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Does /a/ like this movie? I've watched it yesterday and I think that its' 6/10 at best.
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terrible b8, please apply yourself
It was okay. The twist was pretty cool. The rest of it kind of felt like a worse version of Lain.
Better than Millennium Actress, but not as good as Paprika.

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Mei's Meis.png
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>the hero starts panicking at the sight of sweaty tits
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>see this

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>Both of these were in the image.

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You dropped your eraser under the table. When you go to pick it up, you see this.

What do you do?

onee-san thread
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I pick up eraser.
How fucking short is that kotatsu that I'm that close to her?
This, a man has to finish what he started.

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There hasn't been a chapter out in a while for UQ Holder. Akamatsu-san hasn't put one out and I just not notice? I've been kind of busy, with little time for /a/ or manga in general. Someone had asked if I could post in the UQ threads, out of a sense of nostalgia. I really do appreciate that and also I appreciate any new thoughts on where UQ might be going. I wasn't too enthusiastic about it, especially after Akamatsu-san killed off Negi. Has anything gotten better now that he's going back to the original formula?
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Well last chapter had all of the "new" team getting completely shat on by the likes of Yue and Nodoka.
Yup, a librarian and a piss girl.

So yes, I'd say that something good happened lately.
UQ Holder is finished.

It will resume in November in another magazine as a monthly series called "Mahora World", which makes it sound like it's just gonna be dedicated to the Mahora flashback and being a proper continuation of Negima. So don't expect to see any of the UQ characters again anytime soon. Or ever again, maybe.
I can't beleive it but I actually miss UQ Holder. The only thing I can look forward to on Tuesday is Yamada-kun.

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kakashi face 1.png
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I can finally die /a/..
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kakashi face 2.png
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What is this horseshit?
Underneath his mask is supposed to be another mask.
The lastest Naruto Shippuden episode m8.

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Finally Nadeko got rid of those cornrows.
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Actually turned out to be pretty qt

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Nothing is more satisfying than seeing strong powerful women who acts like your typical plot armored Mary Sue being defeated then raping them into submission afterwards.

Much better if the Heroine/Villainess thinks they're hot shit and is a smug fuck.

Raping defenseless girls is just as boring as vanilla.
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I was so dissapointed when she and the other girl weren't fucked by the Cerberus.
Everyone was.
Taimanin Asagi 2 didn't make up for it

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Why do japanese prefer blushing schoolgirls over alluring, mature women?
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Nobody prefers old hags.
Phone poster, first understand Japan before asking that question. Anyone over 30 is deemed unfit and an old lady to most Japanese.
Because a significant part of the anime audience are teenagers.

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So, which one of these would you choose to be the queen?
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Crusch sama for me
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>no Felt

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Does this anime really deserve all the hype it gets, it really is an amazing anime because of it's music and art but isnt it a bit over hyped
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No it deserves all the credit and even more
It is fairly rated, I think. If anything, /a/ underrates it, but that's normal because of "muh popularity".

What is your opinion on Chaika?
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Which one?
I want to put my penis in her vagina if you know what I mean

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Wait, what in the actual fuck.

>learn Instant Transmission
>use spaceship to go back to Earth

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Everything was just an excuse to be away from Chichi as long as possible.
That you don't understand this at this age means you're either underage or a retard, either way you should go.

Well at least we know that the only woman you ever had in your life was your mother.

But thats not the topic.
Traveling around space is comfy as fuck.

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Is this /a/ favorite girl this year so far?
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What girl? A blank picture ain't a girl.
Literally who?
Can't she do something else beside killing the MC first, then killing herself for him later?

This is your drunkard tonight
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10/10, would put to bed without taking advantage of.
I want to get incredibly drunk and have unsafe sex with Kaede.
Kaede should be the star of her own Wakako Zake-like show.

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Movie confirmed for 2h30m.
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Ooo, that's an Oscar-award worthy length
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Can't wait to be healed.

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