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/sp/ confirmed being best girl again

she could easily win by saying yes but she chose his dreams over her feelings
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Tomboy are for
Last chapter was bad to be honest
Author was doing a good job making this not so cliche, but he fucked up

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>wake up
>see this
What do?
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How drunk did I get last night?
Either lie about being part of a modelling agency or say someone threatened you.
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Looks like you made the wrong choice.

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Here's your daily dose
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Why can't I stop listening?
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These two were pretty cute

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ITT rare waifus
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Trash isn't rare.
It's just that no one likes it or talks about it.
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She did nothing wrong. It's all for justice.
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She did everything wrong, and that's why she died like the little bitch she was
She drove MC and the annoying midget together, so there's that.

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Cousins are for _____________
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>saw cousin for the first time last month
>she's fucking beautiful
>find out she's in her mid thirties but somehow she looks like she's in her early twenties
>but she's still hot
>find out she has a 15 year old daughter
>and she's still hotter

What do I do with these feelings, /a/?
Befriending and playing video games with!

I don't get it. Can some enlightened anon explain this to me?
Also, Aku no Hana thread, I guess.
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its good
I feel like it was good, but I can't understand it one bit. Everything post-timeskip was 2deep4me.
It was 2deep4u indeed. Leave it at that.

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Am at episode 10 right now. Let me guess, worst girl wins this one too, right? God fucking damn it I know I still have 14 episodes to go but Linda is just so much more likeable, I can't imagine how Koko would ever be able to catch up.
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Her name is Koko she is loco , i say oh no
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>no K-on s3 about the college adventures of the Afterdark Tea Time

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What anime are most similar to Super Sentai?
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I'm sure that if you use anidb you can figure it out, instead of using /a/ as your personal search engine.
>Liking power rangers shit
Boku no pico

Same target audience

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is this good.
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not as good as you mom is at sucking my DICK lmao
good girls
hard to watch mc
acceptable answer

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Probably everyone of us experienced it at least for once. That weird feeling once you finished an anime. that uneasy and eerie mood you get into. I'm about to finish Assassination Classroom S2 and I really got to like the show but now I don't want to watch the last few episodes bc it'll be over.
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Watch another show immediately afterwards
Eventually I find something else to enjoy.

But I do feel a kinda emptiness after finishing a long anime/game/book that I've really enjoyed on an emotional level.
I leave the last two episodes of a really good anime on my backlog, watch them years later, and end up disappointed.

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What was her endgame?
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Bump for interest
To become as gods
Relieve her son of his virginity.

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>main character is supposed to be depressed
>isn't a virgin
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>it's another depressed mangaka self insert story
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It's more likely than you think
losers like OP are beyond help, even a fuck buddy won't fix your virgin soul

Is this severe autism?
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No one gave a shit two weeks ago and no one gives a shit now. Also get
awful show
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She's an inbred... no shit she's autistic.

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Popteamepic delayed until January 2018

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Jinxed it.
They need to animate 30 minutes of stil ending for every episode at 60 hand drawn fps

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