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This is my wife!!!
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Hope you're fit enough to be able to spot her when she's doing her reps.
I want to be scolded by Bisky-san.
Dumb pedoposter

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Let's dance /a/! Boogey down!
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every dance thread ever
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koufuku graffiti dance.gif
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Can't compete

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Gary Stu Incarnate.png
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Take a tired story idea, and change something simple to make it, if not good, at least interesting. I'll start: The princess of another world tries to summon the hero of legend to save her kingdom. She chooses Hiro Kanpeki, a super athletic, straight-a student who is nevertheless misunderstood.
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However, an accident while casting her spell results in her summoning this stunning specimen of humanity: Tyrone Dinduson, grade a Gangsta.
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evol mikoto pout.jpg
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Why do the worst girls always win?
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>pic not related
worst girl ever done >>> kimono
>posting my waifu without permission

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I want to dick her face all over

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Mikoto thread
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I can infer the gist of it, but does anyone have translation?

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>Harem anime
>MC is a beta pussy
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To allow multiple relationships with characters, that doesn't allow for people's waifus or husbando to be taken from them or have their purity taken.
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Because it works and it keeps the waifus (sans main girl) pure.
Harem anime is intended to be a self-insert fantasy.
The character is intended to be a representation of the audience and the girls stay pure so said audience keeps buying the BDs and merchandising over the illusion of said girls being "theirs".

It's sad and creepy, but that's how it works.

Name a better sports manga, anon
protip: you probably can, and I wanna hear it
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I can't actually. Rookies is the only sports manga I've ever read.
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Rookies is the best baseball manga ever written. Far better than anything Adachi Mitsuru has done.

Genshiken Nidaime is ending this month?

Fuck. What a waste of a reboot.
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>What a waste of a reboot.

It was longer than the original run.
If you mean the content..well.. a lot of people didn't like what it had become anyway.
Good riddance.
Harem arc was shit and a complete waste of time, I'm glad it's ending.

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Volume 2 translations just finished, so let's try a thread for Blood Sign for once.
For anybody who hasn't picked it up and wanted to try reading it, a forewarning is that the first half of the first volume is slow and heavy on exposition. Stick with it until the White Queen appears before dropping.
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Did anyone summon an Elder God loli beyond comprehension yet?
Elder Gods beyond comprehension yes, they don't seem to be lolis this time around though.
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Maybe not a loli, but there is this semen demon.

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Why does Jojo's Bizarre Adventure keep on going with balls like a proud bloodline, but Berserk is petering out like a sad man who just realized he's trying to kill the antichrist?
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Araki ends each Part when he gets bored and can start again with a brand new plot and characters. Miura has written about one encompassing story for about twenty plus years and is probably tired of it. Also idolmasters meme.
One consistently comes out, another does not
I think you answered your own question.
A fun, zany weird series is much easier to keep up over an extended period than a super melodramatic depressing slog.
Add to that Miura's perfectionism and love of [email protected] and we have a recipe for hiatuses.

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anohana the killing.jpg
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So who killed Menma?
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All of them

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New chapter, new volume.
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All hail the new Tokyo Ghoul, for he has ascended the throne.

>because I want to take this fucked up, piece of shit world, fuck it up even more and then give it a factory reset
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Did the last chapter say Arima was OEK, or someone else?

Btw, Marude is now No. 1 for obvious reasons.
I don't follow the series anymore but did Kaneki seriously say that
Yes. Kanecki really did say it

Alright folks, need some anime/gaming tattoo ideas that are unique and don't suck dick.

I've really been waiting a Princess Mononoke tattoo but can't seem to find one that will translate well from the art and also be on the unique side.

Currently have: FMA and Pokemon on arm, soul eater on side, zelda on chest.
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Consider suicide.
4/10 for effort.
Ruined with last sentence.
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Get pick related up on your upper left thigh.

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