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should i watch this show?
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Decide for yourself.
No one knows you better than you.

I need something better than that

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Post shit you wish someone would translate. LN, Mango or a web comic

>Despair MC
>Interesting premise
>Only 5 out of 30+ chapters translated
>Haven't seen a new translated chapters in a year
>The only other translations are in Turkish or some shit
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hundred radiant red rose.jpg
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Re-do of the spear hero
>Insane MC
>time loops
>lots of tanuki deaths
>worldbuilding and lore not present in the main story
>supposed to be a fucking wild ride
>TLer mysteriously fucked off the face of the planet and nobody ever picked the series ever again.
bro i think someone picked it up, i checked novelupdates and pic related

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how the fuck is Mumei twelve
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Because she's been alive for 4380 days.
I'm pretty sure /a/ has already forgotten about her and the show she was in so we should leave it at that.
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Why is that so hard to believe?


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Overrated trash or misunderstood masterpiece?
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Hyouka is nyquil in anime form.
It's alright.
A really good sleep aid

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>wake up
>see this
What do you do?
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Wake up.
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>I feel funny
What did she mean by this?
Help me to help myself, anon. My google fu is failing me.Tineye and Yandex too.

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Do you like Dawn?
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I does

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kizu part one BD in 3 days

subs never
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We might get Coalgirls subbing it.
Don't Aniplex BDs of movies typically come with English subs?
I thought coalgirls just encodes and takes subs from commie.

What could the centipede even do? If knives can't pierce his skin then what damage could a centipede do?
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It's like wet willy. You don't want something so unclean going into your ear
The sound of it crawling around inside next to your eardrum would drive you crazy
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I believe it was digging into the ear canal which was driving him insane. Keep in mind he had that thing in him the entire time he was tortured until, he fought back and beat Yamori

What purpose does this serve?
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It serves my dick
Believe it or not some people like to cover their genitals.
>cover their genitals.
She doesn't have any.

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Human Instrumentality.jpg
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Meanwhile, on post Third Impact /a/...
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Who am I?
What am I?
Where am I?
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Shit man that was crazy. I understood everything that was going on I just didn't enjoy a lot of it.
The fuck even happened?
One minute I'm working on my backlog and this bright as fuck lightshow is going on outside my window
Obviously I just closed the blinds but when I left to go get some food from the 7/11, there was nobody around
Though I guess the cashier could've just been out to find their mop to clean up all the Tang that some shit spilled like fucking everywhere but it was still a bit creepy

Wait a minute, that pool...
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Mmm hmm.
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I know I'm missing something but it looks like this one
This photoshoot is about to get a bit more moist

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Anyone here still cares about this? New chapter is out.

Why do blonde bitches always try to cause unecessary drama?
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Woah, I expected some drawn out arguing but nope, over before it started. So satisfying
i do.
Hishiro is a borderline autist and she deserve the shit she got. Kaizaki got bad luck and that lead to self confidence issues, but he's normal and fine.

Blonde a shit.
not reading until I know there will not be a second season of the animu

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> Draw a girl
> Give cat ears
> And pretty blue dress
> "Just kidding! It's a boy you faggot!"
> filename relevant

I've been really good. I've told myself no. I don't know if I will make it through this one.
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I love it
Homosexuality must be stopped.

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So who are these guys anyway?
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Assassin is Hassan
If they're not Hassan, he's Hassan.
Saber - Gotz von Berlihingen
Berserker - Minotaur
Lancer - Merode
Caster - Merlin
saber lancer archer rider caster assasin berseker.

they should add "Shielder, Monk, Gunner, Breaker, Speedster, Scientist, Inventor, Mystic Knight"

Remember not to think perverted thoughts /a/!
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Sorry I can't stop.
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