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Kaidou revealing his hidden powers.
Kaidou a cute.
what did she mean by this

Does /a/ like Invade: Squid Girl?
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It's a cute enjoyable show. But it didn't hold my interest for very long.
Not bad though.
i want to rape her and eat her
Sanae best gril.


>I completely agree with Watanabe's analysis that the imaginative power of sekai-kei and bishōjo games earned a peculiar national popularity by providing protagonists with satisfying personal lives. But I am not optimistic about what comes next. your name. seemed less like the beginning of an era than the ending of another. To put it simply, watching Shin Godzilla and your name., I felt that the otaku (geek) era had ended. The imaginations of the first-generation Gainax otaku and the second-generation sekai-kei otaku have simultaneously matured and reached personal satisfaction, and that special otaku aimlessness and hopelessness vanished entirely. That might be good and it might be bad. In any case, as someone born in 1971 who's been watching otaku media all my life, I think this year will be looked back on as a turning point, and as I go through life my various emotions intensify.

(Sekai-kei meaning stories where the fate of the world or similar issue hangs on the fate of the main characters' relationship)

Is he right? Note that he's not saying otaku are evil and dead, he's saying that this generation may be over and we may be on the cusp of a new one, be that good or bad
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Literally who
It's now the 3DCG age
>He is an associate of Takashi Murakami and the Superflat movement.
A lolicon.

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>embodiment of perfection sleeping beside you
>every fucking day
>all these chances to make a demi-human with a cute goddess
>yet didn't even dare to tap that

Is the MC gay?
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The story dynamic would change too much if he engaged in a sexual relation with any of the girls.
Goddesses are known for castracting your mind.
He tried hard, touched, smelled, but he couldn't get hard and didn't even find it weird.
I'm only at episode 2 and so far all I can see is a gay MC who decided not to fuck a beautiful girl sleeping beside him

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Skating can't possibly be this gay right?
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It's friendship, anon.
It is literally a sport where you try to twirl around beautifully.
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Yep, it's slightly less gay

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>The only reason Jun thought to date Misuzu was because he saw her pantsu

It all makes sense.
>she didn't wear pantsu either
Misuzu's thirst for Jun confirmed
She's only lesbian.

Why was Father so much more entertaining as a shadowy blob rather than an actual god?
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It really got to me how Father didn't even understand why what he was doing was wrong, he was just trying to learn more about this world he was brought into.

Is it fair to judge something so clearly not human as evil by human standards?
Shut the fuck up Kotomine
Because the show is about him becoming a god, it's not about him being a god.

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>save the shitty world so that he will be separated from his family in the SS and probably won't find them when they're all dead
>give up living the dream
>give up awesome battles
>give up epic struggles and insurmountable odds
>live regular normie life with receding hairline at the age of 28
>get a 9 hour job
>airhead wife has no idea how to cheer you up

He's dead inside isn't he?
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As if anyone could ever be happy with whorihime
I had completely forgotten this funny thing

But damn was this intense

Not to mention he can still see dead people so he's constantly reminded of this.

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Why doesn't /a/ like No Game No Life? I marathoned it in two days and it's my favorite Isekai anime in recent years. I might even like it more than KonoSuba.
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We do though.
Its like the one good isekai.
/a/ loves this shit. What are you talking about?
Isekai is not a genre, it's a plot device.

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I'm still fucking mad.
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Then you'd call asspull the fact that he managed to stand up and play his card after getting roasted by a god.
>Then you'd call asspull the fact that he managed to stand up and play his card after getting roasted by a god
Literally who would say that?
He only had to play his card and he would have won.
You fucking faggot. I hope you die for reminding me the most frustrating moment in Yu-gi-oh history.

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5 CM Per Sec.jpg
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ITT: we list anime's that will emotionally destroy you

Ill start with 5 Centimeters per Second
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fuck... i englished wrong again
If that's your level of emotional maturity then every Shinkai movie will destroy you, so will Neragaku or any semi-decent and pretty drama movie

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img000005 (3).png
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Mai Ball 31 is out
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Dummy Mai, that's something good.
Mai Ball? Is it an Ore Tama spin-off?

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Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that TOHSAKA RIN PLEASES OLD MEN FOR MONEY?
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File: Rin has no friends.png (302KB, 800x600px)Image search: [Google]
Rin has no friends.png
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I don't believe there was ever any contention of this point.
epik, epik for teh win!

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Well. Cutest little sister needed the Camera for School.

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1MB, 1920x1080px
I've read that the original hand drawings for anime are produced at 800p or lower and then upscaled to 1080p.

If that's true, will we never see 4K anime?
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>hand drawings for anime are produced at 800p
Is this a new version of "the human eye can only see 30 fps"?
It's what I read, the paper they draw on is only so large.

It has nothing to do with the viewer's perception.
Paper doesn't have pixels.
Am I being trolled?

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