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Best girl?

Best girl.

Best grill
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Best and cutest Rewrite.
>oh hey look a cute little blonde girl
>oh she has a fucked up backstory

Key my shit
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Should I watch / read Berserk? I watched and red HxH and see no hope in it finishing and heard from friends that Berserk is worse. I know some major plot points but if its not a 10/10 I'm not gonna even try.
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Berserk's a 11/10 OP. But we have no idea when it'll finish tho.
Berserk was a 10/10 until the moeshit wizard came in.
Berserk comes out consistently though

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The last anime you watched now has their protagonist genderswapped.

Does it get better or worse?
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>All harem anime turn to yuri harems

yes please

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find a flaw
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Jack was alright but he was also kind of an ass
No loli
Bathhouse owner needs to appear more.

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>Bleach end
>Nisekoi end
>Gintama ending
>Toriko ending
>Haikyuu entering final arc
How can Jump even recover from all these ENDINGS?
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Ass class also ended.
>Haikyuu entering final arc


Jump needs some new stuff for this year and 2017.

Right now besides One Piece, they will only have Shokugeki, Hero Academia and Black Clover. Only that.

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Color: colorless.
LRIG level: 5.
Limit: 15.
Grow cost: 5 colorless.
Constant: LRIG type is ignored when growing into this LRIG.
Constant: Limiting conditions of level 5 SIGNI are ignored.
Constant: When opponent SIGNI attacks you can discard a card of same color as attacking SIGNI to disable the attack.
Action: 1 colorless, next turn opponent's LRIG can't damage you.
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what's the premise of lots'o'rage, anyway?
Servant ∞
Level 5
On-play: name one of the "main deck", "hand", "signi zone", "trash".
Constant: all opponent's SIGNI in specified area lose their color and class.
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Who is the better character?

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Kumiko is way better written, but compared to Haruhi, she's kinda bland.

She'll be better once she sheds the insecurity and goes full Watashi.
Haruhi is a great character. Kumiko is good, but not that good.
Kumiko is a great character. Haruhi is good, but not that good.

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Your thoughts, /a/? I'd say he's not going to make it this year and will never finish Angel Beats 2nd chapter. Losing a great composer who creates melancholic but meaningful lyrics will surely drill a hole in my heart.
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Angel Beats was never good.
All his series were poor attempts at creating something that wasn't even half as natural as Haruhi.
Rewrite needs to be rewritten by someone competent badly.
Like pottery.

Was Angel Beats his call for help?
Even when he isn't working on a fictional story to make you cry, he tries his hardest to make a nonfiction story to make you cry.

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Why is she so erotic?
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Why is he so ugly?
She was one of the few saving graces of this shit show.
She's a better MC then the MC

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Which K-ON would be the best fuck?
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>Battery - 03 [720p]
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Every character is a dick: the anime.

What fucktard tries to kill someone for not wanting to participate?
>What fucktard tries to kill someone for not wanting to participate?

Did anyone get a boner from this scene?
Him being able to not do anything and yelling while his precious emt about to be mutilated.
>the ed playing in the background.
Instanrt diamonds. Its like the the op being played during a important fight version for me.
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Seek help
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seek guidance.png
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All memes aside, you are literally a cuck

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Mikan Cards.jpg
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This is your opponent for tonight.
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If I lose do I get to suck her dick?
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I play this card
No, because she doesn't have one. She was born without a dick.

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What do you think of XY animation?


Aito Ohashi is da best
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There's literally a board for fags like you

Greninja's introduction during his kalos league first match was pretty good. Especially that 360 rotation around him.
It's pretty good. If only DBS had this level of animation/

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seibah tits.jpg
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Her son is hotter.
So is this Saber if she didn't stop aging once she had excalibur?
>Knight from Maoyuu finally got a boobjob

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