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Reminder that her name is obviously not Holo
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It's clearly Kobo
its whoro

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Is this the KyoAni of our lifetime?
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It is the SHAFT of our Kyoani
Their shows are comedic SoLs mostly, KyoAni's SoLs were a bit more complex.
they have like 5 meme anime, every other shows are Deen tier, so no

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would you consider initial d in your top 10 animes?
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top 20, but not top 10
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I only watched the Hong Kong movie, why this is só successful?

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Was this too deep for you /a/?
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i cried ;-;
Deep.. i laught at ep1 and drop it at ep2.
It wasn't deep enough, really.

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ITT: moments when you dropped a show
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>liking Claudia
Could your taste get any worse?
>Please fuck me
>omg so sorry preeze undrastrand!!!

I would've been fine if he would've just politely turned her down. No stammering, blushing etc.
it has nothing to do with liking a certain character

no self respecting man wouldn't hit that

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>Have friend who talks shit about Symphogear constantly
>Don't care too much as it is pretty dumb and it's just a guilty pleasure for me
>But still, it is constant, any chance he can talk shit he does
>Recently he keeps telling me to watch Macross Delta saying how great it is
>It's literally the same fucking thing except even cheesier and with a bigger animation budget
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> literally
you should watch akb0048, op
Not really, you can hardly go cheesier than Symphogear. Maybe some Macross 7 scenes were more cheesy, but definitely not Delta.

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>her face when she sees your dick
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fuck off hairclip
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>Hey guys! I made another thread!

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What I'd give to smell that seat after a sunny day of riding
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quality thread
Best character in Steins;Gate, even bettert han Christina
Why not sniff her butt directly?

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anime swimsuit thread
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what hentai is this from
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Darker than Black Prequel with Hei as Bruce Wayne before he became the Electric Bugaloo and a story centered around the War for Heaven's Gate and it's disappearance. I think it would be a hit

>Hei is a happy-go-lucky guy and a caring older brother with an "all life is precious" attitude (note: no siscon)
>Bai, Hei's sister, becomes a contractor and gets recruited by the Syndicate along with Hei
>During Heaven's gate war they team up with Amber who becomes the Leader of their group
>13/26 episodes of Hei, Bai, and Amber as they do missions that lead the center of the Gate
>Bai becomes more ruthless by the day because of Amber's leadership and Hei contemplates killing her
>Last mission the shit hits the fan and it's because of Amber, Bai gives Hei BK-201 and Heaven's Gate disappears
>Last episode the Syndicate find a haggard looking Hei months later and put him in a new team where he meets Rin, Mao, and Huang for the first time
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i miss this show /a/
Too bad. It's been 9 years since the only season aired, it's not coming back.
This, still holding out hope for a second season though.

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Slut Train.jpg
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Choo-choo all aboard the slut train
no pushing, plenty of room for everybody
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>plenty of room for everybody

Except for the old guy who pissed his pants.

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fucked up bad.png
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Specifically moments where characters fucked things up massively
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>where characters fucked up
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>Ctrl+F "handa"
>"0 of 0"

Why aren't you shitposting about the comedy spectacle of the season, /a/?
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>no handa x mom hmanga
What a sophisticate-looking lady. I bet her pussy smells like vanilla and strawberries.

More like calligraphy ink

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Why are cat and bat so cute in kizu? Its a crime
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Why do you still watch this shit?
because it's a good movie

Because they cute. Cute!

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