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>JoJo SC dub announced for toonami
>/a/ starts talking about how it's going to make JoJo "mainstream"
Are you guys living in a bizarro world where JJBA isn't one of the most famous manga ever written? Everyone and their grandma has known about JoJo for the last two decades. Except for the massive rise in popularity of DBZ in the 90s and early 2000s, JoJo has been just as much a manga icon as Dragon Ball. With the game, the manga, and the OVAs, JoJo has already been exceedingly popular in the west for a while, and getting aired on american TV isn't going to change much about it's widespread popularity.

It's just surprising to me that you guys have been this much in the dark about how well known JoJo is. And it's not like it's popularity changes the fact that it's a good series, it's just that you guys really must think it wasn't what it was. It's like you guys thought that JoJo was some sort of secret underground fanbase or something, when in reality it's one of the most well known Japanese series of any media.
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cool story bro
>not writing your life story on /a/ - people and blogs
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images (23).jpg
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>JoJo is just as popular in the west as DBZ

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Chapter time. Summer is so great.
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Battle stage

"So Eiryou High School also wants to get Triple Booking for their cultural festival it seems"

"Same for Ousai Academy? This may be fate as well..."

"Let's wager our performance request letters"
"In a match!!"

"Here I go"
"That looks fun"
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Comic 1
The Shichijou household's private beach
"First is a beach volleyball match!!"

"Tsuda, you're with me!!"

"Taka-kun, go easy on me"

"What;s with the physical alliance there!!"
"I am seducing"

Comic 2
The president's lost item


"Men also pad with artificial **** in pornos!!" [TN: Gimme time to decipher the censored word]
"Is that so"
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Comic 1
Flag constructor

Beach flag match


"Got it!!"

"My bikini string~"
Mori was the one raising the beach flag

Comic 2
Look at her get it

Long distance swimming match

"What a nice race"

"Then let's have a nice race as well"

"What a brute force romantic performance"
"She's fast!!"

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What went so incredibly right?
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Guy just wants to marry a cute girl and doggedly pursues her, avoids a lot of the usual pitfalls in a "romance" anime.

Also super cool aesthetics and music.
>Also super cool aesthetics and music.
What's that? I can't hear you over how awesome this music is!

fucking summer

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I want some Witchy Treats!
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but it's practically the dark-ages why would they have cake?
magic was a mistake
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>that panel of Farnese with moe eyes and bimbo lips
What happened.

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Feels really good being on the obvious winning side for once.
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It feels even better when the best girl won for once.

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Special rule: no "reincarnation"/"tensei" theme. Time travel and "another world" or subverted versions of those themes are allowed.
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Alright, It is set in a apocolyptic world, a third world war destroyed nearly the whole planet.
Most of the population is either dead or about to be by radiation or starvation.
However, few days after the missles hits, demon's gate and angel portal appear.
They are going to fight each other for Earth, because Earth make a perfect trading port world and nature can be restored by angel's holy "magic" and demon can cleasen radiation by consuming them.
However, they didn't think the human could have survire. So when they see human come out of the vault, they call it a day and will try to help the human, so they would look good in front of their god and exploit the hunankind.
So the story could be about a group of demon and angel, throw in devil and elf going around the world rescure human and killing mutant. They destroyed warheads and salvage human's tech and art.
Or it could be after thousand of years, human have gain super tech and magic while their nature change as well after being rebuild by thrme angels but a war is about to start to determine who keep earth and a group of hybrid go out and stop th war
Time travel one from last thread

>year is around 2200, world is advanced but appears dystopian
>a prisoner escapes from confinement and is chased by militarized personnel
>the escaped man travels to a facility with a time travel device
>uses it to travel to the year 2080 (somewhat near future)
>an authoritarian government controls a quarter of the world (think nazi germany during its peak)
>the time travel man meets up with MC (make his characteristics whatever you like)
>tells MC he is from the future and MC only one who can stop this government
>story involves the two characters aiding and eventually leading the global war against evil government
>everything is going successful and the evil government is weakening thanks to time travel mans insight
>Eventually start fucking up
>MC presses time travel man about fuck ups, time travel man says its necessary
>evil government is nearing collapse, leader of government is killed in final battle
>instead of disbanding evil government, time travel man establishes himself as the new leader at MCs dismay
>big betrayal of allied forces internal civil war, etc.
>time travel man then reveals twist to MC
>the year 2200 isnt actually dystopian at all its actually an advanced democratic utopia
>the utopia was established because MC stopped the evil government in his timeline
>time travel man went back in time not to help fight it but to keep MC from defeating it
>MC manages to escape but allied forces are substantially weaker now
>more fighting eventually (against all odds) MC gains upper hand in the war
>at the end MC eventually does defeat time travel man and builds the future towards utopia
>time travel man is MCs grandchild (maybe) or some other time bullshit
4 cute girls doing nothing.

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>Sword Art Online started out with an interesting premise
>The Aincrad arc was solid
>Its only disappointments were a lack of characterization, harem bullshit for a protagonist who's clearly in an established relationship and a somewhat disappointing ending
>SAO didn't become shit until the Alfheim arc, and even that was at least entertaining
>Accel World is a direct upgrade over Sword Art Online, fixing all of its issues except harem bullshit
>/a/ has no real grievances with either SAO or Accel World and dislikes them purely because they were popular while their favorite anime doesn't even get a second season

Prove me wrong.
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edgy protag with zero character traits does stuff with a sword while getting every bitch in sight.
We've done this before. SAO was the first to hit a new market by storm. It doesn't make it totally amazing.
SAO is fine, the game's canon is better though.

>All 100 floors
>Alfheim villain is in Aincrad and there's no attempted rape scene
>Philia's story is actually enjoyable
>Sinon and Leafa are in Aincrad too

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Pic unrelated I'm assuming.

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>head of a loli
>body of a MILF

Why is this allowed?
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My thoughts too. Let his thread 404
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Subaru ignores the rules.

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Milky Holmes thread. What's your favourite episode? Mine's the train episode.
Will the movie ever get made?
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I don't know if I can decide on a favourite. Anything with Kokoro is best.

Also the movie has been out since February.
>Also the movie has been out since February.
What the fuck? How did I miss that?
All of it.
New season when?

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ITT we post based waifus from shit-tier animos. I'll go first.
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Learn what waifu mean first mobile poster.

the animation maybe wasnt the best, but the serie was good.
The writing is actually good, its the low budget animation make it shit,but overall it is a decent series.

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>last good KyoAni show was 5 years ago

How do we fix KyoAni?
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>Euphonium was 5 years ago

How time flies.
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Hyouka Artstyle.jpg
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>Hibike Euphonium
1. no gay shit
2. no robots
3. no magic

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Image5 (2).jpg
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What has been the biggest "wtf" moment in /a/ in the last three years?
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Moot leaving.
The SZS countdown ending.
Cross Ange: Magic Frying Momoka

Cross Ange: Exploding Tusk doesn't die.

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What is about plain female MCs that makes them so attractive?
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Huge tits?
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3D hairclip.gif
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Oh shit, chapter 4 is out?

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Right here.
This very page.
Is where I gave up on this series.

>post pages where you gave up thread
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I came.
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Is this a trap?

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