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When does this show get good?
Is the plot even compelling? The whole show feels like one big excuse to be visually appealing
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It gets good when you stop having ADHD
It's a fantasy pseudo-philosophical fanservice anime

If you don't like it after watching the first 4 episodes, you won't like it at all
All style and no substance like every Shaft show.

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This series completely outperformed bleach and Naruto after a while in quality but not as popular and was a far better series in contrast, but didn't last as long.

It didn't get a good start like Naruto and bleach did; but got way better after a while. It was stale at first but got better after a while. It raises he question of whether starting later gives a better chance to get good satire material to make fun of after a while?

Anyone else upset it wasn't as big as it should have after it got better?

I think we're in a point now where it's good to bring it to the states where it would do well compared to back then when no one had much understanding of the culture in this series.

This would make a good toonami/AS show now that people have a better handle of the jokes and culture. It was a good metamodern watch for its time.
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all those words,
page 10
how embarrassing
Delete this
Your essay needs better grammar and variety of phrasing and words.
See me after class.

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Should we make a discord for /a/
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It would be literal cringe.

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weak, but the rest of the route was good right?
also there being some vaguely magical stuff gets explained away later kind of
Perfect Edition Steam release when?

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Bitches and whores thread.

I'll start.
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>tumblr gifs
Fuck off with your 3 frame shit gifs, anon.

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What's his fucking problem?
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He's gay
He's a spoiled brat who's been told he's the hottest shit his whole life. And now that this notion is being tested, he's being a bitch about it.

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Ladies and gentlemen...the Jar Jar Binks of TTGL
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Atrocious art style. Code Geass is clearly the superior mecha anime
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>the Jar Jar Binks of TTGL

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This spin-off series ended in April but I've never seen much discussion about it anywhere.

Was the series that bad or did everyone forget about it since it has taken nearly four years to end it?
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/a/ said the ending was garbage so I never watched the last OVA.
I watched the ending of it and it was garbage.
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First three episodes are alright, then it goes topsy turvy for the last two so watch at your own discretion.

Wonder if we will be getting a move special or 3rd cour for the CG anniversary.

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Anon, why are you in the girls locker room?
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Im here to collect the memory card from the HD camera hidden in the air vent in the shower.
I see, carry on.
Uh, why are YOU in the girls' locker room?

Just finished watching this and I'm not sure if I totally understood it. Was it meant to be intentionally confusing and chaotic to reflect what it's like being a kid and trying to figure out what to do while adults are pulling you in tons of different directions and constantly talking about things that seem really important but that you don't understand?

FLCL/Gainax thread I guess
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Yeah. You don't need to think about it too hard.
Kid wants to fuck older chicks but they don't want to fuck him.
watch it while heavily intoxicated it makes more sense.

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Did you forget about her already?
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I have this in my image folder, so I guess I never will.
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My dick hasn't forgotten her.

>/a/ doesn't like Nonon anymore
What happaned?
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Typical Nononfag.
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If this thread survives the next 2 hours ill dump so much nonon, but ima take a nap.
Will the other Nonon's be the size of ants too?

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Man this was a wild ride. I hope by the time I get to 4C the rest of it will have been translated.
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S3 never
Think of all the content they would cut. How many episodes would it be even?
if sunrise handled it like shaft, they could have had a solid franchise to milk for nearly a decade

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Pic related
Checked. Kill yourself.

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I apologize for nothing

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