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This is a Japanese Alaskan.
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>/a/ hates Mai

Literally why?
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She bullies her waifu, Yuuko.
It's just bad manners.
She is cute. Probably the only Nichijou I can sexualize without feeling a slight bit of guilt.

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Mouri 002.png
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My name is Kogorou Mouri, and this is my detective agency. I live here with my Daughter, Ran, and this Freeloader, Conan. Every crime has evidence and a culprit. One thing I've learned after less than a year - you never know when you're going to solve the case in your sleep.
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I fuckin love Detective Conan, but man, what a stupid premise.

There's no excuse to have not started this series or be caught up if you've hit a rut.
It's all about execution. Pardon the pun.

Do you know about potatoes /a/?
What's the difference?
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I onow only 2 types of patatoes desu
Old and new ones
The small ones suck, peeling them is so much work for so little potato.
I like potatoes with mayo fried in butter

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Me on the left
How did you make a thread without posting an image?
Rem's tits are perfectly sized.

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Waifus are no different from god. Liking to think that your waifu exists somewhere is literally the same thing as religious people believing god exists somewhere out there, he is just such a mainstream husbando that he is generally accepted and other waifus are seen as laughable when in reality the concept is the exact same, they're characters from a fictional story and both can do fuckall to prove their waifu/husbando's existence because no such proof can exist.
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People recently did that a lot for their fictional friend and their virgins in the afterlife too, while bombing other people in the process.
I don't think people would be willing to commit genocide for their waifu anon.

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how shit is fuyutsuki's pay that he has to take the train to work
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>He doesn't work in the city where it's faster and cheaper to take public transportation
Nerv eats up so much money that some nations that fund it are going through such economic hardship people are starving.
Last thing you want is the Nerv higher ups taking luxury vehicles to work every morning. It looks bad.
But the second in command taking a train? PR gold.
I'm sure you live in a country where is still common to use a car to show wealth and importance

How popular are witch Shimakaze novels really?

Should we expect anime soon?
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So nobody care about her yet?

It's probably going to get Re Zero big if it gets anime.
Probably cause it's a vague as fuck character, and typing in Shimikaze guarantees kancolle. There are also dozens of fantasy type novels, you'll need to give a bit more what it is that makes it different.
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It seems to be one of the most popular new series.

And it's not isekai.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I hate it.

See you tomorrow
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The fish said NO.png
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Is New game actually good or is /a/ just hyping trash?
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It's pretty average. It doesn't really do anything new, other than have characters they can legally fap to.

I like it because I want to become a character designer myself, so it's fun to watch Aoba's endeavors! If it was about anything other than someone doing their best as a character designer, I don't know if I'd enjoy it as much as I do.
Were there actually enemas in the last chapter?
Its decently animated moeblob garbage. Of course /a/ is going to eat that shit up.

Trying to identify an 80s or 90s anime I remember seeing in a magazine when I was little (around 1995). The image looked sort of like what I attached. Some sort of girl and a dude. She's holding a glowing orb that illuminates her and his face very dramatically. Kinda like holding a flashlight under your chin. Anyone have any idea where that could be from?
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That's a really vague description.
Any other details? Maybe connected to plot.
No clue, sorry. It's just that one image that has made an lasting impression. I believe there was kind of a fantasy/supernatural theme to the whole thing. Maybe medieval. It may have been part of the Manga Video catalogue during that timeframe...?
bump for OP
im interested as well

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There are people on this board who think this guy is a robot!
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Mekazawa kun
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Mechazawa 2.jpg
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I mean really, he looks like a normal guy riding this motor bike right?
Oh come on, just because he sometimes act like a robot doesn't mean he IS a robot! come on!

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new manga by Jin, yes THAT Jin. the one who made the lustful elf and gentleman orc comic.
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fucking batman
It started like a year or two ago.
Oh shit, this got a tank'd


What is this show about?
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girls fucking eachother with their giant cocks.
Who cares? Tiddies!
good wholesome family fun

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Tachikoma thread?

Tachikoma thread. Discuss everything tachikoma.

>You will never be a tachikoma be entered by the major after she worked up a sweat fighting terrorists.
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3 (1).jpg
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or doesn't /a/ like tachikomas
I like tachikomas.

You come home and see this thing on your bed.

wat do
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Sleep on the couch.
Put a leash on it and take it for a walk before it ruins my floor.
take out my firearm beside my bed and shoot the disgusting furry in the head

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