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More people watching English subbed Japanese Shin Chan? It's much better than the Funimation dub.
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>Not watching the old english dub

Nigga doesn't know the fun of the bare butt boogie
Shin Chan for some reason caught on so much in Spain, that the success of their Spanish and Catalan dubs gave them releases of Shin Chan games.
I know, too bad that they haven't been released in English
Both are good!

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Muh Dream.jpg
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Was Griffith evil?
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define evil
Does good exist in Berserk world.
probably, but the sure thing is that he is retarded to fuck the king's daughteru when he was planning world domination

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Why is the most forbidden love also the purest?
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Someone post that pairing, You know, the one
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Sorry Madokami. Loneliness ruins every relationship
It is precisely because of the fact that it's forbidden that it's the purest.

What do you think about A-1 Pictures, /a/?
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>A-1 Pictures
They are too big.

I prefer A-3 or even A-4
>very TIGHT release schedule
>consistent quality through the anime (yes, I know they're freelancers, but generally there aren't much badly directed and animated episodes)
>most of the anime it releases is well received; but the flops, oh the flops - they have VERY bad flops. Remember Fractale? Zvezda?
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How was the Magi anime received? Despite keeping up with the manga, I've never gave it a try. I've seen clips of it, and it looks pretty decent.

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Genshiken 2016-10

Includes guest illustrations.

BLACK BOX is uploading. I sent Hox Vinland Saga & Historie.

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Is this finally over?

Yeah RIP

Translation when?
So who won? I'm a few chapters behind.

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What happened to him? You'd figured he'd show up more in the final arc.
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He never made sense, that's what happened
Turned into one of the swords.
Go back to your containment thread

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So I am watching one piece for the first time and now I am on episode 560 (fishman island arc).

There is something I have noticed though, after the timeskip, everything in the show seems... shit.

The animation quality seems abysmal, episode structure is crap and dont even start me on the dialogue, its as if written by a brain dead child.

Is is just me or does anyone else feel that way?
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And also, every charachter seems to have boiled down to some sort of cliche, every dimention of their personality is gone, its like they are programmed to only feel one emotion.

Feels weird.
Yeah just switch to the manga at this point
Read the manga from start to finish

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Does Noir was the best anime ever about assassins?
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You mean does was Gunslinger Girl the best anime ever about assassins?
Noir has a based Youki Kujira.
Dropped both Noir and Madlax. Some of the most boring shit I ever saw

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The new rezero looks good
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What is the point of this thread?
first for Hime
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W-why nobody is watch this?

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Anyone else thinks Nana is overrated?
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It's 3DPD in 2D form. Gross.
I kinda enjoyed it back in the day. But I doubt that I'd enjoy it now.

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Will never grow up.jpg
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Why is there such a divide between what's acceptable for kids to watch in cartoons in the east vs west?

Series like Shaman King, One Piece and even Pokemon are shown as is in Moon land, but in the west they're heavily censored, and as soon as One Piece got redubbed and unedited, it went from a Saturday morning cartoon to late night [adult swim] anime. Are there any anime that haven't been censored and shown to kids that isn't outright for babies?

Series like Teen Titans, pre Go, and Static Shock had mature themes without hitting PG-13 is there anything even like that in anime?
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Aside from cultural differences; laws and time of shows are what made the difference.

I'm sure there's stuff in the west that gets same treatment in the east were not aware of. You never know.
West it's the kind of place that censor guns in cartoons it's necessary at the same time that their parents teach the childrens how to shoot.
Spooky skeltons are illegal in China.

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She looks cute
I want to marry her and make her happy!
I want to mamoru the fuck out of that egao.

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Why doesn't anyone remember Fushigi Yuugi even exists anymore even though I remember it had a huge marketing blitz in the west for an anime back in the 90s?
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so good
It's mentioned sometimes in shoujo threads.
It was bad.

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Fuck, marry, rape.
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Ange is for rape and rape exclusively.

Ragyo comes with loads of cash and power so marrying her has a lot of benefits, she dies and leaves everything to me since she hates her daughters too so that's a plus.

I don't mind fucking the other one.

You got it pretty much on the button, anon.

Would you be OK with ragyo raping your boipussy on occasion?
OK doesn't even begin to describe it.

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Which one would you?
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Erina, duh
>Half of the characters in this picture are in now-dead series
If this are supposed to be the main girls then why is Sakura there?

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