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So aside from the lackluster first half and the mild QUALITY in the second half, this was actually pretty good, agree?
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Nope, but Inori is best girl.
Yeah. best original that year and in a long while. The copycats like valvrave failed so hard to replicate the success.

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Real G's still squap
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i agree

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>during a scene where talking ensues
>characters face and hair spruce up, then float for a second

When do you drop your anime /a/?
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wen u drop ur testicles
"I want to protect this smile" and sword beams.

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Which Ranma would you ½, /a/?
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Fem Ranma, manga version
Ranma is both the best boy and girl.
What did you guys think of Rumic World?


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Meanwhile in after school club activities /a/....
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Anon everyone is a NEET here
u-um anyone want to check out the anime club with me?
The poster says they have their first meeting today
I'm quitting the /a/ club, and joining the /m/ club.

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>"there's this samurai who smells of sunflowers"

great fucking job description, if Mugen wasn't a mouthbreather and Jin an egomaniac, nobody would've helped her
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They never wanted to help her, but were obligated to after she helped them
Level -5 Viewer
I would have helped her.

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ITT: Things you do to improve your anime experience

I convert all my old anime to .mp4, play it on my xbox, record the output with a VCR, and then watch the tape so I can get the authentic feel of shows that came out in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. I also disconnect my internet for the duration of the time I spend watching these tapes. You'd be surprised at how much it can change your enjoyment of an older show, it feels like you're going back in time and you're the only one in the world to know about the series.
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nice OP i cant enjoy watching anything if im connected to the internet
Disconnecting the internet is a good one as it stops you getting distracted by rampant shitposting.

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How much joy does this girl bring to you?
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Some, if she wasnt taken id waifu her.
Why do people put restrictions on their fantasies like this? If you really want to be realistic she wouldn't fuck with you even if she wasn't taken.
She's my unironic waifu.
She's nice, smart, cute and fun. All behind layers of bantz.

What is there not to love about her

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We have Megumin Monday can we have Wiz Wednesday?
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Post more Megumin.
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No, because unironically liking landwhales is autistic.
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bully wiz.png
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Wiz Wednesday is canceled since the fanfic is done.

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Have you voted today for who you want at the 2020 Opening Ceremony?

Love Live (µ's) has taken a clear lead over Kalafina. Death Grips has been boosted to 3rd place.
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Who cares its unofficial
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MC Ride here. Thanks man
mods please ban these threads

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Time to settle this
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Can we at least agree short hair videl is most delicious?
>no ginyu force
well, I guess they technically worked for frieza
yeah that falls in line with frieza

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new to ship girls

how do I pick a favourite knowing nothing at all about them?

do they live in 'families' like touhou girls?
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Just pick the cutest one, newfag.
Fubuki is best, that's all you need to know.

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Is it worth watching?
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Yes, but keep in mind that Karen is the one redeemable character in the series, and you should skip over any scene in which she doesn't appear.
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If you like cute things and British things, yes.
/pol/ loves it, so it must be good

ITT: Anime you re-watch every year.
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