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I finished the series and End. I can't say I liked it or

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I finished the series and End. I can't say I liked it or would ever want to watch it again, but it definitely was interesting and I'm glad I watched it, even if 24-26 was probably the worst I've felt in my entire life, and End of Evangelion was half bullshit and half "I can't be bothered to really care anymore". I feel sorry for anyone who had to fight to get bootlegs of it and the end and whatnot.
Asuka is worst girl. I don't even know what the fuck was up with Rei, of the chunks that flew over my head what exactly Rei was is one of them.
Is rebuild even worth watching at this point?
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Yeah the rebuilds are much better than the original.
Think of it as a reboot:1.0 is essentially just the first half of the original with better animation and cg,2.0 is where the plot starts changing and becomes interesting and 3.0 is where the meat is but ends on a cliffhanger and we're still waiting for the 4th and final movie.
I guess you can watch them if you want.
>what exactly Rei was is one of them.

She's a clone of Yui (shinjis mom/gendos wife) that houses Lilith's (the progenitor of humans and the counterpart to Adam) soul. The distinction between the soulless dolls and the "real" rei is whether or not the shell contains Lilith's soul. She was made (cloned) by gendo as a memento of Yui and to orchestrate third impact/instrumentality, which he wanted to initiate to rejoin with Yui because he was a lonely fuck with oneitis. He fused with Adam and attempted to fuse with Lilith's soul (rei) and Lilith's body (the crucified thing in the terminal dogma) to cause third impact, because Lilith+Adam=impact. The fusion of rei with Lilith's body fully realizes the godlike being of Lilith since the lance of Longinus was no longer subduing it, and since gendo also gave her Adams body and soul, third impact was initiated and that's why rei got all huge and shit; she literally became a god. But rei ultimately rejects gendo's desires and refused to be someone's puppet anymore, actualizing her own agency as an individual.

Basically her arc was about learning about humanity and trying to attain/understand individuality as someone who was "born" without either. Even though she ultimately left the fate of the world up to shinji, the point of it was it was completely her choice to do so, which she did because of the value she saw in their relationship; she found meaning/purpose in her life by giving meaning to shinji's. Also likely as a final fuck you to Gendo.
Rebuild is a marvel for anime films in general though I personally don't co-sign the third one.
>I finished the series and End.
>the rebuilds are much better
>1.0 is essentially just the first half with better animation

1.0's shots are not as powerful as the shots in the original; ShikiSuka is not as interesting as SoryuSuka; Mari is just boring. 3.0 is just a mess, too.

Rebuild is basically the antithesis to what made NGE great. NGE's subversion of tropes and focus on the realistic nature of the character relationships is thrown out the window in favor of the superficial mech battles and anime tropes that the original series was attempting to critique in the first place.

Basically, Anno is purposefully fucking the franchise to show that giving the fans what they want is exactly what's wrong with anime; soulless garbage without substance. The CG fights are cool though, which is likely something Anno would have wanted to do in the original NGE if they had the tech/budget to do so. The rebuilds are essentially just wish fulfillment. Anno satiates his boner for cool SFX and satiates the audience's boner for waifus with excessive fanservice and anime cliches. This is basically what the series would have been like had shinji not been "such a little bitch" as some fans have proclaimed and instead just acted like your typical shonen, and Anno is trying to show why that complaint is complete bullshit; because it undermines the character and the point of the entire series, which is evident in how fucking retarded the story of the rebuild is.

Of course this is me giving Anno the benefit of the doubt and assuming he's not just trolling the fuck out of people as a final fuck you before he offs himself.

If you do watch them, do NOT expect anything close to what NGE was originally about. Watch it for the action and CG and nothing else.
Not to mention that the Rebuilds in general are full of pandering. I hope that Anno is not being all meta and is just doing it for the money, but knowing him, I don't know what to think; he might be doing it for both.
If you don't like the show and EoE you'll probably like the rebuilds
Everything that isn't NGE or EoE is garbage.

Rebuild 1 & 2 had potential, but 3 dumped it into the pandering can.
I honestly though Evangelion was boring as fuck, yet it's one of my all time favourites. Thematically it's a masterpiece, but a lot off the action-y and technobabble scenes were dull.
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See, I wouldn't mind if he was going all meta if I'm being honest. It would add some sort of substance to the rebuilds and at least reinforce the message of the original NGE a bit more. As much as I'd hate if he were just doing it for money (insert sellout complaint here, etc), at least it would still make sense; he's giving the anime audience what they want for a cash grab: a typical shonen, albeit a very bad one (but maybe that's the point?). As long as there's a point to what hes doing and he's not just fucking around with the franchise just for the hell of it, I'm fine with it. The original NGE is great in itself even if Anno didn't like how it was received, so no matter how the rebuilds go or what Anno does with the franchise the original will still be great in my book.

