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Why isn't anyone talking about this show?

Is it really that shit? I'm having a hard time understanding what just happened in Ep 7 tbqh
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Well when you have an episode with as much QUALITY as that one did you are bound to lose a lot of viewers.
We talk about it on its airing day. The show is so fucking QUALITY filled that there is no one willing to discuss it outside of that day.
>original show
also there's no shipping so those autists can't shitpost about their waifu winning

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Post Propaganda
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I liked gate because of slutty loli

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After watching the the Jojo OVA's and the 2014 series and realising how different you can make the same story tonally, i got to wondering if its actually possible to make stuff with the same dark, brooding punch with modern digital anime production that was so prevalent in the 80's/90's .

Is it as something as shallow as painted cells and creepy synth soundtracks missing, or, is it that modern directors can't or don't want to?
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no it isn't
nobody understands subtlety anymore
Maybe i made this thread at the wrong time.
I saw like one episode of the JoJo OVAs back in 2009, and none of the new anime, but I don't really think JoJo should be creepy.

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As soon as Re:Zero stops airing everyone will forget it ever existed and stop talking about it.

Just like Kill la Kill
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>Just like Kill la Kill
Oh god you're saying they'll never shut the fuck up about it aren't you?
I dunno, man. The generals are slways packed full of LNfags. So I'm calling you out on this one, John Titor
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Kek la Kek was fucking burned and purged because of its autistic fanbase making shitloads of generals for it. The mighty /a/ssberger Oldfag Overlords made public whippings and shamings of any poor misguided newfag soul who dared to post any reaction image from it.

Now, no foolish peasant who flocked in from reddit dare post anything related to KLK anymore, for fear of the burning wrath of elitist autism.

Now if you go over on /v/, however, you'll find plenty of love for Meme la Meme.

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Kirito confirmed for original black swordsman.
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That's some damn good anime.
>"eyy Asuna, can you really cook this into a stew?"

I'm 6 episodes in, does it get better at any point?
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drop it, just not for you
Skip through to the lewd parts imo
No, just drop it and read Darkness.

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Does Fate still have the best butt?
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I need more material to be able to judge
Yes but that picture is misleading.

Type-g draws everybody with amazing butts.
Speaking of which, I haven't seen a new Type-G book in a hot minute. Have they been inactive or is it just another case of a popular artist getting scans bogarted by chinks?

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Once again, a petit tan and Imouto catch up thread
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I was hoping they'd show up but I guess not, so I'll dump more petit
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puchi 1.png
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Dumping a Puchi chapter.

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>tfw no 20BREW swapped FD with veilside body kit

I just finished this so let's talk about it.

Who was your favorite hero /a/?
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Hero: Sky High
Character: Bunny

Barnaby is fantastic in the sequel movie/manga.
Tiger is a treasure

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Have you forgotten about her, /a/?
Her artist hasn't.
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not anime

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Are you guys looking forward to the new LN's

Also sorry if this has already been posted today
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I'd be fucking stoked if the novel wasn't about Col, of all people. After all the butting-in that little nigga did the author better fucking inject some character into him.
Agreed, perhaps some time with a girl will progress his character now that he's slightly older, and he'll learn the real meaning of bantz.
Yeah, for real. Although the idea of him getting paired up with their daughter don't sit right with me yet. Maybe it's innocuous, but I don't know. If it's what it appears to be, this book's got to be executed perfectly, because this shit is pretty far out.

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Why are some truly well directed scenes /a/?
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pretty much everything in K-on!!
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ode to joy.webm
1MB, 704x480px

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naruto covers.jpg
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>You lived to see Naruto become Hokage

Was it a good journey?
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fuck off narutards
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It has ended. No need to hate on Naruto anymore.

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Post the Jar Jar Binks of their series.

This should be easy.
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He even looks just as stupid
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I fucking hate this bird.
>tryhard class clown
>not mako
nui is more like jabba the hut

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