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>*13,613位/*12,624位 (***,*52 pt) [*,**2予約] 2016/10/04 【Amazon.co.jp限定】レガリア The Three Sacred Stars 1(早期購入特典:QP:flapper描き下ろしミニ色紙(ユイ)付) (全巻購入特典:「QP:flapper描き下ろし全巻収納BOX」引換シリアルコード付) [Blu-ray]

What went wrong here?
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Why do you like this?
It's an original show lacking hype. What did you expect?
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>not liking the oppai empress and her giant lolibot

this is some bullshit i tell you what

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Lemons, grapes, and cherries are the best, right?
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Lemon tbqh
Best Fruit is Lemon while best Grisaia is Maon Kurosaki.
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Bite in

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I think from now on, whenever we get the character profile page as the first page, I'm just gonna post a poem in the OP. No point in not bringing you all some fun stuff. This week, we've got Lee Kaiou! And, this week, our poem is 'Slow Song' by Paul Bowles.

"There will be a time not too remotely moonward
nor yet as reminiscent of the moon's disgrace
as the bright pastures in the moonlight of your singing
or the moon's inverted canticle upon your face
when daylight over meadows and the strokes on bells
sent outward into sunlight to the banks of streams
will settle gratefully onto the heavy grass

will rout no more the owl in moonward dreams"
-Bowles, 1928
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>Narrator: A demon...
>Tokugawa: Pickle picked up the sword!
>Some Guy 1: Does he intend to use it?
>SG1: With that Herculean strength, if he swings it, the katana will...
>N: ...in a metal stick...?
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>Kizu blurays delayed till fall
Fucking hell. I think I'm gonna kill myself, lads.
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You better have a source on that if you're gonna make such an audacious claim, anon.
>be kizu
>get delayed

can't fabricate this, I hope all batfags kill themself so we're rid of their shitty crying threads and theatre blogs
Linka source or fuck off faggot.

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image (3).jpg
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Why is there a Fate kaleid liner PrismaIllya 3rei being developed
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Because millions of penises demanded it.
because you can get rid of (nearly) all male characters and have cute girls instead.

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Find a flaw.
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I cant.

White skin
Ugly, like the rest of her family.

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So, she is the witch, she bought Subaru to her world in order to allow for his ignorance to cloud his heart. The events which are happening is forcing Subaru to fall in love with her - something she wants (someone to love her). And in the end will be granted enternal life to live out his days with the witch.

>inb4 read the source
f00k off m8.
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>witch cultists worship the witch
>want to kill the girl that is believed to be the witch

No one in this series knows what they want anymore
I wanna stick my dick in that flower.
Easiest way to "prove" you're not the witch would be to have people attack you for being an "imposter"

Satella or Emilia (same person) knows Subaru will save her each time and will go as far as to kill herself to fool him

After this Subaru will tell everyone that there's way she can be the witch and everyone will believe him

All according to keikaku

I really love it when Illya has those red ball earrings whenever she transformed into a magical girl. They make Illya looks 100x cuter.
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Disgusting. I can deal with inconspicuous jewellery but those are way too much.
worthless slut
What is the cutest Illya class?

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Here are the three new series from Weekly Shounen Jump. So what do you think about the design?
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kawaii uguu
Massive foreheads 'R Us.
New Matsui series when

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Dagashi Kashi - Saya.png
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Who is the most normal and average girl in anime /a/?
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Me in the middle.
Haruhi Suzumiya

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This is your NTRman tonight.
Gun x Clover 2 chapters out.
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As I love this manga, I didn't thought they pull that stupid shit right there.

I was kind of expecting it, but still chuckled
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>dude NTR LMAO
>its ok its just a girl kissing another girl perfectly acceptable and normal


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Raw, of course.
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>muh dick
>muh heart
>she stole it all

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Try not to kill yourself when she's not in the next season anon.
at least Haruko is a cutie
I want to suck on Ninamori's toes

Explain to me why kancolle/kantai collection is so damn popular, all it has are some shirty doujins, meh manga a irrelevant game and a Shit anime. But seems to have more art then fucking naruto.
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*shitty doujins
Good fap material
Because Japanese people for some bizarre reason have 0 standards in games and play everything with some kind of Gacha type collection system, with the "gameplay" being some automated missions. The fact that you don't have to pay ~5$ every time you roll for a ship is already revolutionary compared to the other games they put up with.

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What do you think of love triangles?
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Sterk is too pure for those sluts.
Fine if it's comedy or full blown harem. Otherwise reeks of disaster

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