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What the fuck is her problem?
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She's a repressed dyke afraid of getting BTFO by his crush, the generic Thot (who somehow is not behaving like the thot she really is)
She's a moody humanist shitcunt who's not interested in the sciences.
She's a childhood friend in a romance anime, what do you think her problem is?

Paging the three other anons that watch this show. It's quiz time.
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Picked up
These skits are probably vastly more interesting than the actual VN.
nana maru san batsu crossover when?

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What's the most realistic anime you've ever seen?
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in terms of story or art?
kuzu no honkai

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Why is Syaro in poverty again? And where are her parents?
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Why does Sharo live alone in a run-down house? Most likely, because that is the house she grew up in. Her parents are war casualties, and Sharo is an orphan.
Her parents abandoned her. That is why she is poor, is always needing to find more and more work to pay for her bills, and likes Rize, as she needs someone strong to take care of her and that someone is ME
a. because turning tricks in a town populated almost entirely by rabbits and cute girls pays like shit and b. they disowned her when they found her fucking me on the breakfast table. Talk about a ripoff, paid full price and they wouldn't even let me blow a nut before I left.

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Was Yoko a good character, or just a hot pair of tits?
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she was a hot character with a good pair of tits
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She's easily the best part of TTGL.

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Gals was a mistake
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dong armor.jpg
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Bruh, this is the worst image you could have used to argue against anything ever.
OP is a faggot
Man, that gal hentai was so hot. I like ntr and rape usually but vanilla like that really does taste better with sprinkles.

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Why are these shitty LN authors now plagiarising the designs of more popular characters? I thought copyright laws were super strict in Japan.
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There is literally nothing wrong with plagiarism.
Actually the reason Touhou will never die out is because ZUN gives absolute freedom to everyone
>LN authors
Pick one

Would you date a clock?
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I'd marry a clock.
I'd give the clock my ____cock_____
Fuck you with that cunt clock

>The time Goku denied a village water and damned its people to death
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Didn't he end up getting a capsule that let him hold an infinite amount of water anyway?
Roshi was just like "Hey, water is free because we aren't savages.", and gave him a capsule that he filled with shitloads of free water.

later Goku helped him find some magic water too

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what is your opinion on this anime? is it worth watching?
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Better than any other garbage posted on here.
It's more worthwhile than anything else you'll ever watch, so yes.

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88 is out.
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I see no other reason.

The plot is shit.

The jokes are bad.

Characters are shit.

Except Hotaru and her looks.
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She has great eyes
How do you know it's not because of Saya?
It's because Japanese kids these days are spending too much money on expensive candy rather than shitty penny candy.

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But will it be good?
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Absolutelly yes.
Better than Apocrypha for sure.

>Written by Kinoko Nasu
>Based on Character Designs By: Arco Wada
>Production Studio: Shaft
>General Director: Akiyuki Shinbo
>Series Director: Yukihiro Miyamoto (Madoka Magica movies, Hidamari Sketch)
>Character design: Masaaki Takiyama (Nyarko-san, Tokyo ESP)
>Music: Satoru Kousaki (Monogatari)

Something horrible needs to happen for it not to be.

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The penalty for choosing crab instead of cat is death Araragi.
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He didn't choose Crab. Crab chose him.
Well, tbf, he wouldn't date Cat even if Crab never existed.
Where the fuck can i torrent Kizumonogatari

>im sad I want to see all of them again
>if 2018 without log horizon im gonna suicide
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Didn't the author of the LN get fucked by the long arm of the law some time ago? So season 3 never?
Hopefully never, the most 5/10 series of all time
This. It's actually impressive how flat it was.

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