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On a scale of moe to moe, how moe is Guts?
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Pretty moe
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Just wait a few years

Is this show worth watching, or fujoshi fanservice like everyone says?

Which season is the best?
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1st half of first season. Then watch book of circus then book of murder and then the movie of the titanic is coming out in spring next year.
Just read the manga. It's fujoshit fanservice all the way through but has good art and the characters are engaging.
If you're a fujo read the manga and watch the Books.

If you're anyone else, watch the first two seasons with your homo-vision turned off. Brilliant anime. A truly great exploration of the theme of power dynamics.

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What will the ultimate fate of curryman be?

Has he become an asshole, or is he secretly doing this for his spicy cake?

More importantly, if shit goes down then Souma wins is he getting currymans Elite 10 seat?
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>He who was once a friend

They were friends?
Umami is just a buzzword when you can't actually think of any real reasons as to why the food is tasty.
It's not a shokugeki anon. They aren't betting anything. It's an exam.

Souma probably actually thinks so. Hayama most certainly did not.

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Caption this
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as expected of country grown vegetables
When the botnet wants me to starve.

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What does /a/ think of Lupin III?
Which series is the best?
Which movie?
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Lupin is a cool guy, yeah
It's pretty much accepted as fact that Castle of Cagliostro is the best. I really enjoyed The Fuma Conspiracy, The Secret of Mamo and Island of Assassins.

I really liked the 2015 TV series. I think the OVAs and movies are superior but they are worth a watch!
>It's pretty much accepted as fact that Castle of Cagliostro is the best

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When did anime get so lazy?
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As soon as Re:Zero stops airing everyone will forget it ever existed and stop talking about it.

Just like Kill la Kill.
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We know.

You mean just like every other series ever?
>I don't like it so no one should watch it

>b-but mah timeless classic

kill yourself

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Is your waifu a bird?
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Yes my waifu is female.
My waifu is a dog.
I wish I were a bird.

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Will this finally be the year?
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Nope, Heavy Object S2.
When is it?

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What makes a great sports anime?
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is that one any good?
I enjoyed it. The characters were really great.

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I finished Koukau no Pandora today /a/. I liked it a lot. But one thing is bothering me, i can't find the OST anywhere. Please tell me one of you have it, i need it so bad.
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Someone uploaded it on mega a couple months back, but I can't remember the link. Stick around and hopefully one of the other pandorafags will provide it for you.
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Hopefully anon. I'm only asking because i seriously can't find it anywhere.
I have it downloaded but I can't remember where I got it from. Did you check Nyaa?

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I'm a big fan of Stone Ocean, or Part 6 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and I wanted to ask ya'll who really enjoy Part 6 somethin'

What chapters of Stone Ocean do you think would translate best into anime form or you would like to see most? My personal pick is "The Collector, Marilyn Manson"
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Seeing Pucci running around during Made in Heaven is gonna be sick.
I want Anusai to still be a girl in his first appearance.
I was always iffy about that character, did he really do a whole lot besides being horny for Jolyne all the time?

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Why was this anime so shit?
It was AOTS anon
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I miss this.

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There's nothing wrong with a fat chested loli.
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there's everything wrong with a fat chested loli.
Just like there's nothing wrong with a flat-chested cake
What the fuck is this??

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ITT: Self-Inserts
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Doesn't a self-insert have to be basically you or an improved version of you?

Because I'm nothing like Lelouch.
How does one from /a/ imagine themselves as this charismatic, fucking beautiful, outgoing guy.
Do you not understand the concept of vicarious entertainment?

Why would people want to insert as someone similar to them? It's much more appealing to vicariously living the life of a super intelligent, tactical genius with a vengeance against a comically evil empire.

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