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I place my trap card face down and end my turn. Your move, /a/.
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Yukimura 4ever
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I draw for turn, and reveal it to activate its effect, Rank-Up-Magic The Seventh One. With its effect, I summon Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon, and rank it up into Number C107: Neo Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon. I detach one Xyz Material to activate its effect, which prevents you from activating effects this turn. I send Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon from my hand to the Graveyard to special summon Galaxy Soldier from my hand in defense position. With Galaxy Soldier's effect, I add Galaxy Knight to my hand. Since I control a Galaxy monster, I can normal summon Galaxy Knight without tributes, and its effect reduces its ATK to 1800 for this turn, and summons Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon from my graveyard. Since I control a monster with 2000 or more ATK, I special summon Overlay Booster from my hand. I Xyz Summon Constellar Pleiades using Galaxy Soldier and Overlay Booster, and detach Overlay Booster to activate Pleiades' effect, returning your face-down monster to your hand. I Xyz Summon Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon using Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and Galaxy Knight. I enter battle phase and attack directly with Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon, and detach Galaxy Knight to activate its effect, which increases its ATK to 8400.
*whips out dick*

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Afternoon 2016-10

New serialization by Endoh Hiroki (All Rounder Meguru, Eden! Endless World, etc).

Soft Metal Vampire

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Four Seasons Award Takahashi Tsutomu Special Award Winner

四季賞 髙橋ツトム特別賞受賞作】

I can understand moonrune. How is it?
I can't

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What are some truly Awful Anime you guys like to watch?
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This fucking "show"
There's alot of crappy anime I like to watch like at vaughnlive tv nipmanfan because fuck Petey for being a annoying selfhating faggot because it make me feel good.
Your favorite anime.

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I just started watching this and am currently on episode six. What does /a/? think of Blood Blockade Battlefront?

A lot of the plot was kind of going over my head, but Leonardo is a fun character and I do like the whole premise of the show. I have a feeling that this one of those things that is going to be better the second time around, even if just because then one is familiar with all of the characters' personalities.

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Don't use the English title retard.
The hell was up with the story boarding or whatever in this anime?

It felt awkward as fuck and I don't even know what happened at the end.
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Very good visual style, far too many characters, messy plot, way too rushed and short, ultimately kind of disappointing

It had a lot of potential and a huge amount of polish, but I just didn't care about any of the characters by the end.

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can we all agree that rei has the better boobs
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boobs and personality
rei and asuka are both perfect!
Asuka has the superior body so Rei is still worse.

the tables have turned, ningen!
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But that's a bunny
Hey, Mike!
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Get off my boat, you fucking weeaboo.

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Just finished this, dem feels
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Yuriko did nothing wrong
Boring show. Only thing memorable about it was the weirdly edgy beginning and one reaction image.

I think it was a lot of wasted opportunities, tried to go in too many different directions at once, and the best girl was the worst girl.

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fat fuck.png
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>Asukafags will defend this
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She needed the fluid suit because she's so hot.

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New chapter of Shinohayu is out. Shinohayu anime to be confirmed in 7 days. Who will voice cutest Saki?
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Will dump other anon's translation of the chapter.
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Find a flaw
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The Alcoholism?
wants to fuck 12 year olds
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I said find a flaw, boys

Who is your waifu, and what does she do?
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Rem is basically the perfect girl

I found shit-taste.
You completely missed the point of the post. Tell us who your waifu is and all the reasons on why it is Rem, faggot.

How come animelist ratings are always so high. I understand opinions on a certain anime vary from person to person but I've looked up tons but almost every anime I found bad and are rated bad on anidb are rated quite high on animelist.
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Because they're literal 12-year-old children voting.
Fuck off to MAL if you want to discuss MAL.
Make me, bitch!

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>Every 'romance' anime revolves around characters twiddling their thumbs for at least 20 odd episodes and being awkward enough that nothing gets established relationship wise as an arbitrary graph of crushes builds up without any reciprocation
>See this get recommended as being totally mature, adult and not at all stupid in the way other shoujos are
>The whole thing ends up being just a soap opera where tons of stupid shit happens because MC is just the dumbest slut

It's really painful, because ideally, given what it seems to stand for, NANA should represent all that I actually want and value in anime, as opposed to all the half baked wish fulfillment and cock teasing that so many other series are. You actually have a shoujo that doesn't fuck around and gets going with relationships and their issues sans, but even despite that that it is barely palatable for what it is and feels inherently childish in spite of it all.
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>>Every 'romance' anime revolves around characters twiddling their thumbs for at least 20 odd episodes and being awkward enough that nothing gets established relationship wise as an arbitrary graph of crushes builds up without any reciprocation
Watch better anime, faggot.
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>Watch better anime, faggot.

You know damn well that there are very few exceptions to this, so don't act like you don't know better yourself.
I agree with OP here. Anime has become really stilted over the years but especially RomComs. Another big offender is My Little Monster.

The ending is especially a piss take. Nothing happens. Literally. It just kind of.....ends.

I wish we could get a romance anime that actually dealt with problems in a realistic, relatable way. Watching high schoolers act like retards until two of them get married is boring and frustrating.

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Loli is sleeping.
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Loli is also wet.
sleep snug, smug

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