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Which anime girl would you be transformed into?
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Galko. I would let every boy in the school fuck my asshole in the utility closet.
Your mom so I could abort you
Misaka so i would be rich, cute and have pikachu powers.

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Will it ever end ?
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How long has the Meiko arc been going on?
you need to stop reading this thing monthly. just set it asside for a while. the pacing of this arc is no different then any of the other arcs, its just you were able to marathon the other manga arcs, instead of waiting for it

Its just like Bleach, if you read bleach weekly nothing happens. but if you read it in batches it's actually not horribly paced and moves in a solid way. Both manga are not written for a 1 chapter payoff, they are written for the long term payoff (or well bleach was up until that terrible last arc, that last arc was awful).

Prison school is a hell of a ride if you can read it in batches and hold off on watching it monthly.
Even un batches I think this Meiko arc has gone on too long. How many chapters have gone by where they've just literally been standing around in the cavalry battle talking and doing flashbacks? I feel like the mangaka has lost sight of what he's wanted to do ever since the boys escaped. There are flashes of the same humor and the art is still great but the whole thing seems so directionless right now. Meiko isn't even a very compelling character and yet he's spent how much time on her? Her strict authoritarian persona was fap bait and easy to make jokes out of but it was never a particularly interesting gimmick. Meiko now is mentally a child who makes uguu tier noises and wheezes and was basically a nonentity in the plot until she was forced back into the spotlight.

And I disagree with you entirely about Bleach being "good in bursts" but this isn't the thread for that.

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Hazuki Confession.jpg
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Come on /a/. Give her your response.
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Too bad she lost.
I love Emilia.
Fuck you!
I wanted to post that!

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Ahhh, nothing like delicious tsundere tears in the morning.
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louise, kirino and maybe taiga deserve that
Your mother deserves that.
I remember watching this series for the first time and having a shit-eating grin on my face that whole episode. Same for Shuffle! really.

Why do animators do this? Manga doesn't even do this.
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>facebook filename
Kill yourself.
Probably as a way to keep expressing emotion, no matter the shot. It looks a little wonky, but it gets the job done.
neck yourself normalfag

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What the fuck is this?
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The Heart.
A terrible anime adaptation.

What do you think about this masterpiece?
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Literally just fapped to it, I feel we're really connected here anon
I might check this out...

but, incest

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ITT: anime you wish you could watch again for the first time
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It had potential but was episodic sometimes and became boring.
I wish all /a/ could see Sora no Woto for the first time with me again. Unmatched hyped

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Why does japan love NTR so much?
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Didn't you make this exact thread a few hours ago
Wasnt it yesterday?

Also i started watching the show because of this, i had it on my backlog for a long time

Well in a way you're not wrong

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Is it okay to bully this girl?
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Yes. Yoshio did nothing wrong and Natsu is an enabling fuck.
It really isn't.
What kind of bully?

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>A woman dies near her age of retirement
>After having seen her son grow up to become a healthy and independent young man
>This is a bad end

>A woman spends nearly two decades in painful solitude, taking care of her comatose son even after the doctors recommended her to pull the plug
>She has to stretch his limbs so his muscles don't atrophy, bathe him, wipe his ass after he shits and he doesn't even acknowledge her for this
>The strain this must've put on her psyche cannot be contained by mere words
>This is a "good" end

You can't explain that.
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As many doujins show, best end was Satoru whoring himself as a shota to contain sensei's urges.
Best possible end.
>"bad end"
>mom was murdered
>murderer somehow pins the murder on her son
>her son works as a pizza delivery guy trying to become a mangaka

>"good end"
>everyone lives
>mom now gets to see her son as a successful adult
>retires knowing her son is with her once again
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Cucked muh son.png
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Everyone ready for that new Bleach Chapt...... oh wait, bleach is over.

Its a shame I mean better mangas like One Piece are still going strong.

Tough luck Bleachfags
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I'll bite.

One Piece was good up until the timeskp, everything after that has been putrid dog shit.

Before I cared about the world and the characters, now it all feels completely strange and stupid to me.
Zou is one of the best arcs of the entire manga
Your entire point is invalid
Zou is the worst arc after fisherman's island.

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What are you reading? Do you like it?
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>we will never get full adaptation of YKK
File: image.jpg (616KB, 1600x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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>we will never get an official english release of YKK
Are there any high res scans floating around the net for this manga?
I want to make a poster from some of the pages.

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Is Nibutani a waifu material? If not, which character is the true waifu material?
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Shinka is selfu material.
>which character is the true waifu material

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If we are talking about KyoAni girls then it's Chitanda.

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Would you summon her?
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Directly on my dick.

You heard that, I would summor her vagina DIRECTLY on my dick.
F/GO was a mistake
No, but I'd cummon her.

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