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Bam bam! You've just been shot in the heart! What will you do when she offers to take responsibility?
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cum inside.
Shoot her back
Tell her that she gives love a bad name.

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Isn't Utsuro No Hako To Zero No Maria just a better version of Re:Zero?
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Re: Zero is a lot better though.
Fag. Fuck off
Aside from being dark and having time loops here and there they're completely different.

What to do?
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[X] Rape
eat her
>[X] Genuflect

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Post anime with no icky boys in it.
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The turtle was male
Ritsu's brother was in it as well (though he looked like a girl.)
Any female MC show is automatically garbage.

Females can never carry a show

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When did anime stop being good from a technical standpoint?
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probably when it was decided that the noise of steel hitting flesh was CLANG
someone just needs to re edit the sound of all the episodes and replace the clang with something that makes sense
>not replacing all sounds with CLANG

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What in the fuck is causing this shitty arc to drag on for so long? And then the awful breaks. What the fuck happened to Prison School?
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Retard Meiko was a mistake, Andrenomics too.
Andrenomics is fine. Retard Meiko and Kiyoshi being utter garbage is not.

Also, for some reason I dreamed that the whole bear-hunting plot deviated into a pack of wolves joining the bear and chasing off the principal, Honey, and her fiancee deeper into the woods, so I hope that happens.
Andrenomics was golden and short, but had a too big afterwards

to me the chapters from this chivalry arc felt like if Hiramoto grabbed enough content for a chapter pre-anime era and streched the most of it to make 3-4 chapters for current arc

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I want to be a cute anime girl.
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Me too
What can we do to achieve our goal?
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Me three

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Just finished this series.
What were you're thoughts on it /a/?
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It was shit. The only good thing about it was the ost.
Plot 7/10
Animation 9/10
Soundtrack 10/10
Garbage. Space dandy is a better Watanabe show.

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is this most pathetic MC in anime history?
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No but it's the best written, bar none
At least him being a sperg is counter productive.
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What did she meant?
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She was disgusted that Shinji jacked off to her

TL;DR: she wanted to die but also didn't give a fuck about life anymore, so she was lying down on the beach waiting to die. Shinji thought she was catatonic like she was when he fapped to her. She is and was conscious, both at the hospital and on the beach. Shinji thinks he is losing his mind when he sees one of Rei's quantum ghosts appear to him then dissapear, so he decides to kill himself, but then realizes that if he does, Asuka will eventually wake up alone to this new hell. Or at least he thinks so, remember Asuka is aware. So he decides to kill Asuka first to spare her of her terrible fate. Shinji stars choking Asuka, and she believes Shinji is giving him her final wish, to die, so as a parting gift he gives him a soft caress on his cheek... which makes Shinji realize he is aware, and that if she isnt catatonic now she probably wasnt catatonic at the hospital, which makes him self conscious that she knows he fapped to her, so he stops choking and starts crying because he realizes how much of a fucking sick piece of shit he is. Asuka realizes this, remembers that he fapped to her naked body, and says the infamous line "How disgusting".

She is disgusted by Shinji's personality and actions.
which makes shinji realize she* is aware

typo sorry

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Which team wins in a fight to the death?
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B, moeblobs can't command against non-moeblobs
Swapping the Team A commander doesn't make your thread more original. del

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Reinhard is a total bro,
>Helps out in the ally because he heard some screams.
>Helped random homeless girl that needed help to not get murdered
>Offers to help make things right between Nissan and the Knights

Toyota just completely ignores him. Why isn't he the first person he asked for help? The guy would almost certainly of dropped everything to fight cultists, whales, anything.
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didn't the whale kill him
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Kill who?
>Why isn't he the first person he asked for help?
Yea Subaru call reinhart with you phone..

Fuck off fucking shit idiot.

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Once again Subaru does NOTHING wrong
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I just want to hug him and say everything is gonna be alright
>Once again Subaru does NOTHING
Elliot Rodger is a god among men.

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waifu wars engaged when the anime gets to this part

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This is your nightmare tonight
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>she clips the clip around my dick
so long as it's a wet nightmare i'm ok with it

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