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Favorite grill?
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Maybe Asagi?
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Those are the members of the Groping Club. Say something nice about them!
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How does a groping club work? Do they just get groped all day? Do they do the groping? Is it just groping research?
It's a club where you grope for fun new experiences and things to do, duh.
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They ride subways and grope middle-aged salarymen.

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was this the best shonen fight ever?
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Todoroki shooting some ice and Deku flicking it back, repeat 7 times. Wow good fight.
>shonen babbys first sakuga
It wasnt even a fight, just a bunch flashing lights
it was more than that and you know it

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>streaming services don't matter to the anime industry! You don't help them by paying for it!
Are people who claim this legit retarded? It's just factually, provably wrong. It's not even really a question of opinion. Let me elaborate:

1. We know how many paid subs CR has for example (>1,000,000), and we know what they're paying, and we know half goes back to the anime industry. And we know CR is just one service, in just one market, so factoring in every other service in every global market would increase the number tremendously.
2. We know some streaming services (like CR) actually use their revenues to invest directly in anime as part of production committees.
3. We know that per the Association of Japanese Animators, overseas revenue (largely streaming) is by far the fastest growing segment of the industry's overall revenue.
So in the aggregate, it's just a plain old irrefutable fact that streaming revenue does matter, particularly as physical media sales continue to decline.

If someone wants to argue that *they, individually* do not matter then yeah, they don't. But markets are by definition large collections of small individual units. So while 1 or even 1,000 people aren't hugely meaningful, 1,000,000 people is quite literally just 1 million individuals together.
It's not like, to use CR as an example, there's one ultra-subscriber out there with a $7,000,000 monthly subscription who makes your $7 subscription meaningless. There's a million people with equally priced $7 subscriptions who all have the same amount of influence.
The idea that streaming revenue doesn't matter is either ignorance of how the industry has developed over the past five years or so, or just a lie to hide the fact that someone simply doesn't feel like paying or streaming.
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No one gives a shit about supporting the industry, we are not japs.
Buy an ad if you want to shill your product CR employee-kun.
>halfo of it goes back
None of the money goes back, most of it goes into paying you to post here and to youtubers, they pay a flat rate for licenses that is practically nothing, giving money to you guys is actively detrimental to the anime industry.
Maybe more people would bother to stream if there was a) a proper streaming service b) the streaming wasnt so fucking shit c) there wouldnt be delay for content that I pay for d) more money would actually go to the studios. You outline the fact that streaming has a postitive impact on the market. And while that it true, it has no positive impact on the studios and their respective employees. Anime studios dont have issue finding work, so if more are needed they will be created. The problem is the way the animators are being treated. I import BDs of studios that actually receive the money for them, but if theres a fucking production committee you can be sure that I wont spend a single cent on their merch since no matter how successful the product the grunts will still be treated like shit.

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have you seen Kobayashi's dragon maid, /a? if so, how do you feel about it
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liked it, ending was rushed. skip last episode and hope they continue the story
the ending was shit. In the mange her father isn't a villain at all. In fact all he wanted to protect the human world from his incredibly powerful, unpredictable daughter.
yeah i've seen it all, the last ep seemed like "oh shit we need some action quick, also teach the kiddies about love or some shit"

wish they'd split it in to two episodes

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You can keep it.
i haven't bothered watching clannad yet

is that a piece of bread with some kind of nutella shit on it?
It's a star.

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satania toilet.jpg
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Is it time?
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May be.

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if you would choose yame above her then something is wrong with you
she is more than perfect
I would be the happies man alive if I had a childhoodfriend like her
>Character design appeals directly to my dick
>Stuck on a shitty character
>In a shitty show
>Will get absolutely no good doujins, maybe a bonus page in a doujin about one of the other shitty girls
Every fucking time.

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ITT: god tier anime directors with a unique and distinct visual style that's all their own.

Pic related. Let's start with the best one in recent memory.
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Anno is unironically my favorite director, not just in regards to anime, but counting live-action films too.
I remember watching a livestream where I think he was drawing Sucy and mentioned how Akko was his waifu
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>saying Akko is his waifu while drawing best girl

Remind why people like season 1 more than season 2?
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I don't like either of them but I can understand someone thinking season 1 is better for a multitude of reasons.

>Reina has some actual depth to her character in season 1 with some hints of being a lesbo whereas in season 2 she is pretty 1-dimensional and just lusts after Taki-sensei for the entirety of the season
>Midori and the other girl get screen time
>The forced drama about the tryouts deals with a more believable and realistic conflict about nepotism, whereas season 2's first 4 or 5 episodes are all about melodramatic MISUNDERSTANDINGS
>The direction begins to feel stale and predictable in season 2, the novelty of Yamada's style wears off
>Reused animation, and the main competition isn't even shown

I think they're both crap but Reina's character assassination and the Nozomi drama are substantially more frustrating than anything in season 1.
I liked season 2 better honestly. I just thought that early bullshit with that autistic girl could've definitely been cut.

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When is K-On!!! coming?
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What does HTT stand for?
anon I....
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season 3 never.jpg
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When they all go on that second trip... right?

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I've never watched Toradora but always heard good things so I decided to pick it up and this scene got me thinking about self-realization. The moment something in your brain just immediately clicks. Anime does these types of scenes quite well.

Got any other good moments, /a/?
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I am not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for.
They should've started dating after that. The series dragged on too long
Very much this.

best girl
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this is what you call a fat ass
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Kushida a best. A BEST-
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wtf I love sakura now
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he just wanted to kill all the fucking normies, /a/.

what's wrong with that?
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You know what the irony is? The word god is pretty arbitrary. Zamasu wasn't God, he was a god and the reason that he was a god was that he could create creatures that were beneath him. So, by exterminating all the mortals he would have no creatures beneath him, which means that he would ultimately become a (ageless) mortal himself...

It's like that quote: killing a killer leaves the amount of killers in the world the same...
But what if you kill 2 killers? WHAT THEN PHILOSOCUUCK?

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