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I wonder why this piece of shit reached score higher than 5 on MAL. The plot is such a fucking garbage I can't even believe somebody was actually watching it for anything but yuri parts. Graphics suck balls, especially on battle scenes, music is pretty mediocre, character design is bullshit too. At first I was thinking this is children anime, but there is some blood and gore.
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Is this pasta?
Probably post from MAL
So I read MAL reviews
>To be honest Flip Flappers should-be more popular
>Flip Flappers is the textbook definition of a hidden gem
>Flip Flappers is pretty underrated
>Flip Flappers is fun, original and refreshing
Those guys must be either nolifers or extreme faggots to write that shit.
Why should it?

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Obata illustration for the new movie by Netflix.
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looks like shit
>dont trrst
The manga is dead to me. Fuck holywood, fuck amershits and fuck you /a/

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What were you expecting the twist was going to be before it was revealed the whole thing was just Jews vs Nazis?
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I never seen a story ruined so hard in my fucking life.
I honestly didn't believe the plot would go deeper than let's kill off characters for drama until we run out of meat for the grinder
>Jews vs Nazis

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What is Kaiba's workout routine?
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Counting cards intensely?
drawing cards 1000 times

You don't get abs that can grind meat from drawing cards.

Is she chuuni? If I take off her mask, would she die?
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I'm assuming that's the previous student council head.
She didn't die, so I guess no.
There's actually a good reason for the mask.

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About to marathon first 30 minutes of this bad boy. What should I think, /a/?
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>marathon first 30 minutes
Kill yourself. Dubs.
You must like it, and give it another 15 minutes
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>first 30 minutes
for fucksake just watch the whole thing, it's not even 2 hours long and its fucking great even if its not that original

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>1000th chapter is filler
I get it, the author has no intention of ending this series or moving the plot forward ever.
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what part of 1000th chapter didnt give that away you retard
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Has Ippo any chance of ever beating Conan?
Drug addict Shinichi cases aren't really filler.

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Why is Reiner main character now?
What is his end game?
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He might f u k mikasa and have a baby and name him sheep face.
Because Isayama wants us to understand the drama BRA have been through.
Not like they could have told the Eldians on the island everything after 5 years there, seeing they were as oppressed as their own families were back in the ghetto and formed some plan to save them and bring them to the island
It is clear Isayama has no idea where he is going anymore.

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How come he can stick a sword through a wall and evade Todoroki's ice and fire in a narrow street?
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Shit. I don't know.

His quirk is actually quite shit. Let's be honest. What makes him so dangerous is his physical ability and technically once he gets taste of your blood game is over.

Also I guess he sort of has some charisma. Lunatic that he his but he really does believe in what he says. Weird character.
I hate when they suddenly go inconsistent with power levels.
Oh well, it is a shounen after all.
training obviously

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I just marathoned this /a/.

What should I expect?
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to get ceremoniously raped by Lord Krauser
It all depends on who you self inserted as.
withdrawal symptoms to be kicking in in and around a couple of days, do enjoy your torment!

Imagine you work for your countrys education department or whatever and are told you have to choose a magical girl anime to become required viewing for all students.
Which show do you choose?
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I should clarify. It does not have to be one of the three in the op (although madoka is the clear superior choice) it does have to be jap though.
>tfw Madoka is older than Usagi
I suppose she is.

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Why are JCs quintessential in anime/manga?
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What are JCs
is that Collette?
UNATCO operatives

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So is he going to be this arc's antagonist?

I hope this means the series will go back to being the absurd descent into madness that it was. It's been depressing as fuck for awhile now.
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What's this about?
it's been always a descent into madness WHILE being fucking depressing though.
and Agni just keeps falling into even worse insanity.
The spiritual journey of a man who is constantly on fire desperately looking for a reason to live in the depraved and violent world he inhabits. It's pretty great.

Yeah but atleast Togata kept things light and humorous enough to keep readers from falling into despair.

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A World With No Sadness Baby is the best episode of Space Dandy
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It tried too hard. I liked the fishing episode better
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That's not A Race in Space is Dangerous, Baby.
and the ending of The War of the Undies and Vests
Zombie episode and the multiverse episode are the best.

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