An irritable feeling. I walk towards the kitchen with this in mind, longing for a glass of ice cold water.

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Is he the coolest high school delinquent?
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There's something strange about him
Could he be... an abnormally hard normal high school student?
His shirt is just missing a button

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I've just come to play!

Cat Planet Cuties thread.
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Eris is a big girl. Really, she appears like 6ft 3 in the series.
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So peaceful

Katsura Hinagiku - Best tsundere with flat chest, pink haired girl and waifu
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All those traits individually or as a whole?
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>implying it isnt

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Oh God Haruhi, you massive retard!
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mildly amusing
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She's not retarded, just crazy
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Literal blasphemy OP
Stone yourself

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>"If it's an anime where no one dies, it's not a good anime."
--Me, 2016

What do you think of this theory? I know it will upset or confuse most of you, but I've never been one to just go with the flow.
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I think you're 12.
your opinion is shit
Kill yourself.

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Rider thread.
Sakurafags are also welcome.[/spoilers]
Casterfags and Rinfags can only watch.[/spoilers]
Saberfags should fuck off.[/spoilers]
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Rider is 11/10 marriage material.
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Can rider ride?

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>sexualizing innocent middle schoolers

Why is this allowed?
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mcdonalds hormones making girls develop earlier

What is this from?

Flying Witch was anime of the season last season. Will we get a second season?
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Hard to say. Sales were not great. It all depends on how much magazine and book sales went up
What the fuck were people buying if sales weren't great?
Not enough source material yet

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"you're right"
JJBA is the good kind of gay. The manly kind.
>thinking jba isn't gay
let's not kid ourselves anon, ok?
it's manly tho, so it's ok in the end.

So, review of the season so far?

What are you watching/dropped?
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watching: re:zero

...... thats it i guess.

followed Hundred for like... 6 episodes and it got so awful i dropped it
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Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru

Need suggestions for some moe and ecchi, need a relaxing season
re:zero and mob psycho

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This is just haremshit for people who think they are too good to enjoy haremshit
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Fuck off . It's a cool harem not a shit harem like dxd
>crab wins immediately
Shut the fuck up.
It's much better than every other "deep" anime you saw, at least the story is well written and enjoyable.

>hurrr sexual harassment and emotional abuse of an adolescent girl is totally ok as long as it's for the good of some podunk village in the middle of nowhere exedeedee

What the fuck is wrong with everyone involved with this mess?
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My wife Machi is so cute.
this series was fucking awful
Machi is cute when she's being bullied so I'm okay with this.

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Not sure if anyone noticed that I forgot to dump the chapter yesterday but I apologize to the people who cares.
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