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something something old men something something
They aren't, they're calling MY waifu a rhino. Hands off.
She's really horny.

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Fucking AKs shoot down g3 best raifu
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M14 is the best raifu.
Why is FNC the MC exactly? Is that a popular gun or something?
Kitsune had a thing for her, i believe.

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Fire > Water > Earth > Air
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Helicopter > whatshername > Salami > bitch who broke her neck
Air > Fire > Water > Earth
Ordered from worst to best right?

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Explain this character. I don't understand his purpose.
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To fuck bitches and lay on a car with an unbuttoned shirt at highspeed.
He came to fuck bitches and fuck bitches.

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You havent forgot about me, have you?
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I made a thread about you yesterday, what more do you want?

I want her to be real.
Yes I did. You are sad caricature of an america that is disappearing before our eyes due to leftists.

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gay retard.jpg
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Why do you /a/utists like this show? Tokyo ghoul is hands down the worst show I have ever seen. All the characters are fucking retarded, and the guy who sings the OP sounds like he has lung cancer (I wish he did). Literally ruined other shows like Psycho-Pass
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>quit liking things I don't like
>the worst show I have ever seen
watch more anime then newfag
Tokyo ghoul was the edgiest thing I'd ever seen until this thread.

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I was wondering, what does /a/ think of Dead Tube? For me, it's typical goreshit, but Mashiro is fucking HNNNG. I'd stick my dick in her crazy.
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I like it. Mashiro is my bb. I'd like to bang that.

It's kinda a bit corny at times and a bit of a death note/future diary rip in terms of what happened last decade and what's common this.

The story is good. It could be better and have better elements of story telling in it to make it better, but it's an ok read so far. it's not the best, but I don't expect it to get super big or popular anytime soon or ever at all.

But it's ok good and all that.

What cracks me up is that baton she uses as weapon of choice. I always keep trying to figure out why that thing is kind of super powerful and deadly and it never breaks and all that stuff, it's kind of weird. but she's a gorgeous yandere for sure.
She got cucked
only the first chapter was good

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How many times have you re read miman renai?
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That's far to few
Did they fucked?

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No Kaguya it's a trap
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I've never had a waifu. I made it past Gargoyles, the DCAU, Inuyasha, Hakusho as a kid, god knows how many series since, and not fucking once did I ever fall into the waifu trap.

Then this green eyed bitch shows up and two episodes in I'm in love. God damn it.
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You're talking about Yona right?
Did I say purple eyed bitch?
Kill yourself.

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ITT: Try to defend this piece of shit.

Hard mode: without mentioning BnHA.
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the art is good
>the colors are pretty

expecting clovercucks to construct an critical argument is like expecting a fish to climb a tree
Are you suggesting that aesthetics aren't important in this exclusively visual medium?

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What do you think of when you think of good shoujo?
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Lovely com
Kaicho wa maid sama

A few others, but usually the ones with memorable characters or comedy. The generic wall flower protagonists with generic overbearing love interests tend to be harder to even remember.
Oh, Karin. Can't forget Karin.

What constitutes being a pleb?

Taste or time spent/shows watched?

Is someone who's watched <30 shows and has "good taste" more of a pleb than someone who's watched hundreds of shows and has "passable taste"?

I wanna know
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your taste will always be shit no matter how many shows you watch
me = patrician
Not me = plebeian
fair enough

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Is your anime the official anime of the Olympics?
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Keep in mind that it's probably not complete, Doraemon and Hello Kitty are nowhere to be seen despite being in the promo.
>no Eva
It better be

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Convince me of the following premices:

1. I have watch the show, Serial Experiments Lain, at minimum of a first.
2. The amesir and mosi are All Right (reasonable)
3. The Satyr is Concoruscated, still on key.
4. The Enteropath (primachrial charchater SEL's Lain Irawuka) has a strong abscess of digital taims.
5. The preprotogenitor shows an incuvring of visual tectons (when in screan) and a similar abscess of digital taims.
6. The sesterial aldogenitor shows a strong ethoteral degredation, the culminature of a Modern Soschater.
7. The Enteropath leaves a discretable tanguish of abscence in regards to mirronites, both In sckull and comportoly (Enteropath obversation zarga Alisu is to not count here, for cause of a non-mirrial relationship).
8. It is Discinnilated that Children Exclusively play Video Games (KNiGHTS, Tag). The Relationship between youth of tectons and Children is a definitory not for the case of Older Genitors.
9. There is become a defascation of the Soul and Soschietal (extention of Psuche) caused By the New Tectonic Laws which kenotes many, causing in great number a seek of new filaments (Cyberia, Drug, Digital Taims, Visual Tectons, Cult, etc.) yet permanent in others (Suicide Girl, Drug Addict).
10. The KNiGHTS and Cultists to Achieve true Kenosis, is the Assumption, yet Caught in the preprotogenitary mundities.
11. She (The Enteropath) Kills Jesus (Definitory of God), KNiGHTS, Cultists, The World to Rebuild. (Antichrist figure?)
12. With which, The Enteropath achieves pizza prime Power (no pepperoni cheese only) by inverted kenotation of the Ego (the protogenitor must be adeized to the maturation of the New Soschater).
13. Completely defascated from the Soschietal , The Enteropath speaks with the FATHER (protogenitor and preprotogenitor (Jesus and John the Baptist?)), shedding the ashes she bares (soot of preprotogenitary mundities) and a new "Pizza" "God" (of our Soschater) is born.

If these are true, the only conclusion is: Lain is Anischeral?
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Nice dubs OP! Checking...
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