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Post an anime and an album that best represents it
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>An Empty Bliss Beyond This World
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>f a ∞

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I love this Name Hunt Station arc.
Things just get smoothly and stay interesting, also wonder what Bams old teacher is planning there.
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You made the mistake of putting Tower of God in the OP, next time just post a picture of Hwa Ryun and write put Best Girl in the title
when i have to choose between krshit and another highschool loli action crap i take the korean stuff

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this is your maid tonight
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that last OAV was glorious, hope they make more

That's not proper maid attire. She's fired.
doubt it. Only thing possibly in it's favour is that that most popular girl is introduced in 2

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ITT: Characters that remind you of yourself.

For me it's Yang Wenli - Intelligent, Nihilistic and with a Wicked Sense of Humor
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for me its overused mimi
This meme is fucking shit if you're just going to repeat the same phrase
What are you talking about?
You don't know my story

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Is it okay to be an adult man like K-on? I've recently been binge-watching it for the past few day, and I love it.
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k-on is literally for everybody
Little girls and grown men is the primary demographic.
the movie is so fucking weird as a native english speaker

Guys, is anyone else concerned that Re:Zero will end up turning into the the Dark Souls version of SAO? That fear honestly keeps me up at night.
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These threads popping up keep in fear every night
What does that mean? Explain it to me.
>Re:Zero will end up turning into the the Dark Souls version of SAO?
Would it be possible for you to talk like a normal human being?

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Only winners here, no losers allowed
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true tears.jpg
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This is the type of girls that will seduce innocent ojiisans into dark alley and then blackmail them
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Not seducing anyone with that shitty name.
boner 100 to 0
how big is her dick?

So who's the main character?
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I'd watch a reverse NNB about shinkansen adjusting life in the city

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Why is Evangelion so highly regarded? I get that it broke trends at the time by being a sad anime in a time of harems an such but that doesn't explain the lasting power.

I've only watched a few episodes so far so if it has to do with the ending I don't want spoilers.
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they all turn to goo
>I've only watched a few episodes so far

Abandon hope. No anime will ever be the same after finishing EVA.
>why is it so highly regarded
watch the show and you might understand

>no spoilers pls
if you actually understand the first time around without posting an 'ok what the fuck just happened' thread when you get to ep26 you'll be doing better than most.

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Season 2 when?
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>inb4 Himeragi a shit, threadly reminder
No queers allowed ITT.
Himeragi is the most bland main heroine ever existed
It's more simply to say inb4 THK sperging.

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ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong
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>save millions by sacrificing less than 100
Griffith literally did nothing wrong
Grifith is creating a legitimate utopia of equality and freedom.

Even the great USA 'Merica Empire is built upon the blood and rape of Native Americans. Compared to what America did, Griffith did nothing wrong.
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Kira is going out tonight, you choose his date.
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good luck OP
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Looked cuter on Tinder

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>Daughter of a scientist who invents a time machine
>travels to the past to visit historic scientist (a la Bill and Ted)
>tells all of them she is from the future
>Can't answer the simplest questions for the old scientist since she is dumb.

The show is OK, but damn I get mad at the protagonist not being able to tell the old scientist more specific shit about their own inventions. I guess they needed a dumb character so the historic figures would have to explain to her how everything works.

What does /a/ think about this anime?

Time Travel Girl thread I guess.
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never seen that show
She has to feign ignorance so that the natural flow of technology would still be intact, ignoring other possible butterfly effects.

You don't want to go back to your time only to see that its technology advance by years compared to when you first left, right?

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Oh shit, gotta run.
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gotta squat

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