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Post your 10/10 episodes from this decade

Kyoani really outdid themselves with this one.
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Hibike 12
HxH 116
Hyouka 22
Kiznaiver 7
Kyoukai no Kanata 10
Madoka 10
Monogatari SS 5
Penguindrum 9 and 20
Ping Pong 6
Shinsekai Yori 10 and 19
Re:Zero 15

>Madoka episode 10
Homu and QB's excellent adventures, right?

I'd add in Sora no Woto the one with Felicia's background where we see her develop PTSD or the mock war games one where they invite Yumina, fuck, Sora no Woto has too many good episodes but those are without a doubt my favourite.

I stopped watching Pokémon during its first year and I've just seen it's still going. Has Ash managed to catch 'em all? The first gen ones at least, I obviously don't expect him to have caught all the silly modern pokedex.
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Oh anon, you should have see /vp/ last Tuesday...
>Has Ash managed to catch 'em all?
He hasn't ever actually tried.
Also, people have been saying XY(Z) is great up until last week, when the writers decided to make everyone angry with something that makes no sense at all.
Ash became competent, made a strong enough team, unlocked some legendary generic shonen anime friendship-powered new exclusive form for his water ninja frog that is extremely powerful and rare. He got to the finals in the league. The legendary water ninja frog had the last part of the last battle. And lost to a Charizard owned by a bad guy for no actual reason.
> And lost to a Charizard owned by a bad guy for no actual reason.
I'd like to mention that he had no interest in the league at all and only entered it because ash told him to. He literally cucked himself out of the championship.

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Who is the cutest director?
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This guy.
Probably him.

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Not Nisekoi.png
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Another chapter of Not Nisekoi is out

Fuck you guys. I like it.
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I like it too anon, you are not alone
>Not Nisekoi

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Continuing from this thread:

Said I'd be back yesterday, but shit got in the way, sorry.

We're starting off from Chapter 31 today.

Chapter 31 - Rainboots
>Yay, it's my rainboots!
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>You're getting excited by just that, huh.
>You're so cheeky!
>Since it just started raining! Should we go out wearing these once?
>You shouldn't go.
>You're jealous aren'tcha
>How 'bout you ask mom to buy you a pair?
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>Let's go
File: 04.jpg (220KB, 745x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I think that I fell in love with the non-existent person.
What should I do?
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>Likingthat demon woman
Fixing your shit taste is what you should do
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Reposting the image for non-ants
claim as waifu

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What anime/manga characters are the best at being parents?

Pic related, best papa.
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but who was the mama?

So i watched 12 epsiodes of Guilty Crown
and it's litteraly Grurren Lagan in a different setting as of now
>MC is a wimp everyboy who gets some OP unique power
>Has a "big bro" charakter that dies in mid season (Gai, Kamina)
>Rescues an artificial female lead with pink hair and developes roamance bs
>the main leads are part of some rebel organization fighting to the government that somehow rules everything

wouldn't be surprised if the rest somehow gets MC to lead the Parlor and lead to a finale where they have to beat something over the top

one difference that makes me like GL a lot more is that when it did ridiculous thing it didn't take them seriously where Guilty Crown is so stupid but does it all so seriously, fucking singing cured the virus litterlly killed it for me and then the voids are so stupid yet noone bats an eye
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Oh and they slapped highschool on it for no fucking reason, fuck this show
It's Hitler the anime
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Help, I'm falling for a small chested girl even though I love big breasts.

Girl unrelated.
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Looks like you're getting rid of your shit taste
I don't get what's good about small breasts. They look less like a real girl.
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Let this image be your guide OP

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Are you guys jelly of my smug mugi mug?
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No. Fuck you and stop posting on /toy/
Fuck off Ivan.
Huh, why do you think that I am a russian?

>14 in GBF
>GBF Try is 6 years after
>She is 20 in pic related
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7~8 years later, actually.
How is it that both build fighters series made the best Gumdam girls?
So she is the queen and has a qt daughter at 20?

When I was 20 I was masturbating to anime.

Name an anime with a better ending.
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For once you actually can't
Master of Martial Hearts

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This shit would be so much better if you removed the harem elements
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Literally only one girl has any romantic interest in Subaru.
What harem elements? Currently there is only one girl who wants to ride MC's dick
There is literally only one girl that wants his dick,how is that a harem?
Go watch highschool DxD and learn what harem is.
Unless this is bait,then don't.

>You will never have tomboy gf
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>you will never have a gf
Just come out the closet.
>implying loving a tomboy isn't the most heterosexual thing a man can do

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The answer is bigger, right?
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Asuka is a man.

On the other hand, Rei is a goddess!

Fucking newfags.
You think that file numbers are an accurate newness gauge?

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