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Why are Alice and her Mother both so smug?
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because they have the greatest Scandinavic genes and Erina got the brunette cancer and turned to shit.

Basically because they can and are best girls.
because they are the best
So grandpa Nakiri is Jap,.
Erina's father who was married into the family is Jap.
Is Erina got Gaijin gene? If she got it, it probably from her grandma and her mother is half, or she is just anime people who happen to look like gaijin?

ITT: Unpopular opinions

Tamako Market was for the most part great and better than Tamako Love Story
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Midori is the best girl in Tamako

Berserk anime>manga

Re zero is below average
Bebop is overrated shit
Code Geass is mediocre
Baccano is garbage
Moeshit is for failures in life

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Are you ready Stereo-Types?

T7s is getting an Animated MV by some company named Chiptune. I was expecting SHAFT or KyoAni but as long as I get to see my girls moving on stage, I'm okay with this.
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Her tits don't fit her.
I'm actually learning japanese just to understand why idol songs are such big deals to nihonjins. I mean they're just cute girls singing cute songs, what's the big deal?
My dick will.

Has anyone on /a/ see this anime&manga before ? The heroine is very pretty and ass kicking
The plot of the ova&manga is
Joker is a cyborg who has superior strength, can absorb the DNA of any person by touch and regrow its body or part of it at will (hence Joker can be a male or a female). Joker belongs to a special troop of law enforcement: as cop, judge and executioner at the same time. Along with his/her lover, a police officer, they have dealt against criminals of every type.
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>can absorb the DNA of any person by touch
Isn't that dangerous? I don't know much about medicine, but it seems to me that you'd get carloads of diseases that way.
>and regrow its body or part of it at will (hence Joker can be a male or a female).
That sounds plain unrealistic. Did the writer actually do their research or were they just phoning it in?

She's the weakest Puella of the group and yet she fought like a demon for what she thought was right.

This all after her friend got decapitated and Madoka wouldn't make her wish to support her.

Let's back this up, she made her wish FOR A BOY TO SAVE HIM FROM CRIPPLING INJURY.

Now just imagine for a moment, that YOU had been horribly crippled, with no hope for recovery. But this wonderful girl always came to see you every single day.
And even when you gave up, she never did.

She would use her wish for you. And all she wants in return is a lil' smootchin. Some love so that she knows she isn't alone in the world.

I would be there for her honestly, every single time she's out fighting witches, I'd be out on the sidelines cheering her on.
I might even ask Kyubey if there was a way I could become a Puella myself. Because if I could fight by her side, I would.

She wanted justice in the world. She wanted to do what was right. And all she got in the end was sadness and loneliness.

Let's have a thread for the little knight who could. Sayaka is the absolute best.

>Inb4 Homolust and Mommy shitters come and ruin everything.
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Forget about Miki Sayaka.
The slut was no puella.
I quite like Sayaka. She doesn't hesitate to take action until she's broken. Also her design is cute.

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien is how romances should be done.

Why couldn't other anime aside from White Album 2 learn?
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Absolutely. Fantastic show. Every character is likeable despite their faults (I lean towards Haruka but Mitsuki's cool too), and despite all the well done drama, the show can still make fun of itself hilariously in the omakes. It's sad when, of all the shows I've seen (White Album 2 is on my plan-to-watch), School Days is the one that comes closest to representing it's unique feel.

Apparently the VN is finally getting translated as well, so I'm hype for that.
Shame about the OVAs
I remember being incredibly mad at the last episode i watched, i should finish watching this show.

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actually one of the best animes this season
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>this season
Do you have brain damage?
OP is an idiot

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We always bully Aqua and praise Megumin. Its time to give some appreciation to Darkness too
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Oppai oppai oppai

New R.O.D: Read or Die anime project is discussing currently, may or may not be happen.
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What? They advertise it, but it may or may not happen? Or am I misinterpreting the image?
Maybe it's the announcement that they will make an announcement. And the actual announcement will be pachinko.
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I hope Taraku Uon makes a comeback as the character designer. Haven't heard from him in a long time.

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Jesus Christ, How many fucking hot springs are there in Japan?

Literally every anime has one.
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there's only like 10k people in japan. they can have 10 hot springs and everyone would have a chance to visit it
That's a lot of pee in each hot spring
Japan has a population of 130 million, you fucking retard.

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Honest thoughts on the Fate series?
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The spin-offs are better than the VN.
Main series is okay, if not a little edgy, but otherwise to many spin offs and side stories to keep up with.
Carnival Phantasm, Kara no Kyoukai and Prism Illya are the best Type-Moom series. No contest.

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What is Gen Urobuchi's best work?
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Thunderbolt Fantasy.
This. He has made memes his reality and discovered the power of literal Taiwanese puppet shows.
aldnoah zero

If you've never seen this series, you're too young to be browsing this website.
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fa so la ti do was the name imma right?
do I get something for being old?
I hate to break this to you, but this shit was fourteen years ago.
More like Hamtaro

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Why do so many westernfags hate moe? What the fuck is wrong with them?
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Because 99% of it is shit
99% of gaijin taste is shit.
Because it triggers them.

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ITT anime and manga ideas you genuinely want to see done
A Yakuza thug screws up a job, in order to make him "disappear" while upholding his pledge, his sworn brother turns him into a foreign elementary school girl
Commence hijinks of a blonde haired little girl extorting, threatening and tormenting her elementary school classmates and teachers alike all towards a goal of getting loli revenge.
It's like the Outrage films with a bit of moe and gender bender.
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>turns him into a foreign elementary school girl
How? Magic? Plastic surgery?
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Same way as every other gender bender manga
A convenient plot point
So yeah magic. Or some bullshit miracle drug.
Yeah op, how good is this disguise? Is it comedically obvious?

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