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>anime uses memes from two years ago
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Who's subbing this shit? Changing "royal knights" to "supreme gentlemen" was kitchen sink-tier.
>watches bottom of the barrel anime
>surprised the subbers are unprofessional
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>anime uses memes

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What was going through her mind during this part?
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Lewd impure thoughts.
I want to lick Sayaka's thighs.
I want to be friends with this weirdo.

Am I too retarded to understand whats supposed to be funny about this? I mean, the art direction and animation of certain parts are downright impressive, but what part of this show is supposed to be funny/amusing?
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For a 24 episode show, it's 6 episodes rule.
Your filename says 4, watch 2 more and then comeback.
There no such rule for a gag based show that has hardly any connection between episodes. It only applies when theres buildup and the episodes are connected. e8 in this is as much of a stand alone episode as e2 or e5. Besides, I've forced myself to watch 8 episodes of this and still dont get the appeal. Do people watch it because of the animation and art? I thought KyoAni was bad before but this is even less amusing than LuckyStar and MaidDragon. Quite the accomplishment.

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What is even going on anymore?
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Soma's plan NTRd herself.
Kei is a faggot for not picking her though
Is this show a trainwreck? Should i pick it back up?
It's pretty decent but you definitely have to pay attention to the plot

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Is Netflix literally saving anime or are they destroying it? How will they the change the industry? Will they try to make their projects attractive to western consumers?
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The fact that they gave devilman to some artsy faggot still bothers me.

It just looks like shit, I don't care how much you guys want to suck his cock because of other anime. That Ryo is an abomination
fuck off
Netflix on Death Note ends like
> L is black
> Mello is gay
> N is a mexican

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I miss 2010.
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Blue is best.
>Bitch who hates the MC because of some shit a bird said.
How can one's taste be so shit?
Only good thing about this show was Kena.

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Why is this shit so praised here? I'm currently at episode 13 and there are a lot of plot holes already, like for example, the food: Is said that the food needs to be cooked in a traditional way in order to it to taste good, ok, Shiroe and the rest take the credit for "discovering" that fact even among the "earth people", but, isn't the "earth people" suppose to know this fact since the beggining, since they are "earth people"?
>B-but muh pseudo politics!
>B-but muh isekai!
>B-but muh waifus!
Fuck off.
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It's about the wow wow you dumb faggot.
>but, isn't the "earth people" suppose to know this fact since the beggining, since they are "earth people"?

literally no. to them cooked food has no taste and never did. only individual ingredients have taste. also they have no ability to innovate or create (like the fact they only know of 42 songs). it's entirely possible their 'history' is all a fabrication and that their existence only coincides with the starting of the game. take how that one npc legendary hero (kanami's pack mule) wigs out when the genius monster calls him a doll and a fake etc.

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Let's have a Nono thread but with Koume in the OP.
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Nono thread?
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Okay, here is Nono.
Why do you all bully Nono so much?

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What kind of sick bastard molests their friends?
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A homosexual one.

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I'm not feeling well so I went home from work early. This means early pires.
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Serious question time, /a/.

I can't tell you how many times I have re-watched this show, but even after a decade or so there is one thing I've never been able to figure out. I know its futile to try to actually discuss anime on this board, but what the hell... maybe somebody here will be able to help me out. Here goes:

Did Kamon fuck Mamimi? I'm totally serious, here. Or at least make a move on her? Because I can see him being enough of a scumbag and her being sufficiently desperate. This is more than natural curiosity regarding whether or not he managed to score himself some 17-y.o. runaway child-molester arsonist pussy; it's obvious that if anything happened it didn't/couldn't work out, but there had to be something there, otherwise Naota's jealousy in ep. 4 doesn't fully make sense to me.
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Have they even been on screen together once?
Wasn't he jelous/angry because she just viewed him as a kid.
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flcl weird.png
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there's literally nothing indicating this. naota's jealousy is obviously in relation to kamon's cavorting with haruko

here's a thing that is a little ambiguous: is the figure sneaking up behind naota during this scene in ep 4 meant to be mamimi?
>Naota's jealousy in ep. 4
But that was about Haruko

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SZS is a dark anime.
What's the issue?
SZS is the only anime telling the truth.

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I love you /a/!
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I love you too, anon!
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I love you too, friend.

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What's the most wholesome/feelsy anime you've watched, /a/? Natsume Yuujinchou really hits you in the kokoro sometimes.
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This isn't a request, nibba
why so weeb

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Mashira Chapter 09
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