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>one of the only few series where any character from both sides could die in an episode

>/a/ hates

Sasuga /a/ with your shit taste
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>/a/ hates
I thought /a/ liked it
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>edgy 'mature' anime
>Shit story
>Shit characters
>Basically complete shit across the board

Please educate yourself by watching true patrician anime, you 14 year old pleb
Idk what all these hipsters have such a big problem with. Its literally another shonen, and had at least noteworthy conciseness and actually wrapped up the story and good production values.

If you watch shonen/adventure/fightan stuff, it should be right up your alley. If you dont like that genre on the whole why the fuck would you watch it in the first place.

Its like if you bave a nice cheesecake and everyone has a slice and is like yeah, pretty good, but then one lactose intolerant chucklefuck shows up, has a slice and starts spewing out both sides ruining things for everyone.

>best girl this season is an old hag

what happened?
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Mato-chan sensei is not an old hag
>he fell for the Asenshi meme
Go back to replying to sceencaps on twitter and IRC, herkz

This is your co-worker today.
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Can I do lewd things to this co-worker?

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To save humanity, we’re going to future Earth!
Guided by Trunks, Goku and co. head to the base of the resistance trying to defeat Goku Black. They have a stand-off with the people who live there!
Vegeta This Week: at his future son’s growth...
Vegeta sees the one who loves future Trunks despite the harsh conditions, and how the people around Trunks admire him. He cracks a smile...!
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> Future Mai returns
> Black returns
> Present Goku/Vegeta in the future
> Vegeta proud of Future Trunks
> Debut of Super Saiyan Rosé

Next episode looks like it's going to be good
>Vegeta jobs

And Future Yajirobe

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So this is a japanese NEET?
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She goes to school, anon.
What do you think neet means?
archetipe of character to pander beta neckbeards

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Why is she so perfect?
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Whose this smug demon
It all depends on the delivery
The smug. Too bad MC is a home.

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is there something called "just the right amount of fanservice" or is any given amount excessive by nature?
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Depends on how much fanservice you like.
If you don't like any fanservice at all, you shouldn't be watching anime.
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Fanservice can make a work more entertainting or have some other purpose which can prove to be justified, so I think it isn't necessarily bad. Whether it's justified or not depends on multiple factors, such as what kind of story it is, what kind of fanservice it is and how it is handled. In Teppu there is fanservice which is handled decently enough as it doesn't bring the work down and (probably) makes it more enjoyable for the majority of it's readers, but it can also be immersion-breaking at the same time as it doesn't fit that well with the tone of the manga.
Any amount is not enough.

Manga that made you feel the feels.

Definitely gonna cry like a little bitch when the movie comes out.
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I can't remember the last time I cried and I'm starting to get worried.
KyoAni better not fuck it up. I will be so fucking asspained if they do.

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Baki Dou 122 is out in the Korean scanlations


It seems the fight is over.

Will we get Memetobe next?
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Rip in Pickles Pickle
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dude what.jpg
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So Pickles instincts kicked in and chose flight?
fuck this manga

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That's not how you bleach your floor. Bleach for cleaning comes in jugs and bottles, in the form of a liquid, not in the form of books and disks.
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What could have gone better?
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Look at those used goods on the right.
>What could have gone better?
Nao date episode, and kiss.
The anime itself was poor man's haruhi, but was nice. The ending was absolute shit though.
Also >>146091071 wouldn't hurt, Nao was prime waifu material.

Why is she so perfect?
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Why does Junko have white hair?
Because ginpatsu a best

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Gook scanlation is out

Fish getting better as soon as Alibaba is not around

Coincidence? I think not!
Kougyoku a best.
>Fish getting better as soon as Alibaba is not around

Nigga your missing the entire point of Baba.

He doesn't do your shit for you, he merely comes alongside you and goes "You know what, your pretty awesome, you can do this" then watches as you do try to do it.

You guys said she got erased and put into a coma from the whale. Did you lie or does is the whale merely pretending to be dead? What the hell is going on?

At least Subaru acknowledged her as #2 this episode.
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The bishop of Gluttony will erase her at the end of the show, not the whale.
Did the author realise she had become more popular that his main girl so decide to axe her or something because this level of cruelty is ridiculous.
He's cruel basically. He made REM to put on the chopping block and did his best for you to get attached to her with no flashbacks. Looking at all the Rem fags, he did a good job.

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The more I rewatch Fate/Zero, the more I realize that it's written as a prequel of Heaven's Feel.

Kirei's desire to give birth to that "thing", Sakura's worms, Zouken, it's all here.

It's like Urobuchi didn't even consider Fate as a whole but wrote the plot only based on the final route.
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it's mainly Fate/HF, yeah. don't tell me you just realize this, anon?
Butcher considers Sakura the main heroine. Also in the novel Saber was going Alter (her eyes turned yellow) when Kiritsugu ordered her to destroy the Grail.
>wrote the plot only based on the final route

Which wouldn't be surprising at all from a story telling point of view.

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