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Harem done right
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>Abusive gundere with DAT ASS
>THICC yandere with sweet voice
>Super strong bimbro wingman

And yet he just wanted to drive trains...
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>no porn

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kobayashi charsheet.jpg
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>lonely female with a single male best friend
>they regularly get black-out drunk and party together
>she's still a virgin

This was honestly the biggest flaw in Maid Dragon. This scenario is simply not believable in the least. Why couldn't they just say that Kobayashi and Takiya were fucking?
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They're both gay.
How the fuck do you appeal to the Yurifag audience when your Yuri likes dick?
Lots of men get drunk regularly with male friends, and then don't proceed to have sex afterwards, because they are not gay.
Why would a gay man and a gay woman have sex after drinking?

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gooks can't draw humans.jpg
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Why is it that gooks can draw machinery like cars with utmost precision and detail, but when it comes to drawing a human, it's fucked five ways from Friday? And what's with their hatred of drawing noses with any detail, if at all? If drawn at all, it's a . or a tiny little Ěš
I swear I'm not a troll, I'm genuinely curious.
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Because they probably take a picture of a car and trace it.
The nose thing is just what the style is like now. Bigger eyes and heads means smaller noses. In the '90s it was different. For the cars they often trace or rotoscope them, but I've read interviews with several mangaka who say that they own tons of reference books with vehicles. My friend who's an animator in Ireland used to draw a bunch of cars back when he lived at home, so maybe it's an artist thing?
Backgrounds are normally either photos or CG being traced.

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I just watched episode 1 of FLCL and it was extremely hard to sit through. Does it get better? Is the first episode just really bad compared to the others? Because this was just random for the sake of random nonsense with zero likable characters.
I can't imagine this is a classic for other than the reason that it's fucking insane but that's it. Absolute drivel.
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its one of the best animes ever made so yes
It's not my fault you're retarded, OP. The plot isn't even complicated, you have to be literally braindead or not paying attention to not understand FLCL. I personally found FLCL to be mediocre and I understood it.
No, it's basically like that the whole way through.

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Post em'
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It got a live action though. So it has every chance of getting 'animated'. It just didn't need one.
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Which K-on would make the worst fuck?
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Don't know, don't care. She'd ideally be passed out anyway.
thats not very nice anon

Why the fuck is this song still stuck in my head? I haven't watched Di Gi Charat in twelve fucking years.


Also, /a/ music thread I guess.
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My favorite theme song, while we're talking about older stuff.


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>We have sex and sex makes babies!
Am I the only one who thought they hadn't gone beyond hand-holding until this moment?
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>sex makes babies!
Fuck off to >>>/x/.
I was a bit suprised too.
But I liked it.
I didn't realise that had done anything either but they are married so it shouldn't be THAT shocking.

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Would you want Nabe as a sex slave?
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She does look like she'd be well-suited for that purpose.
2 years have passed by the end of vol 12. 2 YEARS!!

Hey guys I upgraded iori for you.
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She's already perfect though.
Iron anal?
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Kissing Iorin!

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Don't forget to do your workout today anon!
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Thanks OP! I almost forgot to get up and eat breakfast.
She can squat on my dick.
oh hey thanks, I need to rewatch that too

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Why is this series so unpopular?
It's the best one by a long shot.
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It was good but Digimon are supposed to be partners, not something you can transform into.
It fell for the Henshin meme

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Exactly how are scenes like this supportive to the overall narrative?
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a better question is why the nips can churn out gay astolfo porn but none of this
They show what a psycho Celenike is.
You already know the answer to that.

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Is Urobuchi ever going to give Madoka the ending it deserves?

Or will he follow in Anno's footsteps?
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dude kill all children lmao
m8 bad ends lol
Urobutcher has already successfully pissed off the entire fanbase and emotionally crippled most of the characters in the show, as well as killed all the other ones.

As far as he's concerned his work is done.
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He hasn't done this yet

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What does /a/ think about this?

Is /a/ pulling the old "only edgelords think this is good xD" card or what?
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Only edgelords think this shit is good.
It's in the top 3 anime this season desu
It looks like something kinda mirai Nikki. I don't know if i should watch it. I didn't even like mirai nikki, it's shit.

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