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Baby Bananyako.png
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Reasons why Bananya is the AOTS

>great animation, solid thick and tight
>amazing character development so far throughout the season
>amazing catching tunes in the outro
>narrator is very eloquent
>voice actors are all in character
>merchandisable as fuck, currently hundreds of little bananyas and bananyakos in plushable form
>super deep plot twists and secondary characters
>not a harem anime!
>MC, bananya, is a total hero who always saves the day
>incredibly well paced story
>explores social norms very well
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Bananya Bunch.png
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This show is really saving anime and is totally a deconstruction of this form of entertainment. I believe it doesn't quite fit into any genre. It crosses all boundaries, it has elements of a Slice-of-Life (S1Ep8), a Thriller (S1Ep7), a Romance (S1Ep1) a Mecha (S1Ep3) and much more...

Any other thoughts?
I want to fuck that banan
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I want to protect her smile from degenerates like you

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pure innocent girl.jpg
82KB, 716x1116px

Also Yuru Yuri thread if necessary
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Kyouko pls go
You like rapists?

Do you like Hitler and ISIS too?
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If I put my dick in her hair, would I die?

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Chaika. Front page!
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Chaika is for __________.

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Alicization arc aka the bromolust fujoshit arc manga just got scanlated.
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>not posting a link
SAO isn't deserving of my Google searching, fuck you
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Their choice in manga artists for the adaptations has come a long way.
The scanlation group doesn't do download links, they upload straight to online reader:


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What does /a/ think about Soul Eater?
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I think that the ending was fucking awful for both the anime and manga and best girl died in such a shit way that I had to force myself to read the remaining 5 volumes. Wasted potential.
>pic related best girl

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Karen turned me into a lolicon with that lewd little body. There isn't a day that goes by without me lusting after her. I haven't been normal ever since I laid eyes on her. Please take responsibility for this with your vulgar body Karen.
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i-i just wanted to have a thread where people post images of girls going じーー
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Is it really her 2D anime body, or was it the cute voice acting?


what the fuck???
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What is going on with this window and door?
What? There's a hallway that goes to the outside and has doors to the departments.

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I cannot respect an MC regularly bullied by a loli
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You can if the MC bullies lolis.
Have you ever respected any harem MC?
my dream is to be bullied by a 2d loli

do you think one day i will achivie this?

please tell me yes

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Happy Pot.jpg
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Do you remember her /a/?
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le boxcutter face
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>mfw tomboy wins
Anyone got the psycho pot image?

The Bleach kids are cuter than the Naruto ones. That's a fact.
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true, but they're also like 8 years old where Nardo GT ones are 12-13.
and drawn by background-kun, which is just throwing the contest frankly.
Even as someone who disliked the ending, this is very true.
Naruto has uglier character art so it's a given.

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You're walking down the riverside when suddenly you see a loli fishing. What do you do?
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This nigga draws the best lolis in town but the drawings are some what off.
Fuck her?
>the drawings are some what off
Its called moe

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best girl
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She was pretty good.

And dem gradients.
Reminder season 2 hopefully someday
Can't wait for the movie where she starts tearing people apart. Kill all the elves and machina

am i stupid for not understanding what was happening most of the time
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It isn't that complex, what were you struggling with?
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economic, he is mostlikly a socialist
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Friendly reminder that KLK>TTGL
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They're both not great
Your wrong. Have a (you) and never post it again
Both are shallow and for pretentious pseudo-intellectual retards who feel the need to have at least one "over the top" "stupid" shows

the problem is that "so bad its good" never works when the creator is intentionally trying to hit that note. its just fucking boring. fuck off is what im saying i guess

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Topkek your salt and tears
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Kubo is Lord.

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