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It's out here:
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>sports festival 3 parter
Well least it's not fucking seaside school/onsen filler bullshit...
Yep. Next week, the second part. Unless the author changes the comment like that last time.
Anomalocaris headmaster a cute

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>no one is discussing Natsume Yuujinchou 5th season

Let's change that

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It's going to be full of QUALITY because studio Shuka,screencap this.
Will best girl return?

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Whats the appeal of fat bald men?
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Corruption fetish combined with the reader projecting onto someone who is as gross, if not grosser, than them.
For you to self-insert, OP

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Why does one of the most beloved series in Japan have the worst animation of this AND past season? Even Ange Vierge looks better
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>tfw Berserk gets this treatment too
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Post better designed Deadly Queens.
manime retards BTFO!!!

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Purple a best
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Could SAO be considered a masterpiece for just how fucking BAD it is? Like, it's sort of amazing.
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Still better than re:zero
Still better than eva
Only the second half of SAO qualifies for that. First half was just boring wasted potential.

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Fill me in on something, /a/nons. Google was not my friend today. Is there a name for what they do in KanColle and Upotte!!? You know, the spirits of inanimate objects interacting with humans, with personalities and appearances based on the history and traits of the object in question. What the fuck is it called? Because I need more of it.
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the closest thing is anthropomorphisation and mecha musume
Yeah. But there has to be a word for it as a genre.
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i want springfield to be my oneesan.
i think the closest thing is Moe anthropomorphism

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This is the cancer the ruins the whole Fate series.

Why did Nasu made him so strong... that any defeats of him ends up looking like an asspull or lazy writing. Fate/strange Fake has proven that focusing on Gilgamesh is a bad idea because how fast his mongrel blah blah antics gets stale and boring very quickly. What made Heavens Feel is the best route is that this sand nigga got BTFO very quickly with hardly any screen time.

>F/GO power level logic excluded
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Shutup hoe! The power of this anime comes from the girls and you know it. Power and plot have nothing to do with it.
Isn't Gil just super overrated?

Never taking anything seriously until it's too late for him is a weakness in itself. Saying "serious Gil" is almost like saying "dry water", he's just too cocky and that's why he always loses.
What if he gets played into mirror entity?

I finished the series and End. I can't say I liked it or would ever want to watch it again, but it definitely was interesting and I'm glad I watched it, even if 24-26 was probably the worst I've felt in my entire life, and End of Evangelion was half bullshit and half "I can't be bothered to really care anymore". I feel sorry for anyone who had to fight to get bootlegs of it and the end and whatnot.
Asuka is worst girl. I don't even know what the fuck was up with Rei, of the chunks that flew over my head what exactly Rei was is one of them.
Is rebuild even worth watching at this point?
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Yeah the rebuilds are much better than the original.
Think of it as a reboot:1.0 is essentially just the first half of the original with better animation and cg,2.0 is where the plot starts changing and becomes interesting and 3.0 is where the meat is but ends on a cliffhanger and we're still waiting for the 4th and final movie.
I guess you can watch them if you want.
>what exactly Rei was is one of them.

She's a clone of Yui (shinjis mom/gendos wife) that houses Lilith's (the progenitor of humans and the counterpart to Adam) soul. The distinction between the soulless dolls and the "real" rei is whether or not the shell contains Lilith's soul. She was made (cloned) by gendo as a memento of Yui and to orchestrate third impact/instrumentality, which he wanted to initiate to rejoin with Yui because he was a lonely fuck with oneitis. He fused with Adam and attempted to fuse with Lilith's soul (rei) and Lilith's body (the crucified thing in the terminal dogma) to cause third impact, because Lilith+Adam=impact. The fusion of rei with Lilith's body fully realizes the godlike being of Lilith since the lance of Longinus was no longer subduing it, and since gendo also gave her Adams body and soul, third impact was initiated and that's why rei got all huge and shit; she literally became a god. But rei ultimately rejects gendo's desires and refused to be someone's puppet anymore, actualizing her own agency as an individual.

Basically her arc was about learning about humanity and trying to attain/understand individuality as someone who was "born" without either. Even though she ultimately left the fate of the world up to shinji, the point of it was it was completely her choice to do so, which she did because of the value she saw in their relationship; she found meaning/purpose in her life by giving meaning to shinji's. Also likely as a final fuck you to Gendo.
Rebuild is a marvel for anime films in general though I personally don't co-sign the third one.

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It's time.
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How do I know if I'm gay?
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Watch Yuri on Ice PV, tell us if you get a boner in the end.
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If you find Makoto's back to be an attractive asset, you are hella gay and should be thankful such bounties exist for the likes of us.

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It's been 10 years. Is Darker than Black ever going to get a second season? I really want to know what the fuck is up with those gates.
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The ova's were pretty fun. That's all we've got to wane our hunger though. I hope they make a second season, but given that it's been so long I doubt we'll see one
Ecks dee,redditbros.
Yeah, let's see you explain what those gates are.

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We need more.
Lost it when the turkey came to Jesus with a lighter

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My vote goes to Pokemon Master.
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Obviously Pokemon Master.

If you end up losing your water-type to a fire-type as he tanks your water attack, you KNOW the game's fucking stacked against you.
Pokemon Master.
Ash has had his Pikachu since day one, the cunt should easily be lvl 100 and beat most other pokemon ash faces. And even that OP cunt is just a fart in a hurricane that leads to the road of shattered dreams.
But Alain did it relatively easy.
Meanwhile there has only been one PK in history and for Luffy it's already taking ~20 years of continous development.

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How do I become Shinka permanently?
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You can start by tying a rope around your neck and not making these threads over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.
Why does Chuu2, a middling Kyonani show in both popularity and quality, have such persistent memes in its characters?

There's an active Shinka thread or a "fat retard butt" thread or both nearly every day, which can't be said of any Kyoani work before or since, even in the case of much more popular shows like K-On or Haruhi.
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Submit a request for SRTs to your local Shinka advisory board.

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Aw fuck I didn't noticed the broken ribs sticking out the first time.
She's missing a chunk, half her abs are basically gone.
> Calling one of your villain 'Butt'
The absolute madman.

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