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Galko is the best girl of 2016

prove me wrong
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not even as a joke
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Alright, so there are words used to describe people that are only sexually attracted to someone they have a romantic connection with (demisexual), what's the word used to describe people that are only attracted to 2d?
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I don't understand why people hate Fairy Tail, its great.
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prove it faggot
Nice animation.
fun characters.
comfy guild hall.
hot girls.
fan service.

Why is Mahouka so boring?
>Someone does something
>"I am the best, just the best"
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it's pretty good despite how shitty it is.
If you treat it like its a parody of shitty light-novel adaptations, its actually pretty damn funny.
I find it funny and entertaining when a character absolutely outclasses everyone else by far. You don't have to take it seriously.

What did he mean by this?
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>tfw finished this today 9 years late
>went to sleep real sad because they pack all the feels in the show into the last 4 episodes
>still glad its a finished package and don't want more
anon, I am exactly the same. Finished it last night and felt the same way.

I wish I had finished it a few years earlier, I always got to episode 8 or 9 and never kept on going for whatever reason.
It was an awful twist of fate to restart the show the episode where Kamina gets offed
Then the 7 years later part starts and nothing but bad things could and did come of it

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I liked the watermelon guy more, though I never understand how the hell his power worked.
So...why they fight at the end?
>His power is literally just to make things FAST and add super ridiculous attachments to vehicles
>He actually has meaningful drawbacks to his power and the show doesn't ignore them ;_;

This show is legit one of my favorite things I've ever watched, it's so bad at times yet just so fucking good at others.

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New key visual

looks like the fix is to remove mechas from the show
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Regalia - Lightning Sword.webm
3MB, 1280x720px

I hope that's not the case. The mechs are the best part of the show besides the relationship between Rena and Yui.

Also, what is going on with Trenchcoat-chan's face.
>Military regalia loli now front and center
Great changes.
>anime is about getting into the giant lolibot
>remove the giant lolibots

somehow that change seems unlikely
they probably just wanted to feature the girls more on the promotional image

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I hope you've come prepared.
Because its time to duel!
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I set a card

I end my turn
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Yugi is the strongest anime character ever made

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ITT: best girls of their respective series
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Womi is great but not the best SYD
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which one is going to end first?
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>Implying they haven't ended already
I think Hunterxhunter is just gonna get a "AND THEN EVERYONE FUCKING DIE" ending then Togashi will just fuck off and go play Dragon quest
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Berserk has a clear end goal that the protagonists are one or two arcs away from seeing. HxH will end when Togashi wants people to stop bothering him to make more HxH.

Does stopping abruptly count as ending? If not, then Berserk.

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The wixoss movie comes out on Blu Ray the 24th so less than two days away.
who else is hyped? subs when?
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that nose pisses me off
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smug ruu.jpg
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>he doesn't like the nose
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Quick! You have five seconds to describe how you'd love Motoko tenderly.
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There's a reason Motoko was upgraded to Setsuna. Motoko has a huge floppy Hope Solo pussy that nobody could ever love. That's why she died a virgin foreveralone.

You a Narufag? You sound like a Narufag.

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ITT anime characters that you wish were in a better anime

Pic related, anime was shit but watched just for Yuno
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Yuno was like 80% of the show. If you ported her over to another show it'd pretty much be the same shit, unless you're just one of those retards who thinks they love yanderes.
> same shit
Take that back anon. Yuno was the unique brand of Yandere that would NEVER hurt her man.

/a/ I need an unbiased opinion about Dragonball Kai. I Never seen it, so I started to look up information about it. Every one says it's bad because they grew up with the original and the voices are different, and the music is different. Nothing useful!

>TL;DR: Unbiased opinion about Dragonball Kai.
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Kai > DBZ

- less filler
- better pacing
- better visuals
- better acting
- dub script is more true to the original
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Kai has nothing like:

"Having these balls makes me feel something that resembles joy, I think. I want to caress them."
Both are good for different reasons. Watch both bitch nigga

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Why isn't Yotsuba in school?

She is 5 years old, almost 6, or already is 6.
The Japanese start school 5 months earlier than the western world and Summer break is only a month long in Japan.

She doesn't have any child friends other than Ena, so it appears she doesn't have any school friends, meaning she probably has never been to school.

I can understand if Preschool isn't a requirement, but Kindergarten definitely is.
She should be in Kindergarten, possibly even first grade right now.

Its November now in the manga, and we've seen Ena and Fuuka go to school.

We've never seen Koiwai home school her or her take a standardize test or do homework. She just goofs off all day.

Why isn't Yotsuba in school?
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Because Kowai isn't officially her father. I imagine he'd have to do some paperwork to get her into school.
She's weird.
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Yotsuba already graduated from Harvard with a PHD in "being cute". What further education do you think is necessary?

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