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European weapons are for fags.
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>this thread again
>that filename
At least you're self-aware >>>/k/
It's been a while since I've seen one of these
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>The perfect waifu falls right into Subaru's lap
>He ignores her for an ugly half elf slag
How do you even fuck up this badly?
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>advertise Emilia as the main heroine
>she has barely any screentime

How do you even fuck up this badly?
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I never seen Re:Zero, but this Rem girl seems like the type neckbeards want to protect.
Rem is perfect.
But I want to ram Ram.

Which Saber is best Saber?
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the one with the perfect size of boobs
Titty Saber. I want those tits around my cock.

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What the fuck is his problem?
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He loves his wife.
He really fucking hates his son.
He really really hates himself.

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I just finished reading this. The anime adaption is coming any day now, right?
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At this point I would rather have a Spirit Circle or Sengoku Youko anime.
I remember saying those words 10 years ago.
spirit circle was better than biscuit hammer for the most part but wasn't as engaging.

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Some /a/non translated the pages from the OPT
and I'll be dumping the pages I have
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How edgy can this retarded series be?
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>death is edgy
Is "edgy" the new "pretentious"?
you lost me

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Why is S2 so bad and S1 so good
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S2 had no yuri
Glad I wasn't the only one who thought this.
I heard that most of S2 was anime original, which would explain why episodes like the dead fish one stood out so much in comparison to the rest.
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S2 is better than S1

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Who was the best girl in Ranma 1/2?
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who wasn't?
Anybody saying something else than Ukyo is just being alternative.

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ITT: Characters that you would want to be friends with
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>getting dragged into Kaiji's shit
He's a cool dude, but no thanks.
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How it is to be friends with this guy?

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>of all the characters only Luffy gets poisoned
>even he has the highest resistance to poison since the Magellan fight
>not even Chopper can help him
>in the middle of nowhere
>suddenly they find a second ship
>on this ship is the only person in the entire world of One Piece who could save Luffy's life
>she actually does it

So, are you calling this good writing? Serious question.
Sanji's sister is now more important to Luffy's quest of becoming the Pirate King than Usopp.
Remove Sanji's sister: the story is over, Luffy's dead.
Remove Usopp: The Strawhats would be literally at the same place as they are right now.
Thanks, Oda.
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The only reason Oda even bothered to poison him is because she was there. It was his way of introducing her along with her powers basically.

Autists will complain about anything.
>This is my first shonen manga

-OP The Faggot

Can't wait for the "HURR STOP SUCKING ODA'S COCK!" reply.

It's standard way of introducing a character and their powers.
Remove Usopp and Robin would still be a toy. No Poneglyphs, no Pirate King.

Why do parodies always make the best anime?

>Excel Saga
>Zetsubou Sensei
>Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata
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>Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata
But this is seasonal trash.
You're confusing legit parodies and lazy meta commentary with lots of fanservice.
It's still one of the best harems

What are the ramifications of cumming inside god, Kyon?
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None unless she actually wants a kid
You'd probably actually cause total peace and prosperity on earth for a couple hours afterwards
If she actually wanted a kid wouldn't she just automatically become pregnant her self or find a baby on her doorstep or something.

Haruhi/Kyon's powers probaby cover immaculate conception but the "abandoned child" plot seems more likely.

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Harem thread
Post and rate
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Harems are absolutely harem
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My Harem.jpg
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Why is them calling the candy store owner "Candy Store" the funniest shit ever
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Dagashi ya
"Candy store" is the code word for best girl
the real question is if she'll like being called "meat toilet"

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