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>The main girl isn't best girl.
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G Gundam
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the characters were good and then the anime happened.

Why does he cry so much?

What a terrible MC.
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Because he's like 3 feet tall.
because not every main character has to be a cardboard cut-out badass
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so it feels better when he stops crying

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Which cyberpunk babe would win in a fight?
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one of the is a murderous cyborg
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The Major, but not that Major.

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Best girl!
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Oh yeah.
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This show will live on forever!
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It will live on forever as a shit show.
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I already forgot it was a thing.

What would have made the ending better?
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Airi not showing up again.
If he fucked the pizza girl
Satorou ditches Kayo and uses his shota body to seduce sensei and stop the killings.

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Nobody ever fucking understood that card. They all thought I was cheating when I explained the damage step.
Why would you ever try to use tactics that worked in the fucking anime?

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I'm aware they suck but why does it feel like the complaining got louder over the years especially this year? There aren't any memorable betas this year.
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>There aren't any memorable betas this year
>posts pic of anime with memorable beta MC
the only memorable thing about the anime was the girls
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>one beta MC goes beyond the first fedora stage and enters the supreme gentleman tier
>all the normalfag cancer faggots starts complaining
Subaru did N O T H I N G wrong.

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This pink-haired devil is in heat, which innocent anime girl will you sacrifice to her insatiable satanic lusts?
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my cock
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She can take Akari
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I offer her this pure maiden

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Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior, /a/?
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Hilary Haag did things to my teenage dick and heart
Look out, Ted!

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Any fan translators planning on translating the Baccano 1935d novel when it comes out in Japan? or are we going to have to wait for the Yen Press to release it officially in 5 years?
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>or are we going to have to wait for the Yen Press to release it officially in 5 years?

Or you can learn moon and read it in less than half that time.
fair enough. any good places to start learning it, or can i just google search and pick the top result
>learning Jap just to read useless Nip novels


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Who hyped here ?

Michio Mihara directing and storyboarding, Kimiko Ueno script, Yuichiro Sueyoshi chief Animation Director, also Hyadain's OP song (remix of old song).

This can't be bad.


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Trailer :

Buruburi will not subbing this because it seems Amazon Prime offer english subtitle. Hopefully HS or anyone else will rip it for us.

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Mihara just tweeted this storyboard.

Looks like episode 7,8,9, and 10 is his storyboard. Or solo episode ? Truly the best one man show in this industry.
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Episode 11, 12, 13 will have star wars references.

Is fucking shit?

I watched the entirety of the first anime that never was finished.

Instant classic. top 5. Fucking kickass. Too bad they never continued.

>Get told by friend in discord "They're rebooting Berserk, there's already a dozen episodes out"

Oh shit nigger gotta check this shit can't believe it.

3D CGI garbage
No English Dub
Doing the entire prelude ALL OVER AGAIN.

God damn it just fucking bury it again I don't even wanna look at it... Kill me now.

An english dub can come later I guess and eventually, MAYBE (given how shit the animation is probably not) if it's successful enough and continues past the prelude, it'll be worth watching for the sake of seeing berserk animated.

But that animation. That CGI.

That is forever. A complete and utter shit colored stain. Not that it isn't clearly talented work but it does NOT CLICK WITH BERSERK AT ALL.

Berserk was always extremely high detail professional 2D art. Pic related.

How in the ever loving fuck could you ever hope to transfer from such quality to this shitty 3D CGI and expect anything good to come of it?

I know it's cheaper, but is it even fucking worth it?

I frankly would've preferred a new episode a month in original 2D style than this shit a day.
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>seriously implying berserk is the only anime to use cgi
it's used in almost every single anime that has aired in the last 2 years, usually for backgrounds, not to mention almost every single mech scene is entirely cgi.
Moe flavor of the month anime is pretty much South Park quality stick figures where they just copy and paste the expressions now.
>seriously implying berserk is the only anime to use cgi

And where exactly did I imply this...?

And that doesn't change jack shit in the fact it doesn't work for something like Berserk.
You should stick to the manga.
No anime adaptation will make it justice.

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So how do you feel about lolis?
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they are ok
They were for protecting.

Now they are for something else.
I want to eat Anko's manko.

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Just finished this manga and the ending really bothered me. i know its 2 years in the future and i mean, OBVIOUSLY they get together, but still, i'd like it if it were shown.

hoping for some improvement in the film coming out in september
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Absolutely nothing wrong with the ending.
just wanted a kiss of a confession or SOMETHING. i mean again, its fucking obvious they get together (probably already are considering the 2 year break) but i just wanted to SEE it. dropped a point out of 10 for me because of that empty feeling the last chapter gave me
This is why the ending was perfect. The author did not pander to kissufags like yourself. 10/10

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