Although, I really hope 4.0 doesn't reveal that the rebuilds are a sequel to NGE like some people are speculating, because then it just fucks with the canon of the original NGE and that will piss me off to no end.
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>the Rebuilds in general are full of pandering
I finished watching them yesterday and please tell me where the fuck was the pandering aside for Punished Asuka.
What bothers me about the idea of Anno going full meta is that he could've done something better with that budget, but instead made a shitty reimagination of Eva. That's a pretty big way to give your fanbase the middle finger.

I just wonder how 4.0 will be, considering how things were with EoE.
-Kaworu and Shinji in general.
-Shinji and Rei.
-Yuri pandering with Asuka and Mari.
>Kaworu and Shinji in general.
>Shinji and Rei.
That's just proof that the rebuilds are really remakes/reboots of the same story told in NGE and EOE only maybe better because of budget.
>Yuri pandering with Asuka and Mari

Mari's entire character is nothing but fanservice and pandering.
>bubbly manic pixie personality
>badass action scenes directly stolen from Asuka
>massive tits that attention is called to because...?
>numerous suggestive poses and shots
She was created to be a waifu and nothing more. She offers nothing to the story that couldn't have been told through other characters and there is absolutely nothing original or interesting about her. She's a Mary Sue fapbait.

>turning her into a typical tsundere waifu for Shinji like all the Eva waifufags want
>completely ignoring any and all character development and turning her into a complete cunt without justification because that's how the fans see her

>becomes generic save-the-girl anime plot device rather than an interesting character

>superfluous scenes of the Shinji+Kaworu relationship to satiate yaoifags and "shinji is gay" memers

Refute these.
They're worse in every single way. The direction of the original alone makes it better than the Rebuilds.

The Rebuilds just lack what made Evangelion good.
You don't know how yuri pandering works, do you?
This, too.
>I finished watching them yesterday and please tell me where the fuck was the pandering aside for Punished Asuka.

In the vein of Asuka, consider how 2.22 explicitly panders to Asuka waifufags by removing uncomfortable parts like her relationship with Kaji and making Asuka stronger, unlike the weak and pathetic original.

Oh, and before any waifufag pulls the good ol' "b-but they didn't have time for the kaji relationship", then consider that it'd take less time to not mention it at all than to actually devote a scene to deny it.
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>lack what made Evangelion good
and that was...?
I'm not saying the original is a piece of shit,no I like it but I never understood what made it so good for other people. Was it the mindfuck ending that was just a pretentious way of Anno telling us to go outside and make some friends?
There's nothing pretentious about it. If you don't like stories having themes you might as well watch SAO.
Good direction, great shot composition, interesting, realistic characters, and it handled troubled characters and human relationships/interactions pretty well.

It was the fact that the original NGE was never about the action, the Evas, the Angels, or any of the technobabble bullshit that surrounded everything. It was about the characters and their interactions and their ways of coping with their broken psyches. It was a projection of the way real people would have acted in a stereotypical anime scenario; all of the characters have realistic and understandable motivations that aren't overtaken by over-the-top anime cliches.

The rebuilds are the complete polar opposite. Everything in them is about the CG, action, cliches, and blatant audience pandering with ZERO regard to character interactions and developmental arcs. Everything in them feels superficial. It's empty and void of everything that was loved about the original: interesting characters.
So I'm actually rewatching Evangelion right now (on episode 7) because after watching it the first time I couldn't bring myself to like it, with its clusterfuck ending, and my lack of like or care for Shinji who i was forced to sit with through 26 episodes.

I can certainly say that at least in the beginning it's not as bad as i originally thought it was. Shinji IS a bitch and i understand that's his character, but if there isn't a change at some point then I'll be extremely disappointed. I don't care if you're making a statement or a piece of art or whatever meme term you want to tag to it, your characters have to be fucking enjoyable to some extent.
>DemolitionD's Evangelion vs rebuild 3 part series on youtube
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>realistic characters
They all have an edgy and extremily simple background story that even video games can do better
>Shinji ran away after seeing his mom die in that EVA accident and that's why he keeps on running away from reality
>Asuka saw her mother an hero herself thinking she was never useful and now wants to be the very best,to prove her mother wrong
>Misato's father died while saving her and that's why she must kill the angels
>Gendo is just "muh waifu" from beginning to end
The only character I liked from the anime was Rei because she's the only one to get some character development up until the 2nd copy died
He is enjoyable, you just don't like him.
i don't really get how he's enjoyable to watch when more than 50% of his screen time is dedicated to slumping up and saying "i don't wanna do it."
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I could do that with every character (and you're ignoring many traits).

Shinji doesn't run away from reality exclusively because of that, it's because he's traumatized and afraid of getting hurt. Same for Asuka, that's not the only reason behind her behavior.

Have you even seen EoE to say that abput Gendo? Because the most interesting trait about him is the fact that he's just like Shinji.

