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>male married into wealth
>wife is the breadwinner

there is literally nothing more pathetic.
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He's a prince. He doesn't have to do shit.
at least he's not Goku
Bulma would think it's worth it just because she can call herself a princess now.

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It's August 11 now in Japan. Happy birthday, Kaorin! Kyoani may have forgotten about you, but I never will.

PS: It's Kana Asumi's birthday tomorrow! How will you Yunofags be celebrating?
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Any rumors of new work for Taneda? Specific roles.
Happy Birthday Kaori and Kana.

What will you be doing for Kanae's b'day?

I sent Kaorin a compilation of commercials from her b'day. (I'm kind of a history fag.) Hey, no one else would send her something like that.

What's your favorite type of anime pantsu?
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frills and bows are top tier
anything with stripes

>Homeless girl in a medieval anime
>Still has a bow on her panties

Why are they so obsessed with that one bow?

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This is the ideal female body.
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What's ideal about being a malnourished poorfag?
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that's not taiga

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>You will never live in a comfy world as comfy as Flonyard
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Yiff in hell
Do I have to pull out the furry chart?
>You will never bury your head between Yukikaze's comfy valley.

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Hard mode: Write an isekai that is actually good
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Typing it right now.
>Two friends have been together since as long as they can remember
>one day one friend betrays the other killing him
>the dead friend (the MC) is brought up to the gods to be reincarnated into another world
>but instead of it being a reward it's a punishment, the MC's friend managed to ascend to a power that threatens all worlds and gods and it was the MC who helped him achieve it
>now the MC is tasked with killing his friend, saving the world, and getting revenge in the process
It’s the Cold War. Tsubuki, a double-agent for the CIA working in Berlin, is about to retire (she's a 1000 year old vampire teenage girl) when she’s given one final mission: she’s been asked to “defect” to the USSR to help find and assassinate a suspected double-agent for the Kremlin (which is run by cute teenage girls). Tsubuki is highly trusted, and she’s given to understand that this mission is need-to-know only between her and very few superior officers. But as she falls deeper into the folds of the Iron Curtain, she begins to suspect that his superior officer might just be the mole - AND her love interest! The mark Tsubukis been sent to kill is on the cusp of exposing the leak.

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>train your whole life
>get beaten by someone who started training 3 months ago
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thats how life works. some people are literally born better than other people.
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Tough shit as they say.
>3 months ago
Didn't Ippo beat him the very first day he started training? I don't even remember.

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*blocks your path*

touma best girl
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We need a show like this again. One that has a first season, a second season that does not exist, and several more after.
season 2 wasn't THAT bad, barring milhouse if you're not autistic about the art style it's fine

Why does /a/ hate her?
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no idea. I want ebina to marry onii-chan so that umaru can have a sister
Because we hate YOU.

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a recap? really, that soon?
Also woah momma, Ghost Girl's legs are gonna kill me
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Reminder that Autist Love will never happen
Should I watch vrains?
watch the latest episode if you don't want to watch everything since is a recap but watch last week episode because the quality increased in a good way so maybe is starting t become good finally

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ACE won.
Bear lost.
It makes me happy.
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Don't be in such a hurry, we still have 16 hours until ACE loses. Just enough to prepare the funerals.
Who's this cute magical girl?
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3D ping pong.jpg
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I think it's her.

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>isn't "Vs. Baki"
you can fuck off with that OP comment

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Let's have a thread for our best and most beloved blue goddess.
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Yes, please! All Blue!
It's not monday.
Everyday is monday when you need to see a cute girl smile

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Misato > Asuka > Rei
I will post this everyday until you understand
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Please don't.
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Rei > Misato >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> trash >>>>>>>>>> Asuka
I thought everyone understood that already.

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I read it in another anime thread that vol. 12 was announced for September. Which ending would create the biggest shitstorm on /a/?
Loner end. Because then almost everyone would be pissed
Loner end is the most appropriate. I will be pissed off if it's anything other than that or imouto end.

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