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>she knows about the dick
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So, this is gap moe.

It's really something.
Gee, it's like they had sex ed as part of their education
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A healthy chest is the best
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So we all know that Gonzo did a better job than Kyoani, but how will Xebec compare?
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>how will the studio that made the best space opera, the best mecha franchise, the best ecchi adaptation and the best sports anime do?
Xebec can do no wrong.
In the end it will be Kyoani > Xebec > Gonzo
Pretty much.

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think of an /a/ character. Got it? now it has to fight against an angry Scrooge McDuck. how fucked is he?
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he's dead
Goku. He just loses the fight and remains unscathed.

thus begins the economic battle of the century

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Your thoughts on Infinite Stratos?
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Best girls.
nice thoughts
Anyone else have any thoughts?

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..She's looking at you, anon.
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Shittiest girl in the series.
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fuck off the cake is mine
That Azusa Anon, not Miu or Ritsu.

Only true intellectuals can appreciate the deep and philosophical nature of Hunter x Hunter
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t. falseflagging BNHAfag
It's true. Only people will the IQ over 150+ can truly appreciate it
Hunterfags has been one of the most obnoxious fanbase here before Herofags became a thing

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Why is Tamako so shit? She ruined the whole episode!
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fuck you, Tamako was love
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She had cute feet.
I hate this meme and I hate you.

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Which one is correct?
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Depends on the author.
Depends on who makes the first move.
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Not the cock, anon. Not the cock

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How to voice act like Aoi Yuki
>pinch nose
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Yeah, she sounds awful.
You've changed, /a/.
I hate her as much as the next guy, but this is just factually incorrect. If you want to attack her and her retarded fans, mention that she cannot sing for shit. Then mention Symphogear and how whenever she has to sing she just yells the lyrics, while glorious Nana carries the show.

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Would they get along?
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I don't think so because left girl has colors.
How many time do you start this thread?
Don't you have any friends to play instead?
Twice, and obviously not.

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jelly donu.jpg
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Words cannot describe my hate for this girl.

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nah, it's just a Girl (Male).
If it has a F E M I N I N E penis, it wears a skirt, and is cute, it's not gay.
If it looks like a girl, then it's ok

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Maybe the cockroach is actually Gyro.

Continuing with last thread, what do you think Gyro will do? How strong will he be? How much hate will he have?

Also, no chapter this week. Jump is taking the week off. No haitus yet.
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No. The Spiders are getting killed off precisely so Gyro can take over Meteor City.
Maybe. But it doesn't seem like the Troupe is really ordered around that much. Sometimes they are, like when Chrollo called everyone to Yorkshin. But I mean, when Hisoka wanted to fuck off and trade info with Kurapika, Chrollo just let him go, saying "Up to mischief, eh, Hisoka?"

So, it's possible that the chain of command is rarely rarely used. And for what it's worth, Bonolenov is a prince and is shown to be proud of it, but is still a member.
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>no chapter this week
Is this really true?

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