I've been watching chinese cartoons for 17 years and I've never finished EVA. Can't be assed to do it because I don't like it. I suppose I'll finish it one day, though, just to say I did.

It's not a deep show, it's just purposefully obtuse for the sake of confusing the audience.

It doesn't get better the more times you rewatch it.
Shinji felt abandoned by his father. Despite hating Gendo for it, he also felt compelled to prove his worth to him. Despite hating piloting the EVA, he does it because it's the only way he feels he can be of use to his father.

One of the biggest themes in EVA is how around every persons' heart, there's an impenetrable wall. It is never possible for different people to truly understand each other, and because of that people get hurt trying to get close to each other.

Shinji, Gendo, Asuka and Misato all deal with this problem in different ways. Shinji runs away from his problems, Asuka puts of a proud front, Misato sleeps around a lot. Gendo is actually a lot like Shinji. He's afraid of getting hurt, and he doesn't consider himself worthy of being loved, and that's why he runs away from his son.
>even if 24-26 was probably the worst I've felt in my entire life
I'm glad you've had such a happy life that a couple of episodes of anime were the worst you've had.
I guess I could have explained that more, it wasn't just a tear jerker sort of feeling, it was that the harsh examination of the characters reminded me of myself and my own shitty imperfections, and the combination of being at a pretty shitty point in life and the fact I was watching it extremely sleep deprived set in a kind of melancholy I've only felt a couple times before.
It's not deep and it's not obstuse either. It's pretty in-your-face in fact. The TV ending literally tells you that you can become a better person if you change your perspective about yourself and others. It doesn't even try to bury it under metaphors (besides the human instrumentality project), Shinji's monologue throws everything at you right there.
The rebuilds is Anno's hate-fiction, created solely to patch up his lost confidence after his favorite characters lost to Rei.

It's a deeply pathetic set of movies and the people who like it are just as pathetic.
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Oh god help me I just want some closure all I want is to scrap everything except the NGE episodes and then have EoE with a short Ova or something after EoE ti show what happens after to give closure and that's it no more.

No more fucking with my mind FUCK YOU ANNO you can't just do this kind of mind fuckery and leave people hanging.

I need help after watching it.
3.0 has some sort of closure that's similar to The last of us ending so if that's enough for you then go right ahead and watch them.
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I'm tempted to watch it but I'll probably need to see a psychologist after watching it. I sense more mind fuckery coming up in the rebuild series and I can just imagine when 4.0 finally comes out Anno will somehow fuck it up completely like he did last time with EoE.

EoE was great and he had everything lined up perfect for a good finish and then he decided to be an absolute cunt and screw with us again , all I wanted was closure I swear Anno is either just a massive Troll or a bumbling idiot that doesn't know what's he's done.

He had a chance to do something great and threw that chance right in the toilet and then crapped all over it just for good measure.
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You'll only need a someone to snap you out of your mad.
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I hate that faggot so much
Kill yourself newfag. Shit taste.
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Calling something edgy doesn't add anything to an argument m8. You're also underestimating the fact that the series is over 20 years old. The boo-hoo-my-daddy-hates-me backstories you're so used to seeing shoehorned into media now weren't nearly as prevalent in media back then, especially in anime.

And the simplicity of their issues is what makes it interesting. Most, if not all, characters have very similar issues: fear of intimacy, and they all deal with this in vastly different ways. Shinji and Asuka have almost the exact same backstory and issues and have complete opposite characterization. Their conflict is interesting precisely because of this.

Saying Gendo is just "muh waifu" is also a horrendous oversimplification. He was abandoned by someone he loved just like Shinji was. Yui abandoned him just like she abandoned Shinji (remember Gendo didn't know merging with Unit 01 was her intention) and his disdain of Shinji is due to him closing himself off because he felt unloved by his wife and thus didn't feel as though he was worthy of love from anyone else, including his own son. The idea of Shinji rejecting him like Yui did was so painful to him that he'd rather not deal with him at all, so he abandons him. He creates Rei trying to bring back Yui, and she acts as an obedient facsimile of Yui that will always love him/care about him no matter what, and he NEEDS that validation in order to feel like he's worth anything, just like Shinji needs his father's validation. Rei's rejection of him at the end of EoE becomes even more poignant for his character (and hers) when you take this into account.

If you don't like NGE I'm not saying you should like it. Everyone's got their tastes. But simplicity of a character's background doesn't necessarily mean that said character is equally simple. Its what the series does with them that makes them interesting.
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This showed really fucked with me at a real core level it just gave me so much to think about and it raises questions that shouldn't be asked let alone answered.

Also Asuka is the best girl I don't care how horrible of a person she is she's got red hair and a red catsuit isn't that enough for you people.
This anime is really depressing. All the characters are broken in some way or another and it's frustrating to see them unable to communicate
But Gendo has to be one of my most hated characters ever, his selfishness is over the charts, although even if he didn't follow with his plan Seele would have completed it anyway
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