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Big order 43: we End of Evangelion now.
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There are people on /a/ right now who will defend this sameface.
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It's cute.
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But it's not cute. It's incredibly bland.
It's very cute.

Pic related to my choice.
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Kid Buu. I don't count Uub.
Use the catalog faggot >>146183668
Nappa. Not even being influenced by his TFS characterization. If Vegeta could end up joing the Z fighters then Nappa definitely could. Also, the Ginyu Force after Goku kills Frieza.

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Hayato is my favorite anime Chad. He doesn't bully people and is nice to everyone.
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He is the biggest bitch of them all.
That's why he's going to win Yukino.
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I figure there must be at least a couple of hardcore DBZ fans here... was wondering if I could get a few answers. I'm working on something DBZ related atm and using a combination of my own basic knowledge of the series and wikis for my research, however there seem to be some things I can't get an answer for, though it should be kinda easy to find.

What I'm after is 'alternate titles' for a bunch of the main characters. The most obvious one I have at the moment is for Vegeta, which is "Prince of all Saiyans". I've got some ideas for other characters, but I was hoping they might have slightly better defined titles that crop up in the anime at some point, similar to Vegeta's.

The characters in question are Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, and Future Trunks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Some of these are shit but they do pop up at some point in the anime in either the sub or dub:

Goku - The Hope of the Universe or the Legendary Super Saiyan

Gohan - The Great Saiyaman

Piccolo - Demon King Piccolo

Aside from calling Tien "the triclops", I don't have anything for the others. It all depends on the context you're trying to use the titles in though.
Krillin - The Lucky Bastard
Broly - Legendary SS
Hercule - Mr. Satan

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I-Is it true /a/?
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So it's false?
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>Natsume Yuujinchou
>Flying Witch
>Silver Spoon
Why all the best anime SOL with rural setting?
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Because they learned from the best.
Whats that?
This Is (Not) a Thinly Veiled Recommendation Thread
Anne of Green Gables.

Yama no Susume Friday
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Shiro went to the next level...

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Why is he always smiling, /a/?
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well lets take a guess. he had a 2 foot long cock so maybe he was happy it wasn't monsoon season anymore.
why the fuck do you think he was always smiling?

Having an enormous cock seems like it might be a huge hassle for the most part.
he will smile no more if they adapt the continuation

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ITT: good episodes of bad shows
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>that table
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The idol episode. You know what I'm talking about

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Do you like warrior girls?
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Only if they're lolis. Preferably adult lolis.
>Preferably adult lolis.

wut deed ee meen by dis
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What the fuck is wrong with this bullshit censor.
You cannot tell me they actually censor the manga page like that.
There was a shower scene with the poilice girl and the page had one huge fucking bar of black over her body.
Is that the raw suppliers work or is it just faggy translator groups censoring everything.
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I'm at ch70. Does Rika get to fuck his sister?
It wasn't censored in the raw.
They're just censoring the dick

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ushio to tora.jpg
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Does this show ever amount to anything?
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I just downloaded it after an episode, it seems to run off of arcs and I don't know if eventually they just decide to progress the plot or what?
Its good, its started off with monster of the week type of plot but then go to its main one. From mangafags it seemed that they at least cut out 3-4 arcs that could be confusing later on in the second cour. I would post some webum but then its spoilerish for the anime only.
It might make you read the manga with the full story and better art.

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I'm having trouble articulating my feelings about this manga. The art is really good, especially in the last two arcs. The story, though...has there ever been a more poorly executed story before? It had a compelling premise and some genuinely interesting concepts and then it was just...that. Major faults in plot structure, inexcusable discarding of major plot points, asspull after asspull after asspull. I'm stymied.

Nanomachine vampires.
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You mean the traced backgrounds are really good?
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It was an ok manga that had a few high points

The last arc was JUST tier though, jesus fucking christ
Yeah that shit never made sense to me.

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Now that we're starting to see the "Big 3" bow out or fade into irrelevance, what do you think will fill the gap amongst younger/less sophisticated audiences? Will we see the rise of other long form series, or was the rise of these long running, popular series coincidental and the vacuum will more likely be filled by flavour of the season shows, like Attack on Titan or Boku no Hero Academia?
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>One Piece
>fade into irrelevance
Flavour of the season, I think. People will buy into whatever's got internet hype.
One Piece is obviously the exception, but I always felt that was the least "Big 3" of the Big 3, if you know what I mean.

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