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>This will never be an anime.
I have also never seen someone mention this shot.
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Holy shit OP, that's awesome. Also I checked and this has been posted on the net a few times before, but I think part of the reason it hadn't been noticed by a lot of people is that in the dvd version of EoE the text is blurrier and harder to read. While in the bluray version its clearer, but since the bluray version just came out there hasn't been enough time for a lot of people to notice it.
Also I'll transcribe the binary and convert it to text for you, it will take a few minutes.
it's just nonsense iirc
there's also a 4 throw in there

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ITT: Post good anime mashups


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fuck off to >>>/v/ triple-q
How do I get my mashup channel popular?

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We all know you hate the show, /a/. But what do you like about it? Also the first bluray should be dropping soon, will anyone make a comparison chart?
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I like Kanagawa, that one Tokyo girl with the witch's hat, and how hilariously worthless the MC is.

Even the rampant QUALITY is kinda charming.
+va play
+not a harem

The OP.

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>Fell asleep during 1st movie.
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yes technically the army of shitposters defending this trainwreck is a part of /a/
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ITT: Best couples of a series.

Seeing how happy Rukia is and how smug/proud Renji is made me realize that this pairing actually works.
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It was predetermined since 2008.
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That is Byakuya/Rukia, if anything.

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I want /a/ to critic my idea.
>2025 Cmdr. Shinji Ikari of the Special Esoteric Response Assault Force. (SERAF) vs SELEE.
>The "feel" for SELEE is like the Brotherhood of Nod.
>Nobody ever talks about the FAR. (First Ancestral Race)
>FAR are human. With unlimited lifespan.
>We ruled the universe.
>However we know this universe will end.
>Try to jump dimensions.
>However Demons (Dimensional Energy Monsters.) Are energy beings that think human souls are tasty.
>War In Heaven begins.
>We lose. Create Seeds as last ditch attempt to survive.
>FFrd to now. Demons start to appear.
>SELEE's fuckery broke the Seal of Solomon. A cloak that hid our tasty self's.
>Demon "feel" think DOOM or the Chaos Gods.
>The Devoted are humans who worship Demons.
>Demons "gift" mutations/ AT field corruption.
>Shinji finds out he is a "berserker" (look up self replacing space craft.)
>So. He has to fight SELEE and Demons.
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create the story, let the legend come back to life
Kill yourself, you fucking nigger.
Will it turn out that Shinji really is the demons and then he was a zombie?

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What's legitimately the worst romance anime you've ever seen?
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I don't watch a lot of it, but My Little Monster was dogshit.
SAO if that counts.
Hey Nana wasn't that bad,except the blonde guy kinda getting half-cucked
Sao was pretty shit

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Prisma Illya thread.

Didn't think it would happen, and definitely not this early, but Ayukan's c90 prisma doujin actually got uploaded. https://exhentai.org/g/968584/5575a28f42/
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Fuck that.
t. The World's Greatest Homo

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Let this stand as record: I'm only 'scanlating' these now because I find it really entertaining to piss off Wild Fang. Also, the scanners actually put effort into scanning this magazine edition, which I dearly appreciate. Might've just gone with my standard greentext otherwise. Anyway, we're starting off with our weekly Kaiou and weekly selected poem: Chen Kaiou (who?), and "Dark Path" by Malcolm Lowry. As always, I hope that you find interest in the poem.

Dark Path

"By no specific dart of gold,
No single singing have I found
This path. It travels, dark and cold,
Through dead volcanoes underground.

Here flicker yet the sulphurous
Charred ends of fire long since I knew.
Long since, I think, and thinking thus,
Ignite, daemonically; anew.

Yet, burning, burning, burning Lord,
Know how this path must likewise come
Through multitudinous discord
The awful and the long way home."
-Lowry, 1929
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What happened exactly with this show? I read it was delayed until sept. 1 but the reason was "recognizable difference between the show's planned quality [and the current quality]." I don't think it was in reference to the animation quality because I thought it looked good for the most part. What did they mean by this?
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It was probably the unaired episodes that were the problem. The rescheduling probably required them to restart from episode 1 instead of midway.
Shit so we have to wait another four weeks to catch back up? What a blunder.
It has to be either animation or sound (maybe the unaired episodes were full of QUALITY. who knows?)
This is too little time to change anything else, like the story or characters

Just finished pic related. How do I fill the void, /a/? :_;
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Ice cream and masturbation
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Literally me to the brink of tears. Also posting best girl

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What does /a/ think of Mushoku Tensei?
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Pioneer of a garbage genre that is still garbage.
This is why I wish it wasn't isekai shit.
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The ending left me feeling pretty unsatisfied and empty for some reason.

The redundancy chapters aren't doing it for me either.

Might be a result of binge reading the series I guess.

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What does /a/ think about Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt?
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Pretty "meh". Great OST tho.
I love it. One of my favorite anime series.
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Garterbelt best girl.

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Guess who won?
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Coconut's dad, because it means Coconut's gonna take over the shop, I assume.
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She already won in chapter 1
Holy crap, is she like 5 years older than him here? I heard something about Hotarun being in her late 20's, but wasn't sure if it was true.

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>SOS didn't get a million members
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Bunch of faggots in North High, I tell you
KyoAnus girls look so soft.
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Yuki went from being best to bestest.

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