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The love is alive. But only for a short time. This thread will self-destruct in 7 hours.
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Was there another thread this morning that I missed or is this the first one?
It is the first.
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Goodmorning Miu!

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>SJ editorial team in Japan will provide a special web site dedicated to Bleach where you can send message to Kubo-sensei.

What are you going to say to Kubo /a/?
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The heart
You now remember Naruto doing something similar and it devolved into assblasted shippers in English posting shit
Good luck with the job hunt. :^)

Your waifu is fat and smells like old cheese!!!
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fuck you
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Don't say such mean things about yourself
This guy's mad.

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How do you clam this little genki goblin?
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I meant calm
Fucking mollusks


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Would YuruYuri be as popular as it is without Akari?

I think not
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Who would get raped if they didn't have Akari?

Someone has got to take the fall and it is always the weakest girl.
I won't open Yuru Yuri threads at all if they don't have Akari in the OP.
It has tomato girl so that's enough.

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What did you guys think of Kaiba? I loved the first half, but the later parts, while keeping my attention, were disappointing. Even then I'd recommend it and its always great to see a show with a refreshing artstyle.
also i feel dumb for losing track of what was going on
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one of the few animes I cried to
loved it alot
Pink boots

The only good episodes are 3 and 4, everything else is average.

The art style and OST is really nice though.

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>ha ha nothin personel kid, you are just pawns in my game
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I love the MC.
t. INTJ poster
Angelo is doing humanity a service by killing dumb-ass gangsters. You go, boy.

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4 more pages
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how does /a feel about D.Gray Man?
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its shit
the whole plot about allen and the earl is bullshit
> Gray Man

it's Ash-American you fucking bigot
I'm also curious about this, is it worth picking up? If not, what would be a good alternative?

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The fuck is that?
Starfish maybe
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Earlier today, Hiroyuki Takei took to Twitter to answer some more questions directed towards him. Previously he mentioned(in http://www.patch-cafe.net/?p=2521) that he’s working on a continuation of the Shaman King Flowers manga series. In relation to a question about when will Shaman King continue he responded with (with English translation by Dit following):

“I can’t say when it will start again, but I’m getting things ready for the 20th anniversary! “

The Shaman King manga started in the Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine on July 20th, 1998 in the 31st issue. This would put the 20th anniversary in 2018. Depending on how you read this, it’s clear that there will be more Shaman King by 2018, but it could mean there are multiple things! For example, the new Shaman King manga could be coming out in 2017, with something like a new anime series for 2018. Currently there is no new Shaman King releases officially announced in Japan.

Hiroyuki Takei also posted the following image and text (again with English translation following):

“Speaking of Flowers and such. I also made a stop in Misawa when returning home.”

This is a photograph(pic related) from the Misawa Aviation & Science Museum located in Aomori, Japan. In the later chapters of the Shaman King Flowers manga, the story is features characters in the World War II timeframe, which the plane above was from.

>In 2 years it'll be 10 years since the Kanzenban came out
God I feel old
I better get my damn anime remake in 2018
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Why? Shouldnt he be working on something new, instead of continuing Shaman King for the 3rd time?
>Shouldnt he be working on something new
He's working on like 2-3 new manga right now so not sure what you're talking about

SK is his most popular series though and it's on high demand in Japan(similar to how Dragon Ball is on high demand for Toriyama)

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Mob loves milk.
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milk loves mob
loves milk mob
Bom selov klim.

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Wanted to watch a show about classical music, was recommended pic related.

>MC is an insufferable asshole who's bitter because he can't travel to Europe and berates everyone around him as a result
>Nodame has the brain of a 10 year old
>European professor is a disgusting pervert whose behavior would quickly put him in jail for sexual harassment. Regularly gropes female characters and the show considers it funny

Please tell me why I should keep watching this. I hate everyone in this show.
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Don't they not even end up together at the end?
Because dude casual sex and relationship drama lmao.
>Please make my decisions for me as I am incapable doing anything without consulting a chink cartoon picture board

Do you also need help wiping your ass?

Say something nice about a character you hate.

He has a cool power.
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Big tits.

Nothing else likable about her
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He's dead.
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Shut up.

Instead of posting lewd and huggable girls, why don't we post cute and huggable girls?

Who is your daughteru, and why? Mine is pic related, the one and only.
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shameless bump
What happened to the ice cream?
>easy mode daughter.

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