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>"rebel against false gods"

>false gods = humans with pk
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That poster looks so haunting now that I've finished the anime.
Fuck the PK-using faggots.

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Wait a second, about the manga that Yoshikazu has been working on the past days, aren't the characters totally the ones from kobayashi san no maid dragon? Did he mention if that's an official spin off/special chapter or a doujin?
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Kanna is daughteru material.
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stream dragoncow.jpg
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What's the link to his stream? I seem to have lost it.

How is it that pink hair girl is always best girl?
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You misspelled
White is always worst
White = shite
The redhead is always the best.

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>best Anime of the decade
>ends with yurishit
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It's a cause for celebration, I'd say.
Yuri shit?
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2 pure 4 u?

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Post reactions.
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Yotsuba is already so mature, she grew up so fast.
27 is Saturday.

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Ore no Himekutsu o Haite Kure.jpg
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>completed (16)
it ended already? why? must we wait for another rare manga about this to come?
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Where are you getting that information from?
I don't know if it ended, but it's boring as fuck. Surely there's a better way to make a footfag ecchi manga than this snorefest.
>a footfag ecchi manga
If that's all you're looking for in it, and what you think it is, then no wonder you're bored.

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What was your favorite episode?
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ok is that a hood or some long ass hair??
Can you repeat the question?

say my name
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say my name


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Did you cry?
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No, shitty anime.
Yes, a lot.

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As soon as Re:Zero stops airing everyone will forget it ever existed and stop talking about it.

Just like Kill la Kill.
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>look mom i posted it again
re:zero is a perfect anime, flawless in every way, only fags don't like it god bless emalia and rom shes the perfect waifu
I made the same thread yesteday

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Why are Japanese people obsessed with the idea of being trapped in a video game?
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They aren't.
It's a short phase in the lives of adolescents where they wonder where all the skills they have gained so far might be actually useful in an environment that is actually appealing to them.

Don't take LNs for the entire width of Japanese literature.
Because they're currently trapped in hell, which is a little bit worse.
Because real life is disappointing.

>not having seasonal waifu's

You are just weaklings who can't please more than one woman

Real man can steal hearts of many fine gals
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You can still have a waifu while liking other girls.

I'm just saying there's no need to have multiple waifus.

Basically waifu for petting and snuggling, other girls for other things
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Isn't he lying through his teeth
Fujiko is his great love, but he has many girls besides her.

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Ck5cx3zUYAE2asH.jpg orig.jpg
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So, Aoi apparently didn't know until today that Qualidea Code and Ange Vierge air on the same day in some regions.

This little fact made her mention that coincidentally, she recorded the lines for Maihime and Dark Remiel on the same day. She refers to this as the real thrill/pleasure of her job as a seiyuu.

Between the flashback to Hime's chilhood, her hot-blooded fighting and Remiel psychological abuse plus sex-voice that's quite something.
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my future wife
I'm not even sure what they were thinking with Ramiel other than"Aoi Yuuki voices this character", that seemed like a particular fuck you to any existing fans of the character far beyond usual Ange Vierge anime absolute madman standards.

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Does this not appear suspicious to people at that school?
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I thought the reason why she ate there was cause almost no one came by, so they're probably not being watched.
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sensei is talking to that weirdo who has no friends so she won't curse us

sensei is a good guy
A male teacher and a female student meeting in a secluded corner of the school would give people the wrong idea. And unless they are both trained by Solid Snake, someone would've seen them going there by now.

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Garden of Avalon anime when?
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After the Turkeyhandle anime.
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FSN fate route anime by Ufotable with original story by Urobuchi as a sequel to Zero wen?
Illya route anime when?

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