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Why is ecchi a thing? Do people fap while watching anime normally? I understand hentai because nobody gives a shit about the story and skip to the porn, but what about ecchi? I'm referring about anime like TLR, what's the purpose of ecchi? do people masturbate to it? because I can't (except with the OVAs).
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Sex sells in every industry
Some people don't necessarily want to watch or masturbate to porn explicitly, but the same programming is still there and still negatively influences their taste.
Nobody gives a shit about story period.

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>start watching maid dragon
>sexy dragons with huge boobs everywhere
>but in the end this plain looking girl did stole my heart

I couldn't expect this would happen.
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kobayashi is god tier
Are you implying G>D?
She's just a normal and cute girl without any mental illness.

Were human tiddies that big?
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This is a topic that requires intensive research.
Nice chest cancer there.
I wonder what swapping the ass and the tits would look like on them.

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Akane Minagawa.png
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Say something nice about her.
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i want to bully her
Many have tried to do the same, all failed.

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Why is Fate:Zero so good compared to the rest of the series. Or rather... How did Fate:Zero end being so good despite the rest of the Fate series being so fucking terrible?
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Because it appeals specifically to the shit taste of secondaries like yourself.
You just like Urobutrash directing. The series has always been bottom of the barrel.
Adult (married) MC instead of generic high school harem drama. Primaryfags will get angry reading this truth.

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>Anime episode starts
>all the characters reunited
>either hangout at the beach or some part of the city
>they began asking what has happened in the past few days/weeks
>is a recap episode

is there a trope more annoying in anime than the setup for a recap episode?
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When they put the beach/onsen episode early in the season. You need to work up to these things.
Sleep talking is annoying. And misunderstandings are the worst.
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>MC-kun looks identical to literally every other MC

i want a good spread of my MC characters, from masculine to feminine

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>28 years old
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File: 1501458757762.gif (241KB, 250x200px)Image search: [Google]
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about to turn 26
almost 25
Eva happens in 2015 right? And she was 14 so isn't she 16?
File: chiyosuke.jpg (241KB, 1600x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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>28 years old

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Why did he become a pacifist pussy all of a sudden?
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He never liked fighting and only did it out of necessity. Which is why it's even more fucked up that Goku basically put the fate of the world on his shoulders and threw in the towel.
Sure, but that doesn't explain why even while his friends were getting tortured by the Cell Jrs., he sits there and does nothing.
Goku didn't know that feeling tingly was the
answer back then, literally wasted decades training like a retard.

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What is the point of hoarding anime or manga when you will never rewatch and reread it? You won't sell it either. So why do you hoard it? If you hoard it to share and seed, that's understandable. But this is /a/, and no one does that here.
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Soon you will be enlightened and join the elite streamer club and forgo downloading all together.
If a person is an actual hoarder, then it's inherently irrational.
Once the apocalypse happens and all animu disappears from the internet.

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Why is she such a massive slut?
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Because that's what I wanted her to be.
Touma please, we get it, everything in Academy City revolves around you.

Just go to England already.

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Senpai never knew 'im
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Now Jun is feeling guilty for something he didn't even do?
carol sucked the life out of him
I don't think it's guilt. In fact, disgusted seems more accurate

Why does it get so much excessive hate?
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Because he's about as bad as he is popular.
There was almost nothing good about the show and it was very popular.
It's not "deep"
It's not a "deconstruction of a genre"
There's no homosex
It's fun and its popular
It also fucks up a few things that would have been a lot better then the story we got.
But it's still good for what it is.

It's really just a bunch of jaded animefans and creeps being bitchy that something so generic and safe took off with the mainstream.

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I think I'm in love with Ishtar!
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Is her anus as defenseless as Tohsaka's?
>her original design is so slutty they gave her sweater as a swimsuit outfit
>goddess of sluts
What else do you expect from Tohsaka

File: DG6iaJrUwAACk7d.jpg large.jpg (213KB, 1067x881px)Image search: [Google]
DG6iaJrUwAACk7d.jpg large.jpg
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To be revealed at winter.

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>Death March and Arifureta possibly airing together in the same season
Oh boy here we go.
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>Hajime at the beginning of the story is said to have black hair and also has a slim body.
>He also had a kind face and attitude.
>But after falling in the abyss and eating the wolf-like monster, his body begun dying.
>When he drunk the sacred water, it made his body heal, destroying the bones and muscles, then healing over and over again until he got a very buff body called "overcompensation".
>Due to the stress of breaking and healing, his hair turned white, a condition called Marie Antoinette Syndrome.
>His eyes also turned red and his body gained tattoo-like red veins, which is the sign of him becoming a demonic monster similar to the monster's he ate which allowed free use of magic without chants.

I used to think that magic high school battle harems were the lowest tier of schlock the anime industry could shit out, but I was wrong; it's this & everything like it. Which makes me wonder what comes after this fad.

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Youjo Senki 2.jpg
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You'll fight in her battalion, right /a/? To defend the Empire?
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Fighting alongside the most prestigious elite formation in the entire empire known for being assigned to all the most dangerous missions at the most dangerous fronts?

I don't know what their CO is thinking, but I'd rather live a cushy life in the rear echelon, thanks.
loli fighting a war naked?
this is like my strike witches.
>but I'd rather live a cushy life in the rear echelon, thanks.
So would Tanya, and look where that got her.